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Earth and heaven Melt before the Judge's face! 3 Sun and moon are both confounded,

Darken'd into endless night, When, with angel-hosts surrounded, In his Father's glory bright

Beams the Saviour,
Shines the everlasting Light.
4 See the stars from heaven falling,

Hark on earth the doleful cry,
Men on rocks and mountains calling,
While the frowning Judge draws nigh,

“ Hide us, hide us,
Rocks and mountains, from his eye!”
5 With what different exclamation

Shall the saints his banner see!
By the tokens of his passion,
By the marks received for me,

All discern him,
All with shouts cry out “ 'Tis He!"
6 Yes, the prize shall then be given,

We his open face shall see!
Love, the earnest of our heaven,
Love our full reward shall be;

Love shall crown us
Kings through all eternity.


C.M.—The Descent of the Spirit; or his influences desired.

Acts x. 44.
1 GREAT Father of each perfect gift,

Behold thy servants wait;
With longing eyes and lifted hands,

We flock around thy gate.

2 O shed abroad that royal gift,

Thy Spirit from above,
To bless our eyes with sacred light,

And fire our hearts with love.
3 With speedy flight may he descend,

And solid comfort bring,
And o'er our languid souls extend

His all-reviving wing.
4 Blest earnest of eternal joy,

Declare our sins forgiven,
And bear with energy divine

Our raptur'd thoughts to heaven.
5 Diffuse, O God, those copious showers,

That earth its fruit may yield,
And change this barren wilderness

To Carmel's flowery field.

L.M.- Looking to God for the communication of his Spirit.

Ezek. xxxvi. 37. 1 HEAR, gracious Sovereign, from thy throne,

And send thy various blessings down:
While by thine Israel thou art sought,

Attend the prayer thy word hath taught. 2 Come, sacred Spirit from above,

And fill the coldest heart with love,
Soften to flesh the rugged stone,

And let thy godlike power be known.
3 Speak thou, and from the haughtiest eyes

Shall floods of pious sorrow rise;
While all their glowing souls are borne

To seek that grace, which now they scorn. 4 O let a holy flock await,

Numerous around thy temple-gate,
Each pressing on with zeal to be
A living sacrifice to thee.

L.M.—Ezekiel's Vision of the dry bones. Ezek. xxxvii. 3.
1 LOOK down, O Lord, with pitying eye;

See Adam's race in ruin lie;
Sin spreads its trophies o'er the ground,

And scatters slaughter'd heaps around. 2 And can these mouldering corpses live?

And can these perish'd bones revive?
That, mighty God, to thee is known;

That wondrous work is all thy own. 3 Thy ministers are sent in vain

To prophesy upon the slain;
In vain they call, in vain they cry,

Till thine almighty aid is nigh.
4 But if thy Spirit deign to breathe,

Life spreads through all the realms of death; Dry bones obey thy powerful voice;

They move, they waken, they rejoice. 5 So when the trumpet's awful sound

Shall shake the heavens and rend the ground,
Dead saints shall from their tombs arise,
And spring to life beyond the skies.

L.M.- The Spirit's influences compared to living water.
1 BLEST Jesus, Source of grace divine,

What soul-refreshing streams are thine!
O bring these healing waters nigh,

Or we must droop, and fall, and die. 2 No traveller through desert lands,

'Midst scorching suns, and burning sands, More eager longs for cooling rain,

Or pants the current to obtain.
3 Our longing souls aloud would sing,

Spring up, celestial fountain, spring,
To a redundant river flow,
And cheer this thirsty land below,

John iv. 10.

4 May this blest torrent near my side

Through all the desert gently glide;
Then in Immanuel's land above,
Spread to a sea of joy and love.

141. S.M.- Partial Convictions. Acts xxiv, 25. 1 SAY, what is this I feel,

This trembling in my frame;
Does it a contrite heart bespeak?

Sure, Felix felt the same.
2 When conscience is alarm’d,

My numerous sins I trace:
Thus far a trembling soul may go,

Without renewing grace. 3 Do we our sins confess,

And all our sins forsake?
Do we to Jesus' blood repair,

And of his grace partake?
4 Lord, cleanse this soul of mine,

And all its powers renew;
Give me to know thy holy will,

Thy holy will to do.


C.M.- For Conviction and Conversion. 1 COME, O thou all-victorious Lord,

Thy power to us make known; Strike with the hammer of thy word,

And break these hearts of stone. 2 O that we all might now begin

Our foolishness to mourn;
And turn at once from every sin,

And to our Saviour turn! 3 Give us ourselves and thee to know,

In this our gracious day;
Repentance unto life bestow,

And take our sins away.

4 Conclude us first in unbelief,

And freely then release;
Fill every soul with sacred grief,

And then with sacred peace. .
5 Impoverish, Lord, and then relieve,
And then enrich the

The knowledge of our sickness give;

The knowledge of our cure.
6 That blessed sense of guilt impart,

And then remove the load;
Trouble, and wash the troubled heart

In the atoning blood.
7 Our desperate state through sin declare,

And speak our sins forgiven;
By perfect holiness prepare,
And take us up to heaven.

C.M.- Divine Persuasion. Hosea xi. 4.
1 ALMIGHTY to persuade thou art,

Thou Friend of helpless wo;
Persuade me with my sin to part,

To let my misery go.
2 Persuade me to repent, believe,

Thine easy yoke to prove,
And then into thine arms receive
The captive of thy love.

144. C.M.—Gratitude the spring of true religion. Hosea xi. 4. 1 MY God, what silken cords are thine,

How soft, and yet how strong!
While power and truth, and love combine

To draw our souls along. 2 Thou saw'st us crush'd beneath the yoke

Of Satan and of sin;
Thy hand the iron bondage broke,

Our worthless hearts to win.

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