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A sovereign protector I have,

Unseen, yet for ever at hand, Unchangeably faithful to save,

Almighty to rule and command. 2 From evil secure, and its dread,

I rest if my Saviour is nigh,
And songs his kind presence indeed

Shall in the night season supply:
He smiles and my comforts abound :

His grace as the dew shall descend, And walls of salvation surround

The soul he delights to defend.
3 Kind author and ground of my hope,

Thee, thee for my God I avow,
My glad Ebenezer set up,

And own thou hast help'd me till now; I muse on the years that are past,

Wherein my defence thou hast prov'd, Nor wilt thou relinquish at last

A sinner so signally lov’d.


4 INSPIRER and hearer of prayer,

Thou feeder and guardian of thine,
My all to thy covenant care

I sleeping or waking resign:
If thou art my shield and my sun,

The night is no darkness to me;
And, fast as my moments roll on

They bring me but nearer to thee. 5 Thy minist'ring spirits descend

To watch while thy saints are asleep;
By day and by night they attend,

The heirs of salvation to keep :
Bright seraphs dispatch'd from the throne,

Repair to their stations assign’d;
And angels elect are sent down,

To guard the elect of mankind.

6 Their worship no interval knows;

Their fervour is still on the wing ; And while they protect my repose,

They chant to the praise of my King :
I too, at the season ordain'd,

Their chorus for ever shall join,
And love and adore, without end,
Their faithful Creator and mine.


L. M.-Saturday evening. 1 THY sacred sabbath, Lord, draws near,

Inspire each heart with holy fear :
Oh! may we spend with thee the day,

And with the spirit sing and pray. 2 Thy quickening power, ( may we feel !

The wandering seek, the wounded heal,
Convince the sinner, and restore,
Immortal souls to rove no more.


78.-Sabbath evening.
1 ERE another Sabbath's close,

Ere again we seek repose,
Lord, our song ascends to thee,

At thy feet we bow the knee.
2 For the mercies of the day,

For this rest upon our way,
Thanks to thee alone be given,

Lord of earth, and King of heaven, 3 Cold our services have been,

Mingled every prayer with sin :
But thou canst and wilt forgive;

By thy grace alone we live.
4 Whilst this thorny path we tread,

May thy love our footsteps lead;
When our journey here is past,
May we rest with thee at last,

4 Let these earthly sabbaths prove

Foretastes of our joys above;
While their steps thy children bend
To the rest which knows no end.


78.- Marriage.
1 DEIGN this union to approve,

And confirm it, God of Love!
Bless thy servants, on their head
Now the oil of gladness shed ;
In this nuptial bond to thee,

Let them consecrated be. 2 In prosperity, be near

To preserve them in thy fear;
In affliction let thy smile
All the woes of life beguile :
And when every change is past,
Take them to thyself at last.


75.The sume.
1 FATHER of the human race,

Sanction with thy heavenly grace
What on earth hath now been done,

That these twain be truly one. 2 One in sickness and in health,

One in poverty and wealth ;
And as year rolls after year,

Each to other still more dear. 3 One in purpose, one in heart,

Till the mortal stroke shall part ;
One in cheerful piety,
One for ever, Lord, with thee.


L.M.- Baptism. 1 UNITED prayers ascend to thee,

Eternal Parent of mankind ; Smile on this waiting family:

Thy face they seek, and let them find.

2 The father of the household bless,

The priest, the patriarch, let him move ; That all his family may trace

In him thy law in lines of love. 3 Regard the mother's anxious tears,

Her heart's desire, her earnest prayers ; And while her infant charge she rears,

Crown with success her pious cares. 4 Let the dear pledges of their love

Like olive plants around them grow;
Thy present grace, and joys above,

Upon their little ones bestow. 5 Receive at their believing hand

The babe whom they devote as thine, Obedient to their Lord's command ;

And seal with power the rite divine. 6 To every member of their house,

Thy grace impart, thy love extend,
Grant every good that time allows,
With heavenly joys that never end.


C. M.-Psalm cxxxiii.
1 BEHOLD how precious and how dear,

When brethren dwell in love,
Yea, dwell as one ; less soft and clear,

The sacred oil-drops move,
2 The precious ointment on the head,

That all the beard imbues,
Ev'n Aaron's beard ; and gently shed,

His garment fringe bedews.
3 Less pure the dews from Hermon float,

Mount Sinai melting o'er;
For there the Lord his blessing wrote,

And life for evermore.

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P.M.- Psalm cxxi. 1 UP to the hills I lift mine eyes,

“When will it dawn, my light and aid ?”— From God the Lord my light will rise,

Who heaven and earth has made. 2 May he ne'er yield thy foot to slide,

His watch unsleeping o'er thee keep :
Behold, he fails not, Israel's guide,

For slumber or for sleep.
3 The Lord thy guardian is, and stay,

The Lord o'ershades thee on thy right;
Sun may not smite on thee by day,

Nor blasting moon by night.
4 God keep thee safe from harm and sin,

Thy spirit keep: the Lord watch o'er
Thy going out, thy coming in,
From this time evermore.

C.M.--God a refuge in calamity. Ps. xlii. 7-11.
1 AFFLICTION is a stormy deep

Where wave resounds to wave; Though o'er my head the billows roll,

I know the Lord can save.
2 Perhaps before the morning dawns,

He'll reinstate my peace ;
For he who bade the tempest roar,

Can bid the tempest cease.
3 In the dark watches of the night

I'll count his mercies o'er ;
I'll praise him for ten thousand past,

And humbly sue for more.
4 Then, O my soul ! why thus depress'd,

And whence this anxious fear ? Let former favours fix thy heart,

And check the rising tear.

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