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inhabitants of Genoa to the French, 305
--His noic refpcting the reports against
the French, 307

Jourdan, Generalllis le:ter to his foldiers
Forbes, General-His proclamation to the respecting the victories in Italy, 36---
planters in St. Domingo, 95

His proclamation to the country beyond
Fossombroni, Victorio--His answer to Buo. the Rhine, 45

naparte's letter to the Grand Duke of ..

Tuicany, 40
Franconia, Circle of Armistice with the

French Republic, v
Frankfort, a Magistrate of, to his fellow The King of Pruffia---His reply to the Rufa

citizens, 50--Orders addressed to the fan ambaffador, repeating the marching
burghers, 50

of his army to the banks of the Weter, 8
French Republic-Armistice witii the Duke -- Address and letters of convocation 10

of Wirtemberg, i With the Circle of the ftates of Germany, detlined to cnjoy
Suabia, iv---With the Circle of Franco the advantages of the neutrality, 10---
nia, v-With the Margrave of Baden, His declaration to the city of Nuremberg,
viimTreaty of peace with the Duke of 4h-His edi&t respecting the wearing of
Wirtemberg, i-With the Margrave of the national cockade at Berlin, 48-His
Baden, viii-Armistice with the Elector refcript respecting the Prussian territories
of Bavaria, xii-With Naples, xiv-- on the left bank of the Rhinc, 235-
Treaty of peace with Naples, XV--Al. Correspondence with the court of Vienna
mistice with Modena, xvii-Treaty, of- on the line of demarcation, 238
fensive and delenlive, with Spain, xviii King, Mr.--His circular letter to the ma-
--Armillice with the Pope, xxii--Treaty giftrates in the northern counties of Enga
with the King of Pruffia, xxix---Treaty land, 85
of peace with the Duke of Parma, xxx Kleber, Gencral-Ilis proclamation to the
Consul of the French Republic to the inhabitants of the right bank of the Rhinc,
minister of Marine, respecting the con 23
duct of English thips, 36.



Genoa--Reply of the Commandant of Fort

La Lauterne, to the French Director
Sucy, 306--Proclamation relative to the

French Republic, 307
Great Britain-Answer to the Spanilh dc-

claration of war, 161--Manifeito against

France, 217
Grand Duke of Tuscany.--His answer to

General Buonaparte, respecting the arrest

of General Spannochi, 47
Grouvelle--His proclamation at Copen-

hagen respecting the national cockade,

La Fayette, Madam ---Her letter to the Em-

peror, 47
Lavcaux, Stephen-To the United States,

and captains of American thips, re-

specting rhe trade to St. Domingo, 2
Langara, Admiral --His lciter of thanks to

the municipality of Toulon, 231
Leghorn-Orders of Buonaparte respecting

goods at Leyhorn, 38
Lepaux, Revelliere - His speech on the lefti-

val of the both of August, 81--His
speech on the festival of the ift Vende-
minire, 212
Letter3---Oficial letter respecting the filing

of the French and Spanish theets from
Cadiz, 75--From the Directory to the
minitler of War, respecting reducing ex-.
penses, 104-Of the King of Naples to
thc Marquis del Vatto, 141-Letter to
the lieutenants of counties on the sea
coast of England respecting an invasion,

Letters of Convocation, addicfied by the

King of Prullia to the states destined to
enjoy the advantages of the neutrality,

Louverture, Toussaint, to Citizen Ader, I
Ditto, to the Tame, 1

Ilanover, Elector of--His declaration ree

fpecting the Roman Months, 138--His

declaration to the diet, 217
Hardenberg, Baron--His declaration to the

city of Nuremberg, 46 ---His declara-
tion to the magiftratcs of Nuremberg,

Hoche, General Address to the army of

the coasts of the ocean respecting Puisaye,
39--His general orders refpecling English
fpics, 98



offered to the Pope by the French Repub.
lic, 141-On the dismissal of Lord
Malmeibury, 202-From the adminiftra.
tors of Cleves and Xanten to the inhabi.
tants, 237-Note of M. Faypoult to the
secretary of state at Genoa, 305-His
note respecting the reports again the

French, 307
Nuremberg, City of, submits to the King

of Prussia, 86


Macleod, General--His letter to Mr. Yorke,

respecting the blood-hounds used in Ja,

maica, 226
Malmesbury, Lord--His correspondence

with the minister Delacroix, 169 to
Manifestoes. Of the Queen of Portugal

against the Dutch Republic, 51-Of
Spain against Great Britain, 115-Of
the British government agarost France,

Messages ---Message of the Executive Direc-

tory respecting La Vendée, 47-To the
council of 500 respecting the marine, 63
-Of the Executive Directory, respecting
the number of troops to be kept on foot
in Peace, 88-Of the Directory, rela-
tive to the troops of the interior, 90-Of
the Directory, respecting English mer-
chandise, 119-Second meliage respec-
ting English merchandisc, 121-Of the
Directory, helpecting the wants of the Re.

public, 217
Milan, commotions in, 29-The nobility

abolished, 31--Address from Buonaparte
respecting the universities, 35-A society

abolished, 35
Modena, Duke of Armistice with General

Buonaparte, xvii
Mondovi, military commission of--Procla.

mation to the inhabitants of the province,

Oath, form of, exacted from the Tyrolelos

O'Hara, General-His letter to the captains

of merchantmen at Gibraltar, 117
Order of Council-Respecting the exporta.

tion of goods to the United Provinces,
and the Austrian Netherlands, 100-
Respecting an enibargo on Genoese ships,
114-Respeeting reprisals againft Spanish
ships, 152--Respecting trade to and

from the Cape of Good Hope, 232
Ostermann, Count-His dispatch to M.

Balzow, respecting the peace between
France and Spain, 110


Naples--Armistice with General Buona.
parte, xiv

--Peace with the French Republic,
XV--- Proclamation respecting the war, 14
--Edict respecting war, 112---King of
Naples letter to the Count de Vasto, 141
-His declaration respecting the Pope's

territ rie", 216
National Assembly of the United Provinces--

Abolithing the privileged church, 85-
Their proclamation against the importa-

tion of British manufactures, 107
Negotiation Letween Great Britain and the

French Republic-Papers relative thereto,

169 to 202
Neutral Powers--- Papers relative thereto,

NoolMis speech at the military feast at

the Haglie, 19-His address to the Dutch
Convention respecting the constitution,

Parliamentary Papers, 312-Speech to both

Houses, 313--Address of the Commons,
315--Dito of the Lords, 317–Amend-
ment moved by Earl Fitzwilliam, 319-
His Majesty's answer to the address of the
House of Peers, 320-Proteft of Earl
Fitzwilliam against the address of the
House of Peers, 320-Meffage from his
Majesty, respecting the war with Spain,
324-Addresses of both Houses, 324-
Motion of Mr. Fox respecting the money
sent to the Emperor, 325-Amendment
to the motion by Mr. Bragge, ditto
Amendment by Mr. Fox, ditto-Reso-
Jution on Mr. Fox's notion, 326-
Message from his Majesty respecting ada
vances to the Emperor, 326 Address of
both Houses, 326—Message respecting the
failure of the negotiation, 327-Address
of the House of Lords, 328-Amend-
ment proposed by the Ear! of Guilford,
328-Address of the House of Commons,
330 ----Amendment moved by Mr. Fox,
331-Speech of the Lord Licutenant of
lieland to both Houses of Parliament,
332--Addresses of both Houses, 334-
Amendment moved by Mr. Grattan, 334
--Speech of the Governor of Jamaica on

proroguing the House of Affembly, 334
Parma-Marquis del Campo appointed mi-

nifter from the Duke of Parma to the
Executive Directory, 310-Concludes a



Note, official, from the minister for foreign

affairs to Barthelemi, respecting neutral
ships, 76--Of M. Galeppi, announcing
the refusal of the conditions of peace

treaty of peace with the French Republic, rectory, respecting alarms at Paris, 94

or General Forbes to the planters in St.
Pelham, Mr.--His letters respecting the Domingo, 95---Proclamtion of General

expedition of the French against Ireland, Buonaparte to the Tyrole, 98-To the

inhabitants of Frankfort 102-Of the
Pickering, Mr.His letter to Adet, re Emperor, respecting suppies for the war,

specting the conduct of the United States 10;..Of the Archduke to the recon-
to France, 259

quered districts of the Orman Empire,
Pignatelli, Prince of--His specch to the 104---Of the National Sembly of the
Executive Directory, 156

Batavian people against thimportation of
Piti, Mr.--His letter to the Lord Mayor Britilh goods, 107-Of he Lord Lieu-

and the Bank, respecting a loan, 157 renant of Ireland respeong honour.bla
The Pope-Armistice with General Buo. Associations, 145--Of je Lord Lieu.
naparte, xxii

tenarit of Ireland, refeting declaring
Correspondence between the diftri&ts in a state of dirbance, II
French commissioners and the Pope's ple- 'Revoking the license toxport goods to
nipotentiary relative to peace, xxiii---His the United Provinces al Autrian Nc.
edict on the reception to be given to the therlands, 215-Of Salitti to the inha.
Ficnch, 51

bitants of Corfica, 21 Proclamation
Prince of Peace-His answer to M. Balgon, for assembling the Ength Parliament

respecting the peace between France and 312.---Ditto for afsembli che Irish Par->
Spain, un

liament, 312
Proclamations--Of Santhonax at St. Do-
mingo, respecting the new constitution, 4
_Of the Queen of Portugal, for making
Lisbon a free port, 8-Of.the Prince de Queen of Portugal maẢ Lisbon a free
Bouillon, at Jersey, 11-Of Scepeaux to port, 9--Her manifeftgainst the Repub-
his soldiers, to give up their arms, 13- sic of Holland, 51-Rocation of it, 52
Of the King of Naples to his subjects, ..
respecting the war, 14--IsTued at Peters:

. R.
burg, respecting Dutch ships, 15-Of the
Executive Directory to the army of the Ramel, Mivister of Fince-His Letter to
Sambre and Meuse, 16-of General Kle- the commercial crize, 154
ber to the inhabitants of the right bank of Reports--On the expers of the marine, 66
the Rhine, 23-Of the Archduchess of On mandats, 7«On the message of
Austria to the Tyrolele, 23-Of General the Directory respeng English merchan-
Buonaparte, respecting the contributions * dise, 120Of Canceres to the council
from Lombardy, 24--Of Salicetti, re. of 500, on the expés of the war, 124
speeting the government of Lombardy, -To the council ooo on the finances,
25-Of Buonaparte to his soldiers, 26 127-To the coun of Elders on the
Of Buonaparte to the Milanese, 'relative ftate of the nationareasury, 140- Ta
to the conduct to be adopted by them, 29 the council of 500 ornewing a third of
-To the Milanele, respecting the ex the Convention, 150
ceffes committed in some communes, 29 Refcript of the Imperiaourt to the Duke

Ilsued by the municipality of Milan for of Wirtemberg, 135-Of the King of
abolishing the nobility, 31--Of Buona Prusia, respecting therritories on the
parte to the Tyrolese, respecting the left bank of the Rhine235
marching of his army through their ter- Refolutions of the commccouncil of New-
ritories, 32--Proclamation of Buona- caitle, respecting cmignt priells, 103 !
parte respecting the Imperial fiefs, 33-
To the inhabitants of Mondovi, 34-OF

General Angercau to the citizens of Fer-
rara, 43-Proclamation in Holland, re- Salicetti--His proclamatin respecting the
specting the forced loan, 45--Of Ge government of Lombard, 25--Letter to
neral Jourdan to the inhabitants of the the Executive Direco, respecting the
country beyond the Rhine, 45-Of the conduct of some part ofthe Milanese, 30
Directory to the army of the interior, 49 ---Arret respecting theabolition of a fociety'

Issued by Grouvelle, at Copenhagen, at Milan, 35--His yroclamation to the
59-Of Buonaparte to his soldiers, 78 people of Corsica, 21)
of the Emperor respecting the war, 83- Santhonax-His proclamation at St. Do-
Proclamation of the Emperor respecting mingo, respecting the new constitution, 4
the defence of Bohemia, 86_Of the Di --His address to the ninister Adet, 60


Tunis, Envoy from, presented to the Exes

cutive Directory, 311


Sardinia--Anncances to the Executive Di.

rectory the brth of a son to the Duke

d'Aofta, 310 Scepeaux-Alis toclamation to the soldiers

of his army · give up their arms, 13 Spain-Her freiy, offensive and defensive,

with France, viii--Her manifesto against

Great Britair 115 Speech of the mifter from the Landgrave of

Helle to che Directory, 125 Spinola, Vinca--His Speech to the Exe

cutive Direéry, 77 Stael, Baron d. His letter to the minifter

Delacroix, reediing M. de Retourner, 61 States of Hunga—Their resolution to arm,

160 Suabia, Circleof--Armistice with the

French Repuii, iv--Address to the

Archduke Ches, 97 Sucy-His lettro the commandant at Fort

La Lauterne;06 Switzerland --- (patch to the Helvetic Body

from Marth:Wurmser, respeeting the Neutrality, Returns an answer to Marthal Wulfer, 16

Venice, Republic of --Receives an address from

Buonaparte, 28-Decree of the Senate to 1 embody men, and to observe the Atrictest

neutrali:y to the French, 309 Verninac-His letter to the minister for foreigo affairs, respecting the lending of an ambassador from the Porte to the

French Republic, 154 Vienna, Court of-Correspopdence with the

court of Berlin respecting the line of demarcation, 238

Washington, Mr.--His letter of resignation,

243–His proclamation, respecting the explanatory article to the treaty with Great Britain, 295--His speech to the Congress, 298-His reply to the address

of the Congress, 304 Wickham, Mr.--His note to the Senate of

Berne respecting the Emigrants, 308 Wirtemberg, Duke of ---Almiftice between him and the French Republic, i

Treaty of peace between the Duke and the French Republic, ii Wurmfer, Field Marshal --His dispatch to

the Helvetic Body, respecting the line of neutrality, 15

Treaties of peace been the French Republic and the Duke Wirtemberg, ii - of peace beben the French Republic and the Margra of Piden, viii

- of peace betwop he French Republic and the King of Two Sicilies, xv

• offensive an efensive, between the French Republic.d the King of Spain,

xviii ---- between the ench Republic and the King of Prusia,xix

- of peace beten the French Republic and the Duke o'arma, xxx

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