The Great Battles of All Nations from Marathon to the Surrender of Cronje in South Africa: 490 B.C. to the Present Day, Volumen2

Peter Fenelon Collier & son, 1899 - 1006 páginas

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Página 551 - May the great God, whom I worship, grant to my country, and for the benefit of Europe in general, a great and glorious victory ; and may no misconduct in any one tarnish it ; and may humanity after victory be the predominant feature in the British fleet...
Página 681 - For more than forty years,' was his remark to Sir James, — ' for more than forty years I have so ruled my life that when death came I might face it without fear.
Página 961 - ... existed for more than three years in the island of Cuba, so near our own borders, have shocked the moral sense of the people of the United States, have been a disgrace to Christian civilization, culminating, as they have, in the destruction of a United States battle ship, with 266 of its officers and crew, while on a friendly visit in the harbor of Havana...
Página 502 - Lay their bulwarks on the brine While the sign of battle flew On the lofty British line: It was ten of April morn by the chime: As they drifted on their path There was silence deep as death, And the boldest held his breath For a time. But the might of England flush'd To anticipate the scene; And her van the fleeter rush'd O'er the deadly space between: 'Hearts of oak!
Página 494 - Burgoyne to Great Britain, upon condition of not serving again in North America during the present contest...
Página 961 - Third, that the President of the United States be, and he hereby is, directed and empowered to use the entire land and naval forces of the United States, and to call into the actual service of the United States the militia of the several States to such extent as may be necessary to carry these resolutions into effect.
Página 610 - ... distance. At this moment not a gun had been fired, and I began to suspect a full compliance with the terms which had been so many hours in their hands ; at this period of profound silence, a shot was fired at us from the mole, and two at the ships to the northward then following; this was promptly returned by the Queen Charlotte...
Página 561 - ... early. Gathering in dark groups and leaning on their muskets, they looked up with sullen desperation at the Trinidad, while the enemy, stepping out on the ramparts, and aiming their shots by the light of the fire-balls which they threw over, asked as their victims fell, " Why they did not come into Badajos...
Página 724 - He had no doubt, he said, that the monster was at this moment on her way to Washington ; and, looking out of the window, which commanded a view of the Potomac for many miles, ' Not unlikely, we shall have a shell or cannonball from one of her guns in the White House before we leave this room.
Página 505 - I have only one eye — I have a right to be blind sometimes " : and then, putting the glass to his blind eye, in that mood of mind which sports with bitterness, he exclaimed, " I really do not see the signal...

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