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C.M.- Anxiety reproved.
1 WE would not seek, with God our friend,

With anxious care to know,
Or how, or when, our lives shall end,

Or what our lot below. 2 The same kind power that gave us breath,

Still holds us in his hand;
And when he bids us sleep in death,

All wise is his command. 3 That power, whose watchful goodness feeds

The warblers of the air, And clothes with flowers the smiling meads,

Shall we not be his care?
4 If lengthen d years our lives shall crown,

Then be his praise exprest;
Or if in this he cuts us down,

Still what he does is best.
5 May we the good each hour supplies,

Receive with grateful mind;
And when our fairest pleasure dies,

Be humble and resign'd.
6 How swift our moments steal away;

E'en while we speak they fly:
Then let us seize the happy day,

And only live to die.

219. C.M.— The Saint encouraging himself in his God. 1 Sam. xxx. 6. 1 JEHOVAH! 'tis a glorious name,

Still pregnant with delight;
It scatters round a cheerful beam,

To gild the darkest night.
2 What though our mortal comforts fade,

And drop, like withering flowers?
Nor time nor death can break that band,
Which makes Jehovah ours.


3 My cares, I give you to the wind,

And shake you off like dust; Well may I trust my all with him, With whom my soul I trust.


220. C.M.-God furnishing a Table in the Wilderness. Ps. Ixxviii. 19, 20. 1 PARENT of universal good,

We own thy bounteous hand, Which does so rich a table spread,

E’en in this desert land.
2 Struck by thy power, the flinty rocks,

In gushing torrents flow;
The feather'd wanderers of the air

Thy guiding instinct know.
3 The pregnant clouds, at thy command,

Rain down delicious bread,
And by light drops of pearly dew

Are numerous armies fed.
4 Supported thus, thine Israel march'd

The promis'd land to gain ;
And shall thy children now begin

To seek their God in vain?
5 Are all thy stores exhausted now?

Or does thy mercy fail?
That faith should languish in our breasts,

And anxious cares prevail?
6 Ye base unworthy fears, be gone,

And wide disperse in air;
Then may I feel my Father's rod,
When I suspect

S.M.-God's Care a Remedy for ours. 1 Pet. v. 7.
1 HOW gentle God's commands!

How kind his precepts are!
“Come, cast your burdens on the Lord,

" And trust his constant care.'

his care.

2 While providence supports,

Let saints securely dwell;
That hand which bears all nature up,

Shall guide his children well. 3 Why should this anxious load

Press down your weary mind? Haste to your heavenly Father's throne,

And sweet refreshment find.
4 His goodness stands approv'd

Down to the present day;
I'll drop my burden at his feet,

And bear a song away.

P.M.- The Morrow unknown. James iv. 14.
1 'TIS to us no cause of sorrow,

That we cannot tell to-day,
What it is will come to-morrow;

'Tis enough that we can say,
“ He whom we our Father call,

« Knows the future-knows it all." 2 Happy they, who all committing,

To their Father's care and love,
Let him choose what most is fitting,

And of all he does approve.
They are free from anxious care;

Blest in this his people are.
3 Teach us, O our God and Father,

Teach us to obey thee thus :
Be thy choice our portion, rather

Than what might seem good to us;
'Tis not meet we should refuse,

Aught that thou, our God, shalt choose. 4 Future things with thee are present:

All to come thine eye can see:

Safe it is for us, and pleasant,

Future things to trust to thee:
Then thy people happy are,
When on thee they cast their care.

223. C.M.-God supplying the Necessities of his People. Phil. iv. 19-20. 1 MY God! how cheerful is the sound!

How pleasant to repeat! Well may that heart with pleasure bound,

Where God hath fix'd his seat.
2 What want shall not our God supply

From his redundant stores ?
What streams of mercy from on high,

An arm almighty pours!
3 From Christ, the everliving spring,

These ample blessings flow: Prepare, my lips, his name to sing,

Whose heart hath lov'd us so. 4 Now to our Father and our God

Be endless glory given,
Through all the realms of man's abode,
And through the highest heaven.

L.M.—“ Give us day by day our daily bread.Luke xi. 3.
1 OH King of earth, and air, and sea!

The hungry ravens cry to thee:
To thee the scaly tribes that sweep

The bosom of the boundless deep; 2 To thee the lions roaring call,

The common Father, kind to all!
Then grant thy servants, Lord, we pray,

Our daily bread from day to day! 3 The fishes may for food complain;

The ravens spread their wings in vain;
The roaring lions lack and pine;
But, God! Thou carest still for thine.

4 Thy bounteous hand with food can bless

The bleak and lonely wilderness;
And thou hast taught us, Lord, to pray

For daily bread from day to day. 5 And oh, when through the wilds we roam,

That part us from our heavenly home;
When lost in danger, want, and wo,

Our faithless tears begin to flow;
6 Do thou thy gracious comfort give,

By which alone the soul may live;
And grant thy servants, Lord, we pray,
The bread of life from day to day.

C.M.- Acquiescence in the Divine Will.
1 SINCE all the downward tracts of time

God's watchful eye surveys,
O who so wise to choose our lot,

And regulate our ways?
2 Since none can doubt his equal love,

Unmeasurably kind:
To his unerring, gracious will,

Be every wish resign'd.
3 Good when he gives, supremely good,

Nor less when he denies;
E'en crosses from his sovereign hand,
Are blessings in disguise.


L.M.-Conflict and Temptation.
1 THE billows swell, the winds are high,

Clouds overcast my wintry sky;
Out of the depths to thee I call,

My fears are great, my strength is small. 2 O Lord, the pilot's part perform,

And guide and guard me through the storm;
Defend me from each threatening ill,
Control the waves, say “ Peace, be still.”

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