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Published by the Enstitution,

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The present Catalogue has been formed by abbreviation and amalgamation of the Catalogue printed in 1866, and the titles written for books acquired since that date. Considerable changes have been made in the methods of selecting the headings, and dates or conjectural dates have with a few exceptions been assigned to the books. The headings are selected according to the following plan :

I. Non-official publications appear under the authors' names ; failing such names, under those of the persons, places, etc., of which they treat ; failing that, under the heading ANONYMOUS. Journals and periodicals are arranged in alphabetical order under the heading PERIODICAL PUBLICATIONS. Works entered under the two last-named headings also

appear under the names of their authors, when possible. II. Official publications relating to particular persons, places, etc., appear under such names ; those of a general nature under the Governments or corporate bodies issuing them.

Official publications also appear in many cases under the names of their authors.

Owing to the doubtful orthography of Indian names, these are all grouped together under the heading India, instead of appearing in their proper alphabetical order.

The larger non-personal headings, such as LONDON, EDINBURGH, have been sub-divided according to subject.

Societies appear under their respective names, when these are well known, but otherwise under the places where they meet :


LIÉGE.- Association des ingénieurs sortis de l'École de Liége.

In order to make the Catalogue complete to the close of the year 1894, the titles of works acquired while it was in the press, as well as of those omitted from the general body of the work, have been included in the Addenda.

The Catalogue of the Horological Library, bequeathed to the Insti

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tution by the late B. L. Vulliamy, Assoc. Inst. C.E., forms an appendix.

The volumes now issued do not contain the index of subjects. This part of the Catalogue is in preparation, and will be issued separately at as early a date as possible. It has, however, been judged advisable that publication even in part should not be longer delayed, the more so as the arrangement now adopted for the first portion has resulted in its containing much of the information usually found in a subjectcatalogue.

It only remains to add that it is proposed to take advantage of the increased room which will be afforded by the new library, when the rebuilding of the premises is completed, to rearrange the books, the scattered nature of the accommodation in the late building having gradually become the source of trouble and inconvenience. Much simplification will also result from numbering the cases and lettering the shelves, instead of the converse practice which existed in the old library, and in the course of time led to the compulsory use of three forms of each letter of the alphabet.






PEABODY, C. H. Duty Trial of a ... Pumping Engine, designed

and built by the Geo. F. Blake Manufacturing Co. 1892. See
Thermodynamics of the Steam-Engine and other Heat-Engines.

Lond. 1889. 8vo. PEABODY INSTITUTE, Baltimore. Address of the President and

Reports of the Treasurer and Provost. Baltimore, 1869, etc. 8vo.
Catalogue of the Library. 5 vols. Baltimore, 1883-92. 8vo.
The Founder's Letters, etc.

Baltimore, 1868. 8vo. PEACOCK, G., Capt., and BUCHAN, H. J. Established Compositions

for the Bottoms of Iron, Wood, Coppered, or Zinced Vessels. ... 7th edition.

E.ceter, 1870. 12mo. PEACOCK, GEORGE, Dean of Ely. Obituary Notice. Tract. 8vo. vol. 130.

[Lond. 1858.] 8vo. PEACOCK, R. A. Chain Cable Testing, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 136.

Jersey, 1862-63. 8vo. Description of Patent Dock Gates. Tract. 8vo. vol. 135.

Lond. 1862. 8vo. Metric and English Table of Temperatures and Pressures of Saturated Steam, etc. Tract. 8vo. vol. 281. Lond. [1874.] 4to.

Saturated Steam the motive power in Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

Lond. 1882. 8vo. What is, and what is not, the cause of activity in Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Tract. 8vo. vol. 269.

Lond. 1877. 8vo. PEAK, H. Report to the General Purposes Committee of the Guild

ford Urban Sanitary Authority re Mr. Conder's system for the treatment and purification of Sewage. Tract. 8vo. vol. 418.

Guildford, 1886. 8vo.


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