In the Fullness of Time

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Is the end of all time closer than you think? For most of us, we don't spend much time thinking about the end of time. We spend most of our days wishing we had more time! More time for work, for family, for fun...time to pursue our dreams. Yet Jesus made it clear that our time here on earth is temporary. There is a judgment. Heaven is real...and so is hell! With clarity and compassion, Dr. Brewer will give you thoughtful and hopeful teaching and understanding on how we are to focus our limited time here on earth, and what each of us can do to throw a lifeline of hope and rescue to those around us who are perishing. Want to understand more about the Bible and what it really means? Want to grow stronger and deeper in your understanding of God's love, His will and His ways? Then read IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME. Let the words ignite a renewed passion in your soul to share the "Good News" with your friends and loved ones.


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Dr. Donald Brewer has spent over 60 years serving the Lord and growing in his understanding of God's word and how to interpret and apply the words to everyday living. Dr. Brewer is the former Dean of the International Seminary where he received his doctorate and has a Masters from the Church of God School of Theology, which is the Graduate School of Lee University. Dr. Brewer has been married to his wife Naomi for 54 years, has 3 children, 8 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren.

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