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CHINA continued.


suppressing Secret Societies, International

Force for Protection of Life and Property ;

Question of Mandate to Japan to send

Troops to China, Russian Views; Mes-

sages from Emperor of China to President

of United States and Emperor of Ger-

many; Appointment of Count Waldersee

to Command of Expedition; Siege and

Relief of Legations at Peking; Bombard-

ment of Neuchwang and Occupation by

Russians; &c.).

January-September, 1900.. 1050

CORRESPONDENCE respecting the Anglo-German Agreement of
October 16, 1900, relating to China.

October 1900.. 897

DECREE. Anti-Christian Disturbances.

11th January, 1900.. 1057

Appointment of Heir to the Throne.

24th January, 1900.. 1063

Suppression of Secret Societies.

21st February, 1900.. 1067

Protection of Foreigners

17th July, 1900.. 1152

Escort of Foreign Ministers from Peking to Tien-tsin.

2nd August, 1900.. 1270

Protection of Foreign Ministers and Missionaries,

Treatment of Native Converts.

2nd August, 1900.. 1271

Responsibility of Local Officials.

24th December, 1900.. 708

Edict. Prohibiting Anti-Foreign Societies.

1st February, 1901.. 707

Responsibility of Local Officials.

1st February, 1901.. 708

Indemnity to the Powers.

29th May, 1901.. 701

Reform of Tsung-li Yamén (Ministry of Foreign


24th July, 1901.. 713

Prohibiting Importation of Arms, &c.

25th August, 1901.. 701

MEMORANDUM. Court Ceremonial. Reception of Foreign


7th September, 1901, 714

RÈGLEMENT. Whampoo Improvement.

Peking, 7th September, 1901.. 709

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