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PEAK FOREST CANAL. Act for making . . . a navigable Canal

from Dukinfield in the county of Chester, to or near to Chapel Milton, in the county of Derby; and a communication by railways or stone roads from thence to Load's Knowl, within Peak Forest, etc.

Lond. 1794. folio. Act for enabling the . Proprietors of the Peak Forest Canal

. to provide for the discharge of their debts, and to complete the said canal, etc.

Lond. 1805. folio. PEAKE, J. Rudiments of Naval Architecture, etc.

Lond. 1849. 8vo. 3rd edition.

Lond. 1867. 8vo. PEALE, A. C. Jura-Trias Section of Southeastern Idaho and Western Wyoming. Tract. 8vo. vol. 474.

Washington, 1879. 8vo. Lists and Analyses of the Mineral Springs of the United States; a preliminary study. [U.S. Geol. Survey. Bulletin No. 32.]

Washington, 1886. 8vo. PEALE, L. T. The History of the American Locomotive : illustrated, etc.

Philadelphia, 1887. 4to. PEARCE, R. W. East Indian Railway. Drawings of Rolling Stock as designed and constructed at the Howrah Workshops.

Howrah, 1888–89. folio. PEARSALL, H. D. The Principle of the Hydraulic Ram as applied to large Machinery.

Lond. 1886. 8vo. PEARSE, W. Some results of recent improvements in Naval

Architecture, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 327. Glasgow, 1881. 8vo. PEARSON, A. W. The Development of the Mineral Resources of India. Tract. 8vo. vol. 346.

Bombay, 1883. 8vo. PEARSON, C. City Improvements and Railroad Termini.

Tract. 8vo. vol. 289.

Lond. [1851 ?] 8vo. Copy of a correspondence with the Lord Bishop of London in regard to the due observance of the Lord's Day, in connection with the proposal to change the cattle market-day from Monday to Tuesday. Tract. 8vo. vol. 216.

Lond. 1855. 8vo. PEARSON, C. H. A short Answer to Mr. Freeman's Strictures in

the "Fortnightly Review” on the “ History of England during the Early and Middle Ages.Tract. 8vo. vol. 167.

Lond. 1868. 8vo. PEARSON, G. Mémoire sur le phosphate de soude cristallisé en rhombe, et son usage comme purgatif. Tract. 4to. vol. 20.

Paris, 1788. 4to. PEARSON, G. F. Report of Forest Administration, Central Pro

vinces. 1864. See INDIA.-CENTRAL PROVINCES. PEARSON, H. W. Drilling apparatus for Water and Gas Mains. Tract. 8vo. vol. 505.

(1892.] 8vo.

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PEARSON, H. W.--continued. Pearson's Patent Drilling Apparatus for Water Mains. Tract. folio. vol. [Lond. 1891. folio.

(From "Engineering.") PEARSON, J. An elementary treatise on the Tides, based upon that of the late Sir J. W. Lubbock.

Lond. 1881. 8vo. PEARSON, J. B. On a new kind of Self-Acting Weir recently

introduced on the Rivers of France and Germany. Tract. 8vo. vol. 400.

(Cambridge,] 1878. 8vo. PEASE, E. L., and CRIPPS, F. S. Gasholders, with or without

Framing: a discussion. To which is added, a synopsis of the ... principal literature on Gasholder Construction .. With a list of all the English and foreign periodicals connected with the Gas Industry.

Lond. 1893. 8vo. PEASE, Sir J. W. Payment of Interest out of Capital during

Construction of Works. Tract. 8vo. vol. 437. Lond. 1885. 8vo. PEASE, W. The Guide to Surveying and Levelling. Tract. 8vo. vol. 212.

Lond. 1847. 8vo. PEATTIE, J. Steam Boilers: their management and working on land and sea.

Lond. 1888. 8vo. PECHAR, J. Kohle und Eisen in allen Ländern der Erde. Tract. 8vo. vol. 298.

Berlin, 1878. 8vo. PECKHAM, S. F. Report on the production, technology, and uses of Petroleum and its products. [U.S.A., 10th Census, vol. 10.)

Washington, 1884. 4to. PECKSTON, T. S. The Theory and Practice of Gas-lighting, etc.

Lond. 1819. 8vo. 2nd edition.

Lond. 1823. 8vo. [3rd edition.] A practical Treatise on Gas-lighting, etc.

Lond. 1841. 8vo. PECLET, É. Traité de la chaleur et de ses applications aux arts et aux manufactures. 2 vols. in 1.

Paris, 1828. 8vo. 2me édition. 3 vols.

Paris, 1843. 4to. 4me édition. 3 vols.

Paris, 1878. 8vo. . Traité de l'éclairage.

Paris, [1840 ?] 8vo. Traité élémentaire de physique. 2me édition. 2 vols.

Paris, 1832. 8vo PÉCOUL, A., Capt. Account and description of the Sounding-Log

serving to sound without entirely stopping the vessel followed by the reports of those captains who have made trials of it, and the account rendered by the Statistical Society of Marseilles. Tract. 8vo. vol. 142.

Marseilles, 1855. 8vo. PEEZ, A. Der wirthschaftliche Werth der Binnen-Wasserstrassen.

Wien, 1886. 8vo. PEGGS, J. W. Water Supply for domestic use. Tract. 8vo. vol. 533

Trond 1893. 8vo.

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PEGOT, J. La télégraphie duplex, théorique et pratique.

Paris, 1892. 8vo. PELLATT, A. Comparative heating properties of Coke and Coal, etc. Tract. 4to. vol. 41.

[Lond. 1857.] 4to. Curiosities of Glass-making ; with details of the processes and productions of ancient and modern ornamental glass manufacture.

Lond. 1849. 8vo. Memoir on the origin, progress and improvement of Glass Manufacture. Tract. 8vo. vol. 394.

Lond. 1821. 8vo. PELLETAN, A. Lever des plans et nivellement. 1889. See

DURAND-CLAYE, C. L., PELLETAN, A., and LALLEMAND, C. PELLETREAU, Considérations sur les grands barrages en

maçonnerie. [5th Int. Congr. Inl. Nav.] (Paris, 1892.) 8vo. PELLIS, E. Tableau anamorphique pour calcul des conduites d'eau. Tract. folio. vol. 13.

Lausanne, 1870. folio. PELOUZE, J. Traité de l'éclairage au gaz tiré de la houille, des

bitumes, des lignites, de la tourbe, etc. Paris, 1839. 8vo. PELOUZE, J., and FRÉMY, E. Traité de chimie générale, analytique, industrielle et agricole. 6 vols.

Paris, 1865. 8vo. PELTIER, A. Observations sur les multiplicateurs et sur les piles

thermo-électriques. Tract. 8vo. vol. 312. [Paris, 1840 ?] 8vo. Séries météorologiques faites au sommet du Faulhorn, etc. 1844.

See BRAVAIS, A., PELTIER, A., and WACHSMUTH, A. PEMBERTON, R. B., Capt. Report on the Eastern Frontier of British India, etc.

Calcutta, 1835. 8vo. PEMBREY BURROWS, Carmarthenshire. Report on two Explo

sions at the Factory of the Explosives Company on the 11th and 17th of November, 1882: by Col. V. D. Majendie.

Lond. 1883. folio. PEMBROKE DOCKYARD. Plan of Her Majesty's Dockyard, Pembroke.

[ .] 8vo. Plan of H.M. Dockyard and naval property at Pembroke.

[Lond.] 1858. 8vo. [Another edition, corrected.]

[Lond.] 1878. 8vo. PEÑA, M. H. Compañia nacional del ferrocarril del Norte.

Tract. 8vo. vol. 279.

Bogotá, 1877. 8vo. PENCK, A. Die Donau, etc.

Wien, 1891. Svo. PENCLAWDD CANAL. Act for Penclawdd Canal and Railway.

Lond. 1811. folio. PENDLETON, J. Our Railways: their origin, development, incident, and romance. 2 vols.

Lond. 1894. 8vo. PENDRED, V. On the Production of Homogeneous Iron in large Tract. 8vo. vol. 273.

Lond. 1870. 8vo.

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PENFOLD, C. Practical remarks upon the principle of Rating Railway, Gas, Water, and other Companies . . . 4th edition.


PANY. A statement of the position and operations of the Company, from its incorporation to the present time. Tract. 8vo. vol. 177.

Lond. 1866. 8vo. PENLEY, A. A System of Water-Colour Painting. 39th edition. Tract. 8vo. vol. 385.

Lond. (18781] 12mo. PENMAN, W. Land Surveying on the Meridian and Perpendicular System.

New York, 1885. 8vo. PENN, S., and RYBERG, A. W. Tables showing the weight of different lengths of round, square, flat, bar and cast Iron, etc.

Lond. [1886.] 8vo. PENNA, H. V. F., and OTHERS. Memoria justificativa dos planos

apresentados ao Governo Imperial para a construcção da estrada de ferro de Porto Alegre a' Uruguayana.

Rio de Janeiro, 1875. 4to. PENNANT, T. The Journey from Chester to London. With notes.

Lond. 1811. 8vo. Some Account of London. 2nd edition. Lond. 1791. 4to. PENNETHORNE, J. General Report upon the Bill, and Plans of the North Metropolitan Railway. [MS.] Tract. folio. vol. 17.

1854. folio. The Geometry and Optics of Ancient Architecture ; illustrated by examples from Thebes, Athens, and Rome, by J. Pennethorne, assisted . . . by J. Robinson.

Lond. 1878. folio. Westminster Terminus Railway. Observations on the Bill and deposited plans and sections. [MS.] Tract. folio. vol. 17.

1854. folio. PENNING, W. H. Engineering Geology. Lond. 1880. 8vo.

A text book of Field Geology ; with a section on Palæontology, by A. J. Jukes-Browne. 2nd edition ... with illustrations, etc.

Lond. 1879. 8vo. PENNSYLVANIA. An historical account of ... the Canal Navi

gation in Pennsylvania : with an appendix containing abstracts of the Acts of the Legislature since 1790, etc. Tract. 8vo. tol. 323.

Philadelphia, 1795. 4to. Reports of the Inspectors of Mines of the Anthracite Coal Regions of Pennsylvania for the years 1870-1878.

Harrisburg, 1871-79. 8vo. Coal Waste Commission. Report of Commission appointed to investigate the Waste of Coal Mining with the view to the utilizing of the Waste, etc.

Philadelphia, 1893. 8vo. Geological Survey. Annual Report for 1886, etc.

Harrisburg, 1887, etc. 8vo.






Philadelphia, 1847, etc. 8vo. and 4to.
Report of the investigating committee.

Philadelphia, 1874. 8vo. PENNSYLVANIA UNIVERSITY. Catalogue and announcements, 1884–85, (1885–86, 1890–91, etc.)

Philadelphia, 1885, etc. 8vo.
Preliminary Report of the Commission appointed by the
University of Pennsylvania to investigate Modern Spiritua
in accordance with the request of the late Henry Seybert.

Philadelphia, 1887. 8vo.
Proceedings at the opening of the Library, 7th February, 1891.
Tract. 8vo. vol.

Philadelphia, 1891. 8vo.
OF THE BLIND. Twelfth annual Report, etc.

Tract. 8vo. vol. 68.

Philadelphia, 1845. 8vo.
PENRICE, H. N. Machine à perforer les roches pour le percement

des tunnels et galeries de mines inventée par M. Penrice.
Rapport de la Commission à M. le Ministre de l’Agriculture, etc.
Tract. 8vo, vol. 328.

(Lond. 1881 ?] 8vo.
PENROSE, F. A treatise on Electricity : wherein ... the
of the attraction and gravitation of solids [is] assigned, etc.

Oxford, 1752. 8vo.
PENROSE, F. C. An Investigation of the Principles of Athenian

Lond. 1851. folio.
Two Letters on certain Anomalies in the Construction of the

Parthenon, etc. Tract. 4to, vol. 38. [Athens, 1846.] 4to.
PENROSE, R. A. F., Jr. Nature and origin of Deposits of
Phosphate of Lime. [U.S. Geol. Survey. Bulletin No. 46.]

Washington, 1888. 8vo. PENTRE BROUGHTON. Report

: . an Explosion of Gunpowder ... at Pentre Broughton, near Wrexham, on the

30th October, 1879 : by Major A. Ford. Lond. 1879. folio. PENYCRAIG. Penycraig Colliery Explosion. Observations. with reference to the verdict of the jury at the Inquest in this

Lond. 1881. folio.
Report on the Penycraig Colliery Explosion : with proceedings
at the adjourned Inquest, etc.

Lond. 1881. folio.
Report on ::: an Explosion

at the Naval Steam Coal Colliery at Penycraig, on 27 Jan., 1884. Lond. 1884. folio. PEPPER, J. H. Electricity : embracing voltaic, galvanic, or dynamical electricity.

Lond. [1880 ?] 8vo.
PEPPERCORNE, F. S. The Economy of Railways considered

chiefly with reference to Australasian colonies. Tract. 8vo.
vol. 301.

Sydney, 1870. 8vo.



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