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2 Here I raise my Ebenezer,

Hither by thine help I'm come,
And I hope by thy good pleasure,

Safely to arrive at home.
Jesus sought me when a stranger,

Wandering from the fold of God;
He, to rescue me from danger,

Interpos’d his precious blood. 3 O! to grace how great a debtor

Daily I'm constrain’d to be;
Let that grace now like a fetter,

Bind my wandering heart to thee!
Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,

Prone to leave the God I love-
Here's my heart-0 take and seal it!
Seal it from thy courts above.


P.M.-Grateful Praise. Ps. ciii.
1 CHEERFULLY my soul shall praise

God, whose mercy crowns my days,
Who forgiveth all my sin,
Cleanseth me from stains within,
Hears my weak complaints and sighs,

And my daily need supplies.
2 He with loving kindness brings

Life and healing on his wings,
O my soul, beneath their shade,
Thou shalt find eternal aid;
There reposing, ever praise
God, whose mercy crowns thy days.


C.M.-A Song of Praise. 1 INDULGENT Father! how divine

How bright thy bounties are; Through nature's ample round they shine,

Thy goodness to declare.

2 But in the nobler works of grace,

What sweeter mercy smiles
In my benign Redeemer's face,

And every fear beguiles!
3 Such wonders, Lord, while I survey,

To thee my thanks shall rise,
When morning ushers in the day,

Or evening veils the skies. 4 When glimmering life resigns its flame,

Thy praise shall tune my breath;
The sweet remembrance of thy name,

Shall gild the shades of death. 5 But oh! how blest my song shall rise,

When freed from feeble clay,
And all thy glories meet mine eyes

In one eternal day!
6 Not seraphs who resound thy name,

Through yon ethereal plains,
Shall glow with a diviner flame,

Or raise sublimer strains.


P.M.-Divine Love. 1 MY God, thy boundless love I praise; How bright on high its glories blaze!

How sweetly bloom below!
It streams from thy eternal throne;
Through heaven its joys for ever run,

And o'er the earth they flow. 2 'Tis love that paints the purple morn, And bids the clouds in air upborne,

Their genial drops distil;
In every vernal beam it glows,
And breathes in every gale that blows,

And glides in every


3 It robes in cheerful green the ground, And pours its flowery beauties round,

Whose sweets perfume the gale; Its bounties richly spread the plain, The blushing fruit, the golden grain,

And smile on every vale. 4 But in thy gospel see it shine With grace and glories more divine,

Proclaiming sins forgiven; There Faith, bright cherub, points the way To realms of everlasting day,

And opens all her heaven.
5 Then let the love that makes me blest,
With cheerful praise inspire my breast,

And ardent gratitude;
And all my thoughts and passions tend
To thee, my Father and my friend,

My soul's eternal good.
6 Dart from thine own celestial flame
One vivid beam, to warm my frame

With kindred energy;
Mark thine own image on my mind,
And teach me to be good and kind,

And love and bless like thee.

L.M.- Thankfulness for being made meet for the heavenly

Inheritance. Col. i. 12. 1 ALL-GLORIOUS God! what hymns of praise

Shall our transported voices raise!
What flaming love and zeal are due,

While heaven stands open to our view! 2 Once we were fallen, and O how low!

Just on the brink of endless wo,
Doom'd to a heritage in hell,
Where sinners all in darkness dwell.

3 But lo, a ray of cheerful light

Scatters the horrid shades of night!
Lo! what triumphant grace is shewn

To souls impoverish'd and undone. 4 Far, far beyond these mortal shores,

A bright inheritance is ours;
Where saints in light our coming wait,

To share their holy, blissful state.
5 If ready drest for heaven we shine,

Thine are the robes, the crown is thine; May endless years their course prolong, While “ Thine the praise,” is all our song.


P.M.-Praise and Supplication. 1 TO Thee, my God, and Saviour,

My soul exulting springs;
Rejoicing in thy favour,

Almighty King of kings.
I'll celebrate thy glory,

With all the saints above;
And tell the pleasing story

Of thy redeeming love.
2 Soon as the morn with roses

Bedecks the dewy east,
And when the sun reposes

Upon the ocean's breast,
My voice in supplication

Well pleased thou shalt hear;
Oh grant me thy salvation,

And to my soul draw near.
3 By Thee through life supported,

pass the dangerous road, By heavenly hosts escorted

Up to their bright abode;

There cast my crown before thee,

When all my woes are o'er; And day and night adore thee What can an angel more.

432. P.M. - Universal Praise. Ps. cl. 6. BREATHE in praise of your Creator,

Every soul his honours raise;
Magnify the Lord of nature,
Magnify the God of grace.

Fill the universe with praise.


C.M.- Everlasting Praise. 1 MY God! my King! to thee I'll raise

My voice and all my powers; Unwearied songs of sacred praise

Shall fill the circling hours. 2 Thy name shall dwell upon my tongue,

While suns shall set and rise, And tune my everlasting song When all creation dies.

L.M.-God eralted above all Praise.
1 ETERNAL Power, whose high abode

Becomes the grandeur of a God;
Infinite lengths beyond the bounds

Where stars revolve their little rounds: 2 Thee, while the first archangel sings,

He hides his face behind his wings;
And ranks of shining thrones around

Fall worshipping, and spread the ground. 3 Lord, what shall earth and ashes do?

We would adore our Maker too!
From sin and dust, to thee we cry,
The Great, the Holy, and the High.

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