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3 The thorny ground is sure to baulk

All hopes of harvest there; We find a tall and sickly stalk,

But not the fruitful ear.
4 The beaten path and highway-side

Receive the trust in vain;
The watchful birds the spoil divide,

And pick up all the grain. 5 But where the Lord of

Has bless'd the happy field,
How plenteous is the golden store

The deep-wrought furrows yield! 6 Father of mercies, we have need

Of thy preparing grace;
Let the same hand that gives the seed,

Provide a fruitful place.

grace and

L.M.-" Why stand ye here all the day idle?" Matt. xx. 6.
1 THE God of glory walks his round,

From day to day, from year to year,
And warns us each with awful sound,

“ No longer stand ye idle here.”
2 “ Ye whose young cheeks are rosy bright,

Whose hands are strong, whose hearts are

Waste not of hope the morning light!
Ah, fools! why stand ye

idle here? 3 “Oh! as the griefs

would assuage,
That wait on life's declining year;
Secure a blessing for your age,
And work


Maker's business here! 4 “ And ye, whose locks of scanty grey

Foretell your latest travail near;
How swiftly fades your worthless day!

And stand ye yet so idle here?


every tree.

5 “ One hour remains, there is but one!

But many a shriek and many a tear Through endless years the guilt must moan,

Of moments lost and wasted here. 6 Oh Thou, by all thy works ador'd,

To whom the sinner's soul is dear,
Recall us to thy vineyard, Lord,
And grant us grace to please thee here!

C.M.— The unfruitful trees cut down. Matt. iii. 10.
1 THE Lord into his vineyard comes,

Our various fruit to see;
His eye, more piercing than the light,

2 Tremble, ye sinners, at his frown
If barren still

; And fear that keenly-wounding axe,

Which arms his awful hand. 3 Close to the root behold it laid,

To make destruction sure:
Who can resist the mighty stroke?

Or who the fire endure?
4 Succeeding years thy patience waits;

Nor let it wait in vain;
But form in us abundant fruit,
And still this fruit maintain.

167. C.M.— Israel's Obstinacy under God's lifted Hand. Isa. xxvi. 11. 1 LORD, when thy hand is lifted up,

The wicked will not see;
But they shall see with glowing shame,

Though they obdurate be.
2 How few the weighty stroke regard,

And seek their Maker's face!
In vain may providence correct,

If not enforc'd by grace.

3 Exert thy mighty influence, Lord,

And melt the stony breast; Then shall thy justice be ador’d,

Thy mercy stand confest.
4 The scorner then shall mourn in dust,

And put his sins away,
No more resist his Maker's hands,

But lift his own to pray.

168. C.M.-Sinners called to Repentance. Acts xvii, 30. 1 REPENT, the voice celestial cries,

Nor longer dare delay: The wretch that scorns the mandate dies,

And meets a fiery day.
2 No more the sovereign eye of God

O'erlooks the crimes of men;
His heralds are dispatch'd abroad,

To warn the world of sin. 3 The summons reach through all the earth;

Let earth attend and fear:
Listen ye men of royal birth,

And let their vassals hear.
4 Together in his presence bow,

And all your guilt confess;
Accept the offer'd Saviour now,

Nor trifle with the grace.
5 Bow, ere the awful trumpet sound,

And call you to his bar;
For mercy knows the appointed bound,

And turns to vengeance there. 6 Amazing love, that yet will call,

And yet prolong our days!
Our hearts subdu'd by goodness fall,

And weep, and love, and praise.


L.M.- A Call to Sinners. 1 SINNER, O why so thoughtless grown;

Why in such dreadful haste to die; Daring to leap to worlds unknown,

Heedless against thy God to fly? 2 Wilt thou despise eternal fate,

Urg'd on by sin's fantastic dreams, Madly attempt the’ infernal gate,

And force thy passage to the flames? 3 Stay sinner on the gospel plains,

Behold the Lord of life unfold The glories of his dying pains,

For ever telling, yet untold,

C.M.-James's Advice to Sinners. James iv. 7,8.
1 YE sinners, bend your stubborn necks

Beneath the yoke divine;
In low submission bow


Before his sacred shrine.
2 In pious streams your follies mourn,

Ånd seek his injur'd grace,
And wait with broken, bleeding hearts,

The openings of his face.
3 Resist the tempter's fierce attacks,

And he shall speed his flight;
Draw near to God, and his embrace

Shall fold you with delight.
4 Ye sinners, cleanse your spotted hands,

And purge your hearts from sin; Here fix your long-divided views,

And peace shall reign within. 5 Blest Saviour, draw us by thy love,

And fix us by thy power; When we have felt these sweet constraints,

Our souls shall røve no more.


171. S.M.-“ Give glory to God before he cause darkness.Jer. xiii. 16. 1 THE swift declining day,

How fast its moments fly!
While evening's broad and gloomy shade

Gains on the western sky. 2 Ye mortals, mark its

pace, And use the hours of light; For know, its Maker can command

An instantaneous night. 3

His word blots out the sun

In its meridian blaze:
And cuts from smiling, vigorous youth,

The remnant of its days.
4 On the dark mountain's brow

Your feet shall quickly slide; And from its airy summit dash

Your momentary pride. 5 Give glory to the Lord,

Who rules the whirling sphere: Submissive at his footstool bow,

And seek salvation there.
6 Then shall new lustre break

Through all the horrid gloom,
And lead you to unchanging light,

In a celestial home.

172. S.M.- The final Sentence and Misery of the Wicked. Matt. xxv. 41. 1 AND will the Judge descend?

And must the dead arise,
And not a single soul escape

His all-discerning eyes?
2 How will my heart endure

The terrors of that day,
When earth and heaven before his face

Astonish'd shrink away?

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