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3 Remember him who once applied

With trembling for relief; “ Lord, I believe," with tears, he cried,

“O help my unbelief."
4 She too, who touch'd thee in the press,

And healing virtue stole,
Was answer'd“ Daughter, go in peace,

" Thy faith has made thee whole.” 5 Conceal'd amid the gathering throng,

She would have shunn'd thy view,
And if her faith was firm and strong,

Had strong misgivings too.
6 Like her with hopes and fears we come

To touch thee if we may,
O send us not despairing home,

Send none unheal'd away.


C.M.- The Power of Faith. 1 FAITH adds new charms to earthly bliss,

And saves me from its snares;
Its aid in every duty brings,

And softens all my cares:2 Extinguishes the thirst of sin,

And lights the sacred fire
Of love to God and heavenly things,
And feeds the


desire. 3 The wounded conscience knows its power,

The healing balm to give:
That balm the saddest heart can cheer,

And make the dying live.
4 Wide it unveils celestial worlds,

Where deathless pleasures reign,
And bids me seek my portion there,

Nor bids me seek in vain :-

5 Shews me the precious promise seal’d

With the Redeemer's blood,
And helps my feeble hopes to rest

Upon a faithful God.
6 There, there unshaken would I rest,

Till this vile body dies;
And then, on faith's triumphant wings,
At once to glory rise!

C.M.-Living by Faith in Christ, &c. Gal. ii. 20.
1 MY Jesus, while in mortal flesh
I hold


frail abode,
Still would my spirit rest on thee,

Its Saviour, and its God.
2 By hourly faith in thee I live,

'Midst all my griefs and snares; And death, encounter'd in thy sight,

No form of horror wears.
3 On thy dear cross I fix my eyes,

Then raise them to thy seat,
Till love dissolves mine inmost soul

At its Redeemer's feet.
4 Be dead, my heart, to worldly charms;

Be dead to every sin;
And tell the boldest foes without,

That Jesus reigns within.
5 My life with his connected stands,

Nor asks a surer ground;
He keeps me in his gracious arms,

Where heaven itself is found.


L.M.- A living and dead Faith. 1 THE Lord receives his highest praise

From humble minds and hearts sincere While all the loud professor says,

Offends the righteous Judge's ear.

2 To walk as children of the day,

To mark the precept's holy light,
To wage the warfare, watch and pray,

Shew who are pleasing in his sight. 3 Not words alone it cost the Lord,

To purchase pardon for his own,
Nor will a soul by grace restor'd,

Return the Saviour words alone. 4 With golden bells, the priestly vest,

And rich pomegranates border'd round, The need of holiness express'd,

And call'd for fruit as well as sound. 5 Easy, indeed, it were to reach

A mansion in the courts above,
If swelling words and fluent speech

Might serve instead of faith and love. 6 But none shall gain the blissful place,

Or God's unclouded glory see,
Who talks of free and sovereign grace,

Unless that grace has made him free.

307. L.M.-Acting as seeing Him who is invisible. Heb. xi. 27. 1 ETERNAL and immortal King,

Thy peerless splendours none can bear, But darkness veils seraphic eyes,

When God with all his lustre's there. 2 Yet faith can pierce the awful gloom,

The Great Invisible can see,
And with its tremblings mingle joy

In fix'd regards, great God, to thee. 3 Then every tempting form of sin,

Sham'd in thy presence, disappears! And all the glowing raptur'd soul,

The likeness it contemplates, wears.

4 O ever-conscious to my heart,

Witness to its supreme desire,
Behold it presseth on to thee,

For it hath caught the heavenly fire. 5 This one petition would it urge,

To bear thee ever in its sight,
In life, in death, in worlds unknown,
Its only portion and delight.

308. P.M.-For Peace in Believing. John xiv. 1. 1 CALMER of my troubled heart,

Bid my unbelief depart;
Speak, and all my sorrows cease,

Speak, and all my soul is peace. 2 Comfort me whene'er I mourn,

With the hope of thy return;
And till I thy glory see,
Bid me still believe in thee.


P.M.-Joy and Peace in Believing. 1 SOMETIMES a light surprises

The Christian while he sings;
It is the Lord who rises

With healing in his wings:
When comforts are declining,

He grants the soul again
A season of clear shining,

To cheer it after rain. 2 In holy contemplation,

We sweetly then pursue
The theme of God's salvation,

And find it ever new;
Set free from present sorrow,

We cheerfully can say,
E'en let the unknown to-morrow

Bring with it what it may.

3 It can bring with it nothing,

But he will bear us through;
Who gives the lilies clothing,

Will clothe his people too;
Beneath the spreading heavens,

No creature but is fed;
And he who feeds the ravens,

Will give his children bread.
4 Though vine nor fig-tree neither

Their wonted fruit shall bear,
Though all the field should wither,

Nor flocks nor herds be there:
Yet God the same abiding,

His praise shall tune my voice;
For while in him confiding,

I cannot but rejoice.


C.M.— The Influence of Faith.
1 WHEN faith presents the Saviour's death,

And whispers “ This is thine,"
Sweetly my rising hours advance,

And peacefully decline.
2 While such my views, the radiant sun

Sheds a more sprightly ray;
Each object smiles, all nature charms;
I sing my cares away.

L.M.- The Confidence of Faith. Hab. iii. 17, 18.
JESUS is mine! I'm now prepar’d
To meet with what I thought most hard;
Yes, let the winds of trouble blow,
And comforts melt away
No blasted trees, or failing crops
Can hinder my eternal hopes;
Though creatures change, the Lord's the same,
Then let me triumph in his name.

like snow;

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