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Our beloved Brother Simeon Newton, and his little daughter Mary,

This Volume is affectionately inscribed.

Make your home a little Eden ;

Imitate her smiling bowers ;
Let a neat and simple cottage,

Stand among bright trees and flowers.
There, what fragrance and what brightness,

Will each blooming rose display ;
Here a simple vine-clad arbor

Brightens through each summer day.

There each heart will rest contented,

Seldom wishing far to roam ;
Or, if roaming, still will cherish

Memories of that pleasant home.
Such a home makes man the better-

Pure and lasting its control :
Home with pure and bright surroundings

Leaves its impress on the soul."

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1972, by

in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington





Little Samuel ....

5 What Book is this?..

. 167

The Christian Mother

6 White Lying to prevent Black Lying.. 172

Little Mary at her Morning Devotions. 7 Satanic Transformations

. 180

Little Mary at her Morning Walk-... 8 | Testimony of T. De Witt Talmage.... 182

Grand Pa Talking .....

Dr. W. H. Vandoren ...


The Shepherd and his Flock

Truth and Lying


Little Mary and Aunty....

12 Sacred Music in Public Worship.. 188

Preaching is he?.

13 Nursing Little Folks......

. 196

Little Boy behind the Tree... 14 Moulding

. 198
The Praying Boy...

16 Sitting down to Eat, and rising up

Little Mary and her Father........... 17 to Play


Busy Folks.

19 Amusements.


Swords and Fires-Fires and Swords. . 22 A Pious Father...


Is this Little Mary?

29 Spying the Nakedness of the Land.... 220

Fiery Serpents

32 Busy Folks.


Lying and Making Liars–No. 1. ..... 34 Winning Little Folks


No. 2: ..... 44 November


No. 3. ..... 55

Woman at Home.


Wheat and not Chaff..

61 His Fingers are Cold ...


Little Mary Reading with Mother 64 Attempt to Poison Children.

. 235

Satan in-Satan out. - No. 1.......... 69 December...


The Lovely Susan .......

75 Putting Razors to Children's Throats . 238

Satan in--Satan out.--No, 2...

80 Killed with a Hatchet.


88 Educating Little Mary


96 Savor of Life-Savor of Death........243

. 104

Can't Folks and Won't Folks ..... 248

No. 6..

Kindling Heavenly Fires... ...........251

No. 7. .........117


Little Mary and her Mother. ..124 Josiah in Kingly Robes ...... 269

Satan in-Satan out.-No. 8. .........127 Light Under a Bushel...


Wide Awake and Popular..


Christ ! Christ!..........


The best Food for the Mind. 140 Talking without Saying Anything !.... 292

Teaching Little Mary..

144 Educating Little Folks

. 296

Tables Turned........

149 A Closing, Loving Appeal to Editors

Little Mary at her Bible Lesson ......155

and Publishers ...

. 303

Lying Meditated, Calculated, etc......160 Sowing Good Seed ...................312

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No. 2.....


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The Wisdom of King Solomon.–1 Kings iii. 16–28. “And the king said, Divide the living child in two, and give halt to the one, and half to the other,"

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See Samuel on his knees! How very early he began to bow thus in supplicating a throne of grace is not recorded ; but this we do know, his whole life was bright and shining! Please turn to the books of Samuel, 1st and 2d.


This Christian mother imparting light, spiritual, from the holy Scriptures! What else ? Sweet little Mary is listening, as you see, with ears and eyes wide open. Happy little one! blessed! They that seek me early shall find me." Prov. viii. 17.

“God is in heaven; can He hear

A little child like me ?
Yes, little child, thou need'st not fear,

He'll listen e'en to thee.

God is in heaven; can He see

When I am doing wrong?
O yes, He can ! He looks at thee

All day and all night long.

God is in heaven ; would He know

If I should tell a lie?
Yes, if thou said’st it soft and low,

He'd hear it in the sky."

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