Passages from the Life of Charles Knight

G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1874 - 480 páginas

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Página 100 - Adonis in Loveliness, was a corpulent gentleman of fifty ! In short, that this delightful, blissful, wise, pleasurable, honourable, virtuous, true, and immortal PRINCE, was a violator of his word, a libertine over head and ears in debt and disgrace, a despiser of domestic ties, the companion of gamblers and demireps, a man who has just closed half a century without one single claim on the gratitude of his country or the respect of posterity...
Página 238 - Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita mi ritrovai per una selva oscura, ché la diritta via era smarrita.
Página 115 - Our journal of this day presents to the public the practical result of the greatest improvement connected with printing, since the discovery of the art itself. The reader of this paragraph now holds in his hand one of the many thousand impressions of The Times Newspaper, which were taken off last night by a mechanical apparatus. A system of machinery, almost organic, has been devised and arranged, which, while it relieves the human frame of its most laborious...
Página 483 - BLAKE, WP Report upon the Precious Metals. Being Statistical Notices of the Principal Gold and Silver producing regions of the world, represented at the Paris Universal Exposition. 8vo, cloth $2.00 BLAKESLEY, TH Alternating Currents of Electricity.
Página 247 - I think poor beggars court St. Giles, Rich beggars court St. Stephen ; And Death looks down with nods and smiles, And makes the odds all even : I think some die upon the field, And some upon the billow, And some are laid beneath a shield, And some beneath a willow. I think that very few have...
Página 13 - For when thou art angry all our days are gone; we bring our years to an end, as it were a tale that is told. The days of our age are threescore years and ten ; and though men be so strong that they come to fourscore years, yet is their strength then but labour and sorrow ; so soon passeth it away, and we are gone.
Página 101 - ... without actual malice, and without gross negligence; and that before the commencement of the action, or at the earliest opportunity afterwards...
Página 246 - I think while zealots fast and frown, And fight for two or seven, That there are fifty roads to town, And rather more to Heaven.
Página 245 - I THINK, whatever mortals crave, With impotent endeavour, — A wreath, a rank, a throne, a grave, — The world goes round for ever : I think that life is not too long ; And therefore I determine, That many people read a song Who will not read a sermon.
Página 247 - I think the Devil not so black As many people make him. I think that Love is like a play, Where tears and smiles are blended, Or like a faithless April day, Whose shine with shower is ended : Like Colnbrook pavement, rather rough, Like trade, exposed to losses, And like a Highland plaid, — all stuff, And very full of crosses.

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