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Página 129 - SECTION 1. The Select and Common Councils of the City of Philadelphia...
Página 120 - These By-Laws may be amended by the Board of Directors at any regular meeting or at a special meeting called for the purpose, provided two-thirds of all the members constituting the Board vote in favor of said amendment.
Página i - RAILWAYS : Their Location, Construction, and Management ; with General Plans and Rules for their Organization and Operation ; together with Examinations as to their Comparative Advantages over the Omnibus System, and Inquiries as to their Value for Investment; including Copies of Municipal Ordinances relating thereto. By ALEXANDER EASTON, CE Illustrated by...
Página 131 - ... provision of this section shall be punished by a fine of five dollars, to be recovered before any Alderman of the city, and paid into the City Treasury, and the Mayor of the city is in such cases empowered to revoke the license of such car or cars, and they shall not be permitted to be again placed on the road until such license is renewed.
Página 60 - If it is advisable (and I agree such is the case) that a commencement be made at once, such contracts should be entered into with capitalists who seek the investment, as will enable the city to obtain the possession of the roads as soon as the financial condition of its treasury will permit, or whatever arrangement to reach that point Councils may decide upon.
Página 119 - On the first day of January in each year, or within sixty days thereafter, a valuation of the assets...
Página 131 - Companies, to employ careful, sober and prudent agents, conductors and drivers, to take charge of their car or cars when upon the road, and for the violation of any Act of Assembly, or Ordinance of the city, on the part of any such officer, or officers, or...
Página 49 - ... and effect of the different species of power that are likely to be applied to them. These are, horse power, and steam. When the power of a horse is to be applied to move a carriage on a rail-way, it is obvious that we should endeavour to apply it in such a manner as will produce the greatest quantity of useful effect, with as much speed as can be obtained without injury to the animal. Hence the two objects of inquiry are, the duration of a day's work, and the maximum of useful effect. The time...
Página 135 - Number of mortgages on road and franchise, or any property of the corporation, specifying the number and amount' of mortgages on road and franchise, and each kind of property, . . . 10.
Página 133 - Cars driven in the same direction shall not approach each other within a distance of three hundred feet, except in case of accident, when it may be necessary to connect two cars together, and also, except at stations.

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