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Lourell found


Academic Freedom, 11.

Cardinals, College of, 225.

Ægean, A Cruise in the (Illustrated), 54.

Carnegie — Andrew Carnegie's Gifts, 124;. Opposition

Æschylus, The Inner Life of, 76.

to Carnegie's Gifts, 226.

Aguinaldo,” Derivation of, 454.

CARTER, FRANKLIN. Chautauqua Chapel Talks, 357.
Aguinaldo, Emilio (Portrait), 118, 119.

Celtic, The, 561.

ALLEN, LUCIUS E. The Geological Development of CHALLISS, JAMES COURTNEY. The Night Hawk, Verse,

Chautauqua Lake, 536.


Allied Third Party, The, 452, 555.

CHAUTAUQUAN Contributors, 227.
American Cotton Goods in China, 556.

Chautauqua - Chautauqua Chapel Talks, 357; Chau-

American Foreign Trade, 324, 452, 555.

tauqua Flowers and How to Know Them, 366;

ANDREWS, E. F. Chautauqua Flowers and How to Officers of the International Chautauqua Alliance

Know Them, 366.

(Portraits), 392; Chautauqua Program for 1901,

Appropriation, Verse, 141.

393; Chautauqua Summer Schools, 412; Other Chau-
April-Tide (Illustrated), 21.

tauqua Assemblies (Illustrated), 417; The Geological
Arabi Pasha, Pardon of, 455.

Development of Chautauqua Lake, 536; Chautauqua
Arbitration — Permanent Court of Arbitration, 115; Notes, 562.

Industrial Arbitration, 223; National Committee of Chicago as a Seaport, 220.
Arbitration, 330.

China — Phases of the Chinese Problem, 113; Primitive
Arcady, Verse, 590.

Industrial Civilization in China (Illustrated), 126;

Assembly Calendar, 391.

Settlement of Affairs in China, 326; Payment of Mis-

Attica, Bæotia, and Corinth (Illustrated), 164.

sionary Claims in China, 328; Mission Schools in

Australia - Australian Trade Statistics, 7; Educa China, 635; American Cotton Goods in China, 556.

tion in Australia, 122; Political Machinery in Aus- CHOLMONDELEY, MARY. A Day in Teneriffe (Illus-

tralia, 219.

trated), 591.

Austrian, Ben, Painter (Illustrated), 509.

Chu SEOUL BOK. A Living Soul Visits Hell, 387.
Austria, Turmoil in, 114.

Cities, Control of Corporations by, 121.

Awatobi, The Storming of, 497.

Climber, The, Verso, 508.

C. L. S. C. Round Table, 81, 189, 297 (Seo subjects
BAUMGARTNER, ANDREW. How Children Are Educated

separately indexed under Round Table).

in Switzerland (Illustrated), 139.

Congress and the Philippines, 7.

BEEDE, VINCENT VAN MARTER. A Living Soul Visits Conventions of Young People, 331, 460.
Hell, 387.

Convicted, Verse, 240.
Bees (Illustrated), 241.

COOKE, EDMUND VANCE. Snares, Verse, 132.
Bible into Philippine Dialects, Translation of the, 459. Cook, Joseph (Portrait), 459.
Birds, Protecting Sea, 227.

Courting and Nesting Days (Illustrated), 134.

Black Hussar at Waterloo, A, 631.

Courts Versus Over-capitalization, 222.

Blacklisting and Boycotting, 550.

Crete and the Cretan Question, 24.
“ Blood Is Thicker Than Water," 327.

Cuba — Congressional Action Concerning Cuba, 8;

Books Received, 212, 440, 546, 650.

Cuban Constitutional Convention, 331; Cuban

Books, Talk About (Illustrated), 97, 539, 642.

Problems, 448.

Book Trade, Regulation of the, 559.

CUMMINGS, EMMA G. Dismal Swamp and How to Go

BRAMBLE, CHARLES A. The Home of the Windigo There (Illustrated), 515.

(Illustrated), 518.

British Budget, The, 218.

Dandelion, The, Verse, 132.

Brown University, Gift to, 458.

Danish West Indies, The, 117.

BRYANT, LILIAN TRUE. The Travail of Earth's Chil- Dismal Swamp and How to Go There (Illustrated), 515.

dren, 504.

Divorce, Court Decisions on, 224.

BUCKHAM, JAMES. Appropriation, Verse, 141.

Dods, Marcus, 459.

Bumblebee Taverns, 369.

Earth, The Death of, Verse, 20.

CAMP, E. M. International Jubilee of the Y, M. C. A. Ear and the Seeing Eye, The Hearing (Illustrated), 601.

(Illustrated), 238.

Education Education for Negroes, 117; Education in

Canada, Public Ownership in, 118.

Australia, 122; How Children Are Educated in
Capital Punishment, 223.

Switzerland (Illustrated), 139; University Education
Capps, Edward (Portrait), 125,

and Literary Life, 457.

ELGIN, ELIZABETH M. A Florentine Monk's Romance Letters from “Lilliput" (Portrait), 492.
(Illustrated), 585.

Library News, 558.
ELIOT, CHARLES W. Chautauqua Chapel Talks, 357. Literature, Critical Studies in French, 71, 180, 286.
ELLIOTT, MARTELLE. Hindu Beliefs About the World Living Soul Visits Hell, A, 387.
and Heavenly Bodies, 133.

LLOYD, CHARLES EDWARD. The Pan-American Exposi-
ELLIS, LEONORA BECK. A Bit of Spain Under Our Flag tion as an Educational Force (Illustrated), 333.
(Illustrated), 578.

LOVEJOY, GEORGE NEWELL. Half-Forgotten Maga-
England, American Trade in, 452.

zines, 28.
Episcopal Primate, An, 460.
Evarts, William Maxwell (Portrait), 10.

Magazines, Half-Forgotten, 28.

Mammy's Love-Story, 597.
Farm Tenure in the United States, 456.

MANATT, J. IRVING. A Cruise in the Ægean (Illus-
FINLEY, JOHN. The Death of Earth, Verse, 20.

trated), 54; A Caravan Tour in the Peloponnesus
Florentine Monk's Romance, A (Illustrated), 585.

(Illustrated), 268.
Foreign Trade, Progress of, 4.

Manila, Wages in, 118.
FOWLER, HAROLD N. The Inner Life of Æschylus, 76; McILVAINE, CHARLES. Bumblebee Taverns, 369.

The Inner Life of Socrates, 184; The Inner Life of MEAD, LEON. Word-Coinage by Living American Au-
Plutarch, 229.

thors, 525.
France, Coöperation in, 219.

Meditation, The Gospel of, Verse, 240.
France, Recent Legislation in, 558.

Memorial Day Observances, 227, 332.
FREEMAN, HARRIET E. Dismal Swamp and How to Go Mexico, Presbyterian Unity in, 459.
There (Illustrated), 515.

Missionary Conference, 460.
French Literature, Critical Studies in, VII. Alex-

Missionary Societies, 225.
andre Dumas and The Three Musketeers,” 71; Mission Schools in China, 635.
VIII. Balzac's “Eugénie Grandet,” 180; IX. George Moore, N. HUDSON. April-Tide (Illustrated), 21;
Sand, 286.

Courting and Nesting Days (Illustrated), 134; Bees
French Revolution, Piracies of the, 474.

(Illustrated), 241; The Songs of Midsummer (Illus-
GEARE, RANDOLPH Iltyd. Historic Swords (Illus-

trated), 359; Weaving Spiders (Illustrated), 533;

“The Hearing Ear and the Seeing Eye” (Illus-
trated), 625.
GIBBONS. WILLIAM FUTHEY. The Second Probation of Morgan, G. Campbell

, at Northfield (Portrait), 459.

trated), 601.
Rev. Kid McHugh, 522.
GORE, JAMES HOWARD. Rastus’ Dream, Verse, 538. MulFORD, HENRY JONES. Spring, Verse, 30.
Greek – Modern Greek Songs, 125; Greek Emigration Nations, The Rivalry of: World Politics of Today,
to America, 226; Greek Women in Modern Litera-

Chapters XXV. - XXXVI. (Illustrated), 31, 142, 244.
ture and Art (Illustrated), 233.

The United States as a World Power, 31; The New
GROSVENOR, GILBERT H. The Search for the North and

Map of the World, 37; Problems of Asia, 42; The
South Poles (Bibliography), 202.

New Oriental World Power, 47; The Storm Center,
HAPGOOD, ISABEL F. Russian Women (Illustrated), 14.

142; China Since Shimonoseki, 148; The World
HARING, H. A. Pauperism (Bibliography), 95; Greek

Situation as it Appears from the East, 153; Elements
Women in Modern Literature and Art (Illustrated),

of Strength of the World Powers, 157; Resources in

Peace and War, 244; Industrial Changes, 251;
Highways and Byways (With portraits and cartoons),

Democracy, 257; The Federation of the World,

3, 113, 217, 323, 447, 549.
Hindu Beliefs about the World and Heavenly Bodies, Negroes, Education for, 117.

Night Hawk, The, Verse, 641.
Historic Places, Preservation of, 221.

Nobel Fund, The, 123.
Holland, The New Prince-Consort of (Portrait), 9.

* No-Popery " Oath, The, 9.
Holy Land, Modernizing of the, 455.
HORWILL, HERBERT W. A Private Index and How to Orient, A Reading Journey in the (Illustrated), VII. A
Make It, 137.

Cruise in the Ægean, 54; VIII. Attica, Beotia, and
HULBERT, ARCHER BUTLER. The Queen of Quelparte,

Corinth, 164; IX. A Caravan Tour of the Peloponne-
370, 461, 563.
HUTT, FRANK WALCOTT. The Climber, Verse, 508.

Over-Capitalization, Courts Versus, 222.
Index, A Private, and How to Make It, 137.

• Pan-American Exposition as an Educational Force, The
Indian Basketry in House Decoration (Illustrated), 619. (Illustrated), 333.
Insular Tariff Decisions, 324.

Pan-American, Religious Meetings at the, 13.
Interstate Commerce Commission's Annual Report, 329. PAITESON, S. LOUISE. A Pestalozzian Pilgrimage
Isthmian Canal Negotiations, 116.

(Illustrated), 610.

Peloponnesus, A Caravan Tour of the, (Illustrated), 268.
JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON. The Storming of Awatobi, Pensions, Old-Age, 122.
497 ; Indian Basketry in House Decoration (Illus- Pestalozzian Pilgrimage, A (Illustrated), 610.
trated), 619.

Philippines — Congress and the Philippines, 7; Civil
Japanese Immigration, 453.

Government in the Philippines, 449; Translation of
Jewish University, A, 458.

the Bible into Philippine Dialects, 459.
KOBBÉ, Gustav. Ben Austrian, Painter (Illustrated),

PIERCE, GRACE ADELE. Sonnet and Sonneteer: A

Study, 501.
KROUT, MARY H. Mission Schools in China, 635.

Piracies Incident to the French Revolution, 474.
Kynast, The Ruin and Legend of, 605.

Plutarch, The Inner Life of, 292.

Porto Rico, Trade with, 554.
Labor Legislation, 120.

Presbyterian Creed Revision, 332.
LANIER, CLIFFORD. The Gospel of Meditation, Verse, Presbyterian Unity in Mexico, 459.

Public Ownership of Public Utilities, 447.


sus, 268.

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