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John B. Johnson, B. A., Corpus Christi

Of Cambridge.
College, Cambridge, ditto.

Andrew Jukes, Trinity.
George R. Thomas, St. David's College, Richard Allen, Catherine Hall.

Lampeter, ditto.
Js. Park Whalley, B.A., University Coll.,

Of Dublin.

William Sweeting, Trinity. Oxon, ditto.

Robert Chadwick, of St. Bees; by letters On Sunday, June 5, the following gen

dimissory from the Bishop of Ripon. tlemen were ordained by the Lord Bishop

PRIESTS. of Exeter :

Bachelors of Arts of Oxford.

Rev. Henry Giraud, Worcester.
H. J. Drury, B.A., Worcester Coll., Oxon. Rev. William Upton, New.
S. A. Ellis, M.A., St. John's Coll., Camb.
B. M. Gane, B.A., Mary Hall, Oxon.

Of Cambridge.
H. B. Illingworth, B.A., Trin. Coll., Dubl.

Rev. William Ėmpson, Trinity. E. K. Luscombe, B.A., Trin. Hall, Camb.

Rev. Joseph Raw, Queen's. E. T. May, M.A., Jesus Coll., Cambridge.

Rev. Richard Howe, Pembroke. J. Martyn, B.A., St. John's Coll., Camb.

Rev. Joseph Patch, Queen's. A. Pope, B.A., Queen's Coll., Cambridge.

Rev. William Quant, Catherine Hall. E. Reynolds, B.A., Wadham Coll.. Oxon.

Rev. John Ferrand, Clare Hall. W. Rogers, B.A., Exeter College, Oxon.

Rev. Charles Wawn, St. John's. S. C. Sharpe, B.A., Christ College, Camb.

Rev. James Montagu, Magdalene Hall. J. Symonds, B.A., Clare Hall, Cambridge.

Of Durham.
F. J. Taylor, B.A., Christ Church, Oxon.

Rev. Henry Boothby, University,
H. T. Thompson, B.A., Magd. Coli., Oxon. Rev. William Mott, University.
H. W. Toms, B.A., Exeter College, Oxon.
J. W. S. Walkin, B.A., St. John's College,

Of Dublin.

Rev. Abraham Mason, Trinity. C. S. Rose, M.A., St. Mary Magdalen

Hall, Oxon, lett. dim. from the Bishop
of Bath and Wells.

G. Arden, B.A., and R. Bowden, B.A.,

The Lord Bishop of Winchester, at Wadham College, Oxford.

Farnham, on Sunday, the 10th of July. S. Brown, M.A., Jesus College, Camb.

The Bishop of Worcester, at Worcester, J. Harris, B.A., Pemb. College, Oxon.

on Sunday, the 10th of July.

The Lord Bishop of Durham, at AuckW.T. A. Radford, B.A., Exeter Coll., Oxon. H.S. Templer, S.C.L., New Inn Hall, Oxon.

land Castle, on Sunday, the 10th of Juls:

An Ordination for the Diocese of LichJ. V. Vivían, B.A., Trin. College, Camb. G. Woollcombe, B.A., Christ Coll., Oxon.

field, at Hereford, on Sunday, the 17th of

July. At a General Ordination, holden by his

The Lord Bishop of Ripon, at Ripon, on Grace the Archbishop of York, at Bishops

Sunday, the 31st day of July. thorpe, on Sunday June 12, the follow

The Lord Bishop of Norwich, at Noring gentlemen were admitted into Holy

wich, on the 7th of August. Orders :

The Lord Bishop of Salisbury, at Salis

bury, on the 25th of September. DEACONS.

The Lord Bishop of Oxford, at Oxford, Bachelor of Arts of Oxford.

on the 18th of December. Frederick Watt, University.




On Wednesday, the 11th of May, John Freeborn, son of Mr. Freeborn, surgeon, of this city, was elected Bible Clerk of Worcester College. There were seven candidates.

On Saturday, the 14th of May, Mr. Fred. William Parker was elected a Scholar of Pembroke College on the foundation of Cutler Boulter. On the same day, Mr. James Rumsey was elected a Bible Clerk of the same college.

On Saturday, the 21st of May, Mr. Henry Wilkins Norman, Scholar of New College, was admitted Actual Fellow of that Society.

May 28.-Class List.- The names of those candidates who, at the Examination in Easter Term in Disciplinis Mathematicis et Physicis, were admitted by the Public Examiners according to the alphabetical arrangement prescribed by the statute, are as follow:-

[blocks in formation]

In a Congregation bolden at the same time, the following degrees were ferred :

MASTERS OF ARTS. Rev. Henry Smith, Queen's College, Grand

Compounder. Rev. Richard Champernowne, Christ Ch.,

Grand Compounder. Rev. Wm. Linwood, Student of Christ Ch. Rev. James Meyrick, Michel Scholar of

Queen's College. Rev. George Arden, Wadham College. Henry S. R. Matthews, Lincoln College. E. D. B. Estcourt, Balliol College. Rev. Edmund Hobhouse, Fellow of Merton

College. Rev. Edw. M. Goulburn, Fellow of Merton

College. Rev. Thos. Charles Price, Merton College. James T. B. Landon, Scholar of Worcester College.

BACHELORS OF ARTS. T. G. Smyth, Trinity College, Grand Com

pounder. Henry Parry, New Inn Hall. John Prosser, St. Edmund Hall. Alfred Kinloch, St. Mary Hall. Allan Cowburn, Scholar of Exeter College. Richard Garth, Student of Christ Church. F. W. Ryle, Christ Church. James Marshall, Christ Church. R. C. Dickerson, Scholar of Worcester Col.

In the afternoon of the same day, the prizes were decided by the judges as fol

Latin Essay-" De re frumentaria apud Atheniensis. Wm. George Henderson, B.A., Demy of Magdalen College.

English Essay— The Influence of the Science of Political Economy upon the Moral and Social Welfare of a Nation." James Anthony Froude, B.A., Oriel Col.

English Verse—“Charles the Twelfth." John Campbell Shairp, Commoner of Balliol College.

The Examiners of the Dyke foundation of St. Mary Hall have recommended to the Trustees Mr. Frederick Charles Lascelles Wraxall, of Bath, to be elected a Scholar on the foundation of Dr. Dyke.

Mr. Robert Dangerfield, Commoner of St. Mary Hall, has elected an Exhibitioner on the foundation of Dr. Nowell.

June 4.-In a Convocation holden on Thursday last, the Rev. Alex. Thurtell,



Bernard, Montague, Scholar of Trinity Col. Lewthwaite, George, Commoner of University College

CLASS III. Fanshawe, Fred., Scholar of Balliol Col. Stanton, Richard, Hulme Exhibitioner of

Brasenose College.
Darling, John, Commoner of Christ Church.
Jessep, Joseph George, Queen's College.
Ruskin, John, Christ Church.
Swayne, Rob., Commoner of Wadham Col.

Robert Walker,
William F. Donkin, ŞExaminers.

Edward B. Smith, Number in the Fifth Class, 99. In a Convocation holden on Thursday last, the Rev. Jacob George Wrench, Doctor in Civil Law, of Trinity Hall, Cambride, was admitted ad eundem.


M.A. of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, was admitted ad eundem.

In a Congregation, holden at the same time, the following degrees were ferred :

BACHELOR AND DOCTOR IN DIVINITY. Charles Atmore Ogilvie, late Fellow of

Balliol College, Regius Professor of Pastoral Theology, Grand Compounder.

DOCTOR IN Civil Law. Rev. Anthony Grant, late Fellow of New

College, Bampton Lecturer for the year


Thomas King Chambers, Christ Church.

MASTERS of Arts.
George S. Harding, Brasenose College,

Grand Compounder. Richard Eddie, Brasenose College. Rev. Chas. J. Quartley, St. Edmund Hall. Rev. Anthony R. Harrison, Queen's Col. Rev. Charms W. Bagot, All Souls' College. Rev. George W.Hutchins, Magdalene Hall. Rev. Daviū Jones, Jesus College. Rev. Henry W. Plumptre, University Col. William Sandys Wright Vaux, Balliol Col. Rev. E. B. Knottesford-Fortescue, Wad

ham College. Rev. H. N. T. Busfield, Worcester College.

Edward B. James, Queen's College.
Richard Roope, Wadham College.
Benj. Centum Kennicott, Oriel College.
Richard M. Richards, Merton College.
Henry John Sawyer, Merton College.
George Shaw Muinn, Trinity College.
Henry Nethercote, Balliol College.

In a Convocation holden in the afternoon, for the purpose of electing a Perpetual Curate for Holme Cultram, in the county of Cumberland, the Rev. Joseph Simpson, M.A. of Queen's College, was unanimously chosen.

In a Congregation holden on the 20th ult., James Morris, Esq. of Trinity College, Dublin, M.A., was incorporated of Brasenose College.

The Theological Essays, known as Mrs. Denver's Prizes, have been awarded -lst. On the necessity of the Two Sacraments retained in the Church of England, and that they only are necessary to be retained -Rev. George Rawlinson, M.A., Fellow of Exeter. 2nd. On Original, or Birth Sin; and the necessity of New Birth unto Life.-- Rev. Mark Pattison, M.A., Fellow of Lincoln.

The Judges appointed to decide Dr. Ellerton's Theological Prize have adjudged the English Essay, * On the Concession of

Constantine," to John Rendall, B.A., Fellow of Exeter College.

On Thursday last Mr. Edward Boucher James was elected a Taberdar, and Mr. George Henry Heslop a Scholar, of Queen's College.

June 7.--The Convocation was holden this day, which had been called for the purpose of rescinding the statute relative to the Regius Professor of Divinity passed in the year 1836. The Convocation having been opened by the Vice-Chancellor announcing the object of the meeting, and the proposed abrogation of the statute having been read by the registrar, Mr. Sewell, of Exeter College, addressed the Vice-Chancellor and Proctors, declaring his dissent from the wording of the proposed statute, and demanding that the sense of convocation should be taken on this question previous to the second reading, in conformity to the words of the statute book; and this having been declined by the Vice-Chancellor, Mr. Sewell proceeded to deliver a protest against his decision, and to announce his intention of appealing against it. After addresses from the Rev. W. Way, Rev. Vaughan Thomas, Mr. J. G. Phillimore, and Mr. Meate, the Proctors proceeded to take the votes, when the numbers were Placet

219 Non-Placet Majority against the abrogation of the

Statute......115. June 11.-In a convocation holden on Thursday last, the Rev. Edward Henry Emilius Goddard, M.A. of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, was admitted ad eundein.

In a congregation holden at the same tinie, the Rev. Robert Coulthard, M.A. Fellow of Queen's College, was nominated by the Senior Proctor, and admitted a Pro Proctor for the present academical year, in the room of the Rev. Thomas Dand, resigned, and the following degrees were conferred :BACHELOR AND DOCTOR IN DIVINITY BY

ACCUMULATION. Rev. Augustus Page Saunders, late Stu

dent of Christ Church, Head Master of the school of Charter-house, Grand Compounder.

BACHELOR IN Civil Law. George Kidd Morrell, Fellow of St. John's


TO PRACTISE. Alex. Dewar Campbell, St. John's College.

........ 334

MASTERS OF ARTS. William Kay, Fellow of Lincoln College. Rev. Christopher Benson, Queen's College. Rev. Charles A. Griffith, Fellow of New

College. Rev. Wm. G. Hautayne, Magdalene Hall. Rev. Henry George Coope, Christ Church. Rev. Wilson Pedder, Brasenose College. Rev. John Compton, Merton College. Rev. William D. Jackson, St. John's Col. Rev. William E. Heygate, St. John's Col. Hector Nelson, St. John's College. Rev. William Skirrow, Scholar of Univer

sity College. Rev. Henry E. Cruttwell, Worcester Col. Rev. Joseph Gibbs, Worcester College Rev. Charles R. Knight, Scholar of Wad

ham College. Rev. William R. Ogle, Trinity College.

BACHELORS OF ARTS. William Hamilton, New Inn Hall. George E. Symonds, Lincoln College. Arthur H. Ashworth, Oriel College.

The election of a Principal of Brasenose College, in the room of the Lord Bishop of Chichester, Dr. Gilbert, has terminated in favour of the Rev. Richard Harrington, M.A., formerly Fellow of that Society, and Rector of Oulde, in Northamptonshire.


May 14.-A congregation on Wednesday last the following grace passed the Senate:

To add the following to the regulations for Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Scholarships : “ That the Examiners shall publish the names, arranged in the order of merit, of such candidates as pass the examination with credit."

At the same congregation the following degrees were conferred :

John L. Fulford, Trinity College.
William Joy, Trinity College.
John Fish Pownall, Trinity College.
Richard Henry Tillard, St. John's College-
Richard Ferguson, Pembroke College.
Thomas R. Dickinson, Magdalene College.
Charles Smith, Magdalene College.

Henry M. Birch, King's College.
Abraham Hume, King's College.
Hyacinth Kirwin, King's College.
Robert Borrett Collier, Trinity College.
Peter R. Hammond Trinity College.
James H. Henderson, Trinity College.
Maurice S. Suckling, Trinity College.
James R. Holligan, Trinity College.
Richard G. Maule, St. John's College.

On Monday last, William Kay, M.A., Fellow of Lincoln College, was elected Pusey and Ellerton Hebrew Scholar.

June 22.- The following subjects are proposed for the Chancellor's Prizes, for the ensuing year, viz. :

For Latin Verse, “ Venetiæ."

For an English Essay, * The advantages and disadvantages of the Feudal System."

For a Latin Essay, “Quænam fuerit publicorum certaminun apud antiquos yis et utilitas."

The subject proposed for Sir John Newdigate's Prize, in the ensuing year, for the best composition in English Verse, is “ Cromwell."

Theological Prize :- 6. The style and composition of the writings of the New Testament are in no way inconsistent with the belief that the authors of them were divinely inspired."

Mrs. Denyer's Theological Prizes :The subjects for the year 1843 are—“ On the Divinity of the Holy Ghost;" and “ On the influence of Practical Piety in promoting the temporal and eternal Happiness of Mankind.”

Richard F. Burman, Caius College.
Robert Louis Koe, Christ's College.
Nevill Gream, Magdalen College.

On the 26th ult, the Master and Fellows of Caius College, elected George Budd, M.D., F.R.S., a Senior Fellow, and John Tozer, M.A., a Frankland Fellow of that Society.

May 21.-On Tuesday the Tyrwhitt Hebrew Scholarships were adjudged as follows:

1st Class.-Charles James Elliott, B.A., Catharine Hall.

2nd Class.-Charles Chambers, B. A., Emmanuel College.

Mynors Bright, B.A., of Magdalen College had a gratuity of 201. awarded to him for the knowledge which he displayed at the examination.

May 28.— Yesterday the Chancellor's Medal for the best English Poem, subject

- The Birth of the Prince of Wales," and the Camden Medal, subject-“Cæsar ad Rubiconem constitit," were both adjudged to Henry John Sumner Maine Scholar of Pembroke College.

At a Congregation on Wednesday last, the following Grace passed the Senate :

To appoint Mr. Edleston, of Trinity College, Deputy Proctor, in the absence of Mr. Thompson.

At a Congregation on Wednesday last, the following Degrees were conferred :

Wm. Beamish, Trinity College.

George Jackson, Caius College.
William Nagle, Caius College.
Thomas Selby Egan, Caius College.
John Dobie, Corpus Christi College.
James Chadwick, Corpus Christi College.

Colman Rashleigh, Trinity College.
Thos. Oliver Feetham, Trinity College.
John Spencer, Trinity College.
Fred. George Hughes, St. John's College.
Wm. Bennett, St. John's College.
Edward K. Brenchley, St. John's College.
Robert D. Jones, St. John's College.
Wm. Lyme Fowke, Queen's College.
Wm. Morgan, Queen's College.
Daniel Waller, St. Peter's College.
John Harris Roberts, Clare Hall.
Edward Morley Muriel, Caius College.
Richard Musgrave, Caius College.
Wm. Rowe, Caius College.
K. E. A. Money, Corpus Christi College.
Wm. Middleton, Corpus Christi College.
Edward Hutton, Catharine Hall.
Robert Belaney, Catharine Hall.
Charles W. Francken, Catharine Hall.
Jonathan Appleton, Catharine Hall.
Charles Macgregor, Catharine Hall.
James Wm. Markwell, Christ College.
Wm. Twyne, Magdalene College.
George Lewis Allsop, Emmanuel College.

Thos. Lushington Edwards, Trin. College.

J. H. Simpson, Caius College.
C. H. Hare, Caius College.

At the same Congregation, the following gentlemen were admitted ad eundem of this University : J. F.D. Maurice, M.A., Exeter Coll., Oxon. L. W. Jeffray, M.A., Balliol Coll., Oxon.

June 4.-On Wednesday last, two of Sir William Browne's gold medals, one for the best Greek Ode, subject--" Ad dertram de ria declinari, ut ad Periclis Sepulchrum accederem," and one for the best Greek and Latin epigrams, subjects—“ Is solus nescit omnia,” and “ Pari incepto eventus dispar," were adjudged to William George Clarke, of Trinity College.

At a meeting of the Master and Fellows of Gonville and Caius College, held on

Friday, the 27th ult., the following Stadents (freshmen) were elected to Scholarships and Exhibitions :

Scholars.--Murphy; Hutt ; Collett; Ormerod; Burrows; Goodwin ; Mann; T.J. White; Lewis (Mickleburgh Scholar in Chemistry).

Exhibitioners.-Hopkins (Wortley Exhibition for Moral Philosophy); Henery (College Exhibition for Anatomy and Physiology); Suffield, B.A., and Collett (Belward Exhibition); Hutt and Woodhouse (Peter's Exhibition).

Hopkins was appointed to succeed to the Chapel Clerkship.

June 11.--Sir William Broune's Medal. - Yesterday Sir William Browne's Medal for the best Latin Ode, subject—"Naris ornata atque arma in aquam deducitur," was adjudged to Henry Jobn Sumner Maine, Foundation Scholar of Pembroke College. The Chancellor's Medal and the Camden Medal were adjudged to the same gentleman on the 28th ult.

June 15.–At a Convocation on Saturday last, the following degrees were conferred:-

BACHELORS IN DIVINITY. Rev. James Dalziel Simpson, Fellow of

Sidney Sussex College (compounder.). Rev. Thomas Thorp, Fellow and Senior

Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Archdeacon of Bristol.

MASTERS OF ARTS. Charles Thomas Osbourne, Sidney Sussex

College: Rev. Alfred Tolver Paget, Gonville and Caius College.

BACHELORS OF MEDICINE, Wm. Henry Drosier, Gouville and Caius

College. Arthur David White, Pembroke College.

BACHELORS OF ARTS. William Balderston, St. John's College. Robert Palk Carew, Downing College. Francis Henry Laing, Queen's College. Septimus Henry Lee Warner, St. John's


Barnaby Lecturers.-On Saturday last, being St. Barnabas day, the following gentlemen were appointed Barnaby Lecturers for the present year :Mathematics, David Thos. Ansted, M.A.,

Fellow of Jesus College. Philosophy Joseph Edleston, M.A., Fel

low of Trinity College. Rhetoric-Rev. Robert Birkett, B.D.,

Emmanuel College. Logic-Rev. Roger Burton, B. A., St. John's College.

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