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2 Though in a foreign land,

We are not far from home,
And nearer to our house above,
We every

moment come. 3 His grace will to the end,

Stronger and brighter shine,
Nor present things, nor things to come,

Shall quench the spark divine. 4 When we in darkness walk,

Nor feel the heavenly flame,
Then is the time to trust our God,

And rest upon his name.
5 Soon shall our doubts and fears

Subside at his control;
His loving-kindness shall break through

The midnight of the soul. 6 Blest is the man, O God,

That stays himself on thee!
Who waits for thy salvation, Lord,

Shall thy salvation see,

243. C.M.- Trust in God amidst the frailties of our nature. Ps. ciii. 14. 1 LORD, we adore thy wondrous name,

And make that name our trust,
Which rais'd at first this curious frame,

From mean and lifeless dust.
2 Awhile these frail machines endure,

The fabric of a day;
Then know their vital powers no more,

But moulder back to clay.
3 Yet, Lord, whate'er is felt or fear'd,

This thought is our repose,
That he, by whom this frame was rear'd,

Its various weakness knows.

4 Thou view'st us with a pitying eye,

While struggling with our load;
In pains and dangers thou art nigh,

Our Father and our God.
5 Gently supported by thy love,

We tend to realms of peace;
Where every pain shall far remove,

And every frailty cease.



C.M.-Christian Heroism.
1 THE Son of God goes forth to war,

A kingly crown to gain:
His blood-red banner streams afar!

Who follows in his train? 2 Who best can drink his


of wo,
Triumphant over pain,
Who patient bears his cross below,

He follows in his train!
3 The martyr first, whose eagle eye

Could pierce beyond the grave;
Who saw his Master in the sky,

And call’d on him to save.
4 Like him, with pardon on his tongue

In midst of mortal pain,
He pray'd for them that did the wrong!

Who follows in his train?
5 A glorious band, the chosen few

On whom the Spirit came;
Twelve valiant saints, their hope they knew,

And mark'd the cross and flame.
6 They met the tyrant's brandish'd steel,

The lion's gory mane:
They bow'd their necks the death to feel!

Who follows in their train?

7 A noble army-men and boys,

The matron and the maid,
Around the Saviour's throne rejoice,

In robes of light array’d. 8 They climb’d the steep ascent of heaven,

Through peril, toil, and pain!
Oh God! to us may grace be given

To follow in their train!

245. P.M.-Christian Courage, Fortitude, and Hope. 1 COME on, my partners in distress, My comrades through the wilderness,

Who still your bodies feel;
Awhile forget your griefs and fears,
And look beyond this vale of tears

To that celestial hill.
2 Beyond the bounds of time and space
Look forward to that happy place,

The saints' secure abode:
On faith's strong eagle pinions rise,
And force your passage to the skies,

And scale the mount of God.
3 See, where the Lamb in glory stands,
Encircled with his radiant bands,

And join the angelic powers;
For all that height of glorious bliss
Our everlasting portion is,

And all that heaven is ours.
4 Who suffer for our master here,
We shall before his face appear,

And by his side sit down:
To patient faith the prize is sure,
And all that to the end endure

The cross, shall wear the crown.

5 Thrice blessed bliss-inspiring hope!
It lifts the fainting spirits up;

It brings to life the dead:
Our conflicts here shall soon be past,
And you and I ascend at last
Triumphant with our Head.


C.M.-Christian Fortitude. 1 AM I a soldier of the cross,

A follower of the Lamb!
And shall I fear to own his cause,

Or blush to speak his name?
2 Are there no foes for me to face?

Must I not stem the flood?
Is this vile world a friend to grace,

To help me on to God?
3 Sure I must fight if I would reign;

Increase my courage, Lord!
I'll bear the toil, endure the pain,

Supported by thy word.
4 Thy saints, in all this glorious war,

Shall conquer though they're slain : They see the triumph from afar,

And shall with Jesus reign.
5 When that illustrious day shall rise,

And all thy armies shine
In robes of victory through the skies,
The glory shall be thine.

247. C.M.- The God of Peace bruising Satan. Rom. xvi. 20. 1 YE armies of the living God,

In his all-conquering name,

up your banners, and aloud
Your Leader's grace proclaim.

2 What, though the prince of hell invade

With showers of fiery darts,
And join to the fierce lion's roar,

The serpent's wily arts;
3 Jesus, who leads his hosts to war,

Shall tread the monster down,
And every faithful soldier share
The triumph and the crown!

C.M.- Persecution to be expected by every true Christian.

2 Tim. iii. 12.
1 GREAT Leader of thine Israel's host,

We shout thy conquering name;
Legions of foes beset thee round,

And legions fled with shame. 2 A victory glorious and complete

Thou by thy death didst gain;
So in thy cause may we contend,

And death itself sustain.
3 By our illustrious general fir’d,

We no extremes would fear;
Prepar'd to struggle and to bleed,

If thou our Lord be near. 4 We'll trace the footsteps thou hast drawn

To triumph and renown;
Nor shun thy combat and thy cross,
May we but share thy crown.

249. C.M.- Pressing on in the Christian Race. Phil. iii. 12-14. 1 AWAKE, my soul, stretch every nerve,

And press with vigour on;
A heavenly race demands thy zeal,

And an immortal crown. 2 A cloud of witnesses around

Hold thee in full survey; Forget the steps already trod,

And onward urge the way.

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