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EGISLATION relating to school libraries comprises an impor

tant part of State laws pertaining to the field of public education. For this reason the United States Office of Education has issued from time to time publications which contain information on the subject. Chapters of the Biennial Survey of Education on educational legislation and on library activities, published since 1918, give some consideration to the laws affecting school libraries. Noteworthy among the publications are a special report on Public Libraries in the United States of America (1876) and a Digest of State Laws Relating to Education by William R. Hood (1915). However, each of these publications is now out of print and available only in certain libraries.

The growing importance of library service to schools and numerous changes in legislation in this field have created a demand for a publication dealing exclusively with the subject of legislation as it relates to school libraries. This bulletin has been prepared to meet this demand. It is hoped that the information contained herein may be helpful to those who are responsible for recommending legislation in the various States that will stimulate more effective library service for schools.

The Office appreciates the contributions made by the chief State school officers in verifying the State digests which comprise part II of the bulletin.

BESS GOODYKOONTZ, Assistant U.S. Commissioner of Education.


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