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5 Here will I rest, and build my hopes,

Nor murmur at his rod;
He's more than all the world to me,

My health, my life, my God!


S. M.-Psalm cxxx.

1 FROM deeps so wild and drear

I call thee, Lord, most high :
Lord hear my prayer, unseal thine ear,


2 If thou, Lord, bear in mind

All evil deeds, O Lord,
Who might abide? But thou art kind,

With thee is pardon stor’d. 3 With thee is pardon stor’d,

Thine holy fear to aid.
I stay’d for mine almighty Lord,

My soul in quiet stay'd.
4 Even for his word and will

I waited patiently;
Mine heavenward soul is seeking still

My sovereign Lord on high.
5 My soul is heavenward borne ;

Less eagerly they wait Who watch the morning,—watch till morn

Unbar the glorious gate. 6 Thou, Israel, wait his hour,

Thine own true God: for he Comes fraught with love; in him is power

From every yoke to free. 7 The freedom he bestows

Is perfect: he will win
His own, his Israel whom he chose,

From all their shame and sin.

650. L. M.-Death a blessing to the saints. 1 Cor. iii. 22. 1 DO flesh and nature dread to die?

And timorous thoughts our minds enslave? But grace can raise our hopes on high,

And quell the terrors of the grave.
2 What? shall we run to gain the crown,

Yet grieve to think the goal so near ?
Afraid to have our labours done,

And finish this important war. 3 Do we not dwell in clouds below,

And little know the God we love? Why should we like this twilight so

When 'tis all noon in worlds above ? 4 There shall we see him face to face,

There shall we know the GREAT UNKNOWN : And Jesus with his glorious grace,

Shines in full light amidst the throne. 5 When we put off this fleshly load,

We're from a thousand mischiefs free,
For ever present with our God,

Where we have long'd and wish'd to be. 6 No more shall pride or passion rise,

Or envy fret, or malice roar,
Or sorrow mourn with downcast eyes,

And sin defile our souls no more.
7 Tis best, 'tis infinitely best
To go where tempters cannot come,

, Where saints and angels ever blest

Dwell and enjoy their heavenly home. 8 O for a visit from my God

To drive my fears of death away,
And help me through this darksome road

To realms of everlasting day!





A DEBTOR to mercy

Affliction is a stormy deep......
Again returns the day of holy rest
Ah! wretched souls who strive in vain
All ye that pass by.........
All nations, praise the Lord above
Amazing beauteous change ..........
And let our bodies part...,
And will the offended God again.
A soldier's course from battles won .....
As strangers here below
Be merciful to us, O God............
Behold, how precious and how dear
Behold th' amazing sight
Behold the sun, how bright
Behold the expected time draw near.
Blessed are the sons of God ....
Blest be the lie that binds.......
Bread of the world, in mercy broken
Brethren, let us walk together
Breathe from the gentle south, O Lord

HYMN. Toplady 311 ... Cotton

046 W. Mason 9 Mrs. Steele

300 C. Wesley 158 Keble

599 ...Doddridge 541 ... Wesley's Col. 573 .S. Stennett 336 Gisborne 292 Fawcett 206 .Lyte


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Captain of Israel's host and guide

..C. Wesley 53 Centre of unity

.C. Wesley 268 Children once were heard to sing


562 Christ is risen, the Lord is come


14 Come in, thou blessed of the Lord


496 Come, humble sinner, in whose breast.

E. Jones

187 Come, thou soul-transforming Spirit...... Williams and Boden's Col. 26 Come, Holy Spirit, come


142 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly dove

.S. Browne 143 Come, ye sainis, look here and wonder


85 Confirm the hope thy word affords


27 Deathless principle, arise

Toplady 473 Deign this union to approve.....

.Collyer 633 Dismiss us with thy blessing, Lord


615 Do flesh and nature dread to die ..


650 Does God, the Sovereign Lord of all



Ere another Sabbath's close

Noel's Col.




AUTHOR Fair spring, with all its beauties, yields Beddome Faith, hope, and love, now dwell on earth ... Scottish Paraphrases 374 Father, ador'd in worlds above........

Poetical Monitor 401 Father of all, whose powerful voice

Wesley's Col. 32 Father of mercies, bow thine ear

Beddome 486 Father of the human race

Collyer 634 Father, to thee my soul I lift

Wesley's Col. 140 Few are thy days, and full of woe

Logan Few are the hours when we can share.

Bathurst 568 Forth in thy name, O Lord, I go.....

.C. Wesley

258 Fountain of blessing, ever bless'd..

Beddome 383 From deeps so wild and drear ..


647 From the first dawn of infant life..



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