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2 Every human tie may perish !

Friend to friend unfaithful prove;
Mothers cease their own to cherish;
Heaven and earth at last remove;

But no changes
Can attend Jehovah's love.
3 If thy God should shew displeasure,

'Tis to save, and not destroy ;
If he punish, 'tis in measure,
'Tis to rid thee of alloy ;

Be thou patient,
Soon thy griefs shall turn to joy.
4 In the furnace God may prove thee,

Thence to bring thee forth more bright;
But can never cease to love thee,
Thou art precious in his sight;

God is with thee,
God thine everlasting light.


S. M. _“ Behold I send an angel before thee, to keep thee in the way."

Exodus xxiii. 20.

1 THOU very paschal lamb,

Whose blood for us was shed,
Through whom we out of Egypt came;

Thy ransom'd people lead. 2 Angel of gospel-grace

Fulfil thy character:
To guard and feed the chosen race

In Israel's camp appear.
3 Throughout the desert way,

Conduct us by thy light,
Be thou a cooling cloud by day,

A cheering fire by night.

4 Our fainting souls sustain

With blessings from above;
And ever on thy people rain
The manna of thy love.

L.M.- The increase of the church desired. Ps. Ixvii.
1 MAY God his favouring ear incline,

And bid his face on Zion shine;
That all, thy counsels, Lord, may know,

Where earth extends, or oceans flow. 2 To Thee, of life the eternal spring,

Invisible all-potent King,
One chorus let all nations raise,

One shout of universal praise.
3 Exult each tribe, exult each land;

Heaven's mighty Lord, with equal hand,
The balance holds, and earth's domain,

Shall own to latest age his reign.
4 Warm’d by his genial suns, the field

With full increase its fruits shall yield;
And God, thy God, o Zion, shed

His choicest blessings on thy head. 5 Great God, on us thy blessings shower,

Let man's whole race revere thy power ;
And, thankful, to their wondering eyes,
Behold thy wish'd salvation rise.

148th M.-“ Shine upon us.” Ps. Ixvii.
1 RISE, gracious God! and shine

In all thy saving might;
And prosper each design

To spread thy glorious light:
Let healing streams of mercy flow,
That all the earth thy truth may


2 Oh, bring the nations near,

That they may sing thy praise,
Let all the people hear,

And learn thy holy ways:
Reign, mighty God! assert thy cause,

And govern by thy righteous laws. 3. Put forth thy glorious power !

The nations then will see,
And earth present her store

In converts born to thee :
God, our own God, his church will bless,
And earth shall yield her full increase.

277. L. M.-The universal church. Isa. Ixvi. 12, 19, 23., 1 THUS saith the Lord,—“ My church, to thee

Peace, like a river, I will send ; The Gentiles, in a stream, shall see

My mercy flowing without end. 2 The isles that never heard my fame,

Nor knew the glory of my might, They shall be taught to fear my name,

- Call’d out of darkness into light. 3 And it shall come to pass, that vows,

From Sabbath unto Sabbath day,
From moon to moon, in mine own house,

All nations, tribes, and tongues shall pay."

C.M.- The Christian life a warfare and pilgrimage.
1 A SOLDIER'S course from battles won

To new commencing strife,
A pilgrim's restless as the sun :-

Behold the christian's life!

2 The hosts of Satan pant for spoil

How can our warfare close ? Lonely we tread a foreign soil

How can we hope repose ?
3 O let us seek our heavenly home,

Reveal'd in sacred lore;
The land whence pilgrims never roam,

Where soldiers war no more :

4 Where grief shall never wound, nor death,

Beneath the Saviour reign ;
Nor sin, with pestilential breath

His holy realm profane :5 The land, where (suns and moons unknown,

And night's alternate sway,)

ever burning throne,
Upholds unbroken day :-
6 Where they who meet shall never part ;

Where grace achieves its plan;
And God, uniting every hear

Dwells face to face with man.


L. M.-Joshua's Resolution. Josh. xxiv. 15.

1 AH! wretched souls who strive in vain,

Slaves to the world, and slaves to sin !
A nobler toil I may sustain,

A nobler satisfaction win.

2 May I resolve with all my heart,

With all my powers to serve the Lord ; Nor from his precepts e'er depart,

Whose service is a rich reward.

3 O be his service all my joy ;

Around let my example shine, Till others love the blest employ,

And join in labours so divine. 4 Be this the purpose of my soul,

My solemn, my determin'd choice, To yield to his supreme control,

Ånd in his kind commands rejoice. 5 O may I never faint nor tire,

Nor, wandering, leave his sacred ways; Great God, accept my soul's desire, And give me strength to live thy praise.


C.M.- Praise for Faith.
1 OF all the gifts thine hand bestows,

Thou giver of all good!
Not heaven itself a richer knows

Than my Redeemer's blood.
2 Faith, too, the blood receiving grace,

From the same hand we gain,
Else, sweetly as it suits our case,

That gift had been in vain.
3 Till thou thy teaching power apply,

Our hearts refuse to see,
And weak, as a distemper'd eye,

Shut out the view of thee.
4 Blind to the merits of thy Son,

What misery we endure !
Yet fly that hand from which alone

We could expect a cure, 5 We praise thee, and would praise thee more,

To Thee, our all we owe;
The precious Saviour, and the power,

That makes Him precious too.

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