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The Pirate




Lectures on Poetry, by T. Campbell

193. 385

Lines written in Sickness


Fragment from my Pocket-Book




Portrait of a Septuagenary; by himself

209. 301. 423

From Quevedo


To a Log of Wood upon the Fire


An Old English Garden


Valentine Writing


Sonnet-Francesco Redi


Sonnet-Celio Magno


Mountain Scenery


South American Patriot's Song


All Hallow Eve in Ireland


Lines written on the field of Crecy, 1820


On Arabic and Persian Literature


Sonnet-Angelo di Costanzo


Sketches of Italy in Prose and Verse, No. I. Passage of the Alps.

No. II. Como. No. III. Venice

267. 334. 568




to, 97.


Chantrey, stanzas on a monument by,
Africa (Northern Central) review of, Chess, on the game of, in Europe, dur-

Ahyonwaeghs, the Mohawk chief, letter

ing the thirteenth century, 316, 497.
Clairon, (M.) account of, 311.

Como, sketch of, 568.
Air “ Fly not yet,” 496.

Concealment, a song, 348.
Albergati, his character, 234.
Alfieri's Filippo and Schiller's Don Car- Confessional, the, 349. No. 1.—Love,

450, II.
los, 56—reflections upon, 57, 58, 59.

Courtship, modern, 71.
Algarotti, his works, 174.
All-Hallows Eve in Ireland, 254–mode Craniology and physiology, 121.

Crecy, lines on the field of, 261.
of enjoying, 255 to 260.
Anacreon, lines from, 300.

Angelo di Costanzo, sonnet of, 266.

Doblado's Letters from Spain, 113, 321.
(Michel), his poetry, 339.

Drama, on the German, 145—The Rob-
Angling : with remarks on I. Walton, 491.

bers, ib.-Cabal and Love, ib.-of
Antipathies, 68.

Kotzebue, 146—Iffland, 147-Schil-
Apelles, gallery of, 1.

ler's Don Carlos, 149.
Arabic and Persian literature, 262.

Dublin in 1822, 503.
Arts, Fine, state and improvement of, in Dumesnil

, the actor, account of, 311.
England, 17—new buildings in Lon- Dwarfs, 49—Count Boruwlaski, 50–
don, ib. 18—monuments, ib. 19–in-

his history, 51, 52, 53, 54.
congruities in English art, 20, 21.

Aschen-puttel, 293.
Assassin, the obliging, 140.

Easter, on the origin and celebration of,

Astrology, on a lady professing her be-
lief in, 356.

England, Letters on, by M. De. St. Foix,


English architecture, incongruities in,
Ballad from the Spanish, 154.

20, 21.
Beauley Abbey, stanzas on some skulls

English landscape, 535.
in, 47.

Epigram, 55.
Bertram, remarks on Shakspeare's cha-

racter of, 481.
Birth-day, the, 337.

Fables, on the old, 373.
Boruwlaski, Count, his history, 51 to 54. Fair, Brook Green, 554.
Bottle, the Spirit in the, 292.

Farmer's wife and Gascon, the, 396.
Brook Green Fair, 554.

Festival of May morning in Warwick-
Brother, the younger, 65.

shire, 433.
Bull, John, travelling opinions and pro- Fight, the, 102–journey to Hungerford,

pensities of, 13-errors of English tra 103, 104, 105—the combat between
vellers in description, 14, 15-mis Neate and Hickman, 109 to 111-ad-
takes as to French women, 15-French

ventures home, 112.
Sunday, ib.

Filicaja, sonnets of, 320.
Burleigh House, 444.

Fox (Mr.) his introduction to Voltaire,


Francisco Redi, sonnet of, 231.
Campaigns of a Cornet, 365, 463.

Frederick II. and Pietro delle Vigne, 455.
Campbell's (T.) Lectures on Poetry,

193, 385—the Spectre Boat, by, 550— Gallery of Apelles, 1.
songs by, 572, 576.

Game of Chess during the thirteenth
Casanova's Visit to Voltaire and Haller, century, 320, 497.
171, 232.

Garden, an old English, 224—Pope and
Catiline, review of, 471.

Bacon's love of, 224, 225-a gardener
Celio Magno, sonnet of, 246.

a happy man, 227.
Cemetery of Père la Chaise, 155—monu- Garrick's delivery of a passage in Shaks.
ments in, 156, 157—funerals in, 159.

peare, on, 551.
VOL. III.--1822.


George II., Memoirs of, by Lord Wal 392, 393—the singing at Greek en-
pole, 357.

tertainments, 394.
German drama, on the, 145—popular Letter from India, 90—to the Mohawk

and traditionary literature, 289—the chief Ahyonwaeghs, by T. Campbell,
King of the Golden Mountain, 290— 97.
the Spirit in the Bottle, 292—Aschen- Letters from Spain, by Leucadio Do-
puttel, 293-coincidences in songs of blado, 113—the friars and preachers,
Germany and England, 296.

114, 115—murder of a young lady,
Going a journey, on, 73.

116—the Carthusians, 118-hermits,
Goldoni, remarks on, 234.

119,120—continued, 321-nunneries,
Green-room of the French theatre, on 322, 323 to 328.

the, 309—Le Kain, 310—Clairon, 311 on England, by St. Foix, 164—
-Dumesnil, ib.—Preville, Molé, 312 appearance of England, 165, 166, 167
-Talma, 313.

-description of Brighton, 168, 169–
Grimm's Ghost, 63, 160—Capt. Thack continued, 278 to 284–continued, 439

eray, ib.-his dress described, 64 to 443–573 to 576.
London under water, 160—continued, from Switzerland, 2?; 200.
285—the dinner, ib. to 287–continu- Lips and Kissing, on, 414.
ed, 398—carving, 399.

Literature, Arabic and Persian, 262—
Guy's Cliff, account of, 537.

German popular and traditionary,289.

London, literary recollections of, 29—
Haller,Casanova's visit to and conversa-

associations in, 30—Fleet-street, ib.-

St. Dunstan's, 31— Temple-bar, 32,
tion with, 171 to 173.
Haunch of Venison, the, 126.

33-Strand, 33—Mr. P.'s visit to, 401.
Highlands, state of religion in, 329.


to, 533.

Mahomet the Brighton Shampooer, ode
India, letter from, 90.
Ireland, All-llallows Eve in, 254.

March, lines on the first of, 364.
Italy, Sketches of, 267.

Martelli, his Alexandrines, 236.
Italian Poets-M. Angelo, 339—Pietro Martyr of Antioch, review of, 378.
delle Vigne, 455.

May, 428—feeling of the poets respect-

ing it, 429, 430--sports of, 431-fes-

tival of, in Warwickshire, 433, 434,
Journey, on going a, 73.

Julia, lines to, 96.

Memoirs of George II. by Lord Walpole,

review of, 357.
Kemble (John), his residence near Lau- Milk and Honey, or the Land of Pro-
sanne described, 26.

mise, letter III. 35—IV. 37–V. 179
King of the Golden Mountain, 290.

-VI. 243–VII. 245–VIII. 376-IX.

435-X. 437.

Milkmaid and Banker, the, 395.
Landscape, English, 535.

Milton, essay on the sonnets of, 238.
Lausanne, description of, 25—residence Mohawk chief, letter to, by T. Camp-
of Kemble at, 26.

bell, 97.
Lawyer and Chimney-sweeper, the,406. Mountain scenery, 247—the Highlands,
Lectures on Poetry, by T. Campbell, V. 248—character of mountaineers, 249
p. II. Greek poetry, 193—epic poetry,

-singular boy, traveller in, 250-po-
ib.—the Iliad and Odyssey, 194—He em of Keats, 252.
siod, ib.—the Cyclic poets, 195—Pi-

sander, ib.—Antimachus, 196—bad Neate and Hickman, fight between, at
taste of Hesiod, ib.—mock-heroic po Hungerford, 102.
etry, 197—Matron's description of an Nightmare, the, 520.
Athenian supper, ib.-didactic poe- Northern Central Africa, M'Queen's,
try, 198—the Gnomic poets, ib.—So. review of, 476.
lon, Theognis, Phocylides, and Pytha.

goras,ib.-oracular poetry, 385—Del. Old Fables, essay on, 373.
phic inspiration and prophecies, 385, Orbe, beautiful scenery near, 22, 23—
386—Cassandra's predictions, 387– Val Orbe, 24.
the Sibylline verses, 387-elegiac and

lyric poetry of Greece, 388, 389—of P. (Mr.) his visit to London, 401.
the Scolia, or convivial songs of the Paris public buildings, account of the,
Greeks, 390— Terpander, 391-Calli 83.
nus, 392--structure of the elegy, ib. Passage of the Alps, poetical descrip-
translation of an elegy of Tyrtæus, tion of, 267.

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