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any action on the part of President Orellana in any way interfering in the internal affairs of Salvador and Honduras. Should a favorable opportunity arise you may point out to President Orellana that the 1907 treaties provided that the government of any Central American country should not interfere with the internal politics of the other Central American countries and tell him that the United States would learn with concern and disapproval any action on the part of one government to influence the outcome of elections in neighboring countries.

For your information. The Department has made representations to the Nicaraguan and Salvadoran Governments with respect to the recent incursions into Honduran territory and it is probable that a meeting of the Presidents of Honduras, Salvador and Nicaragua will shortly be held on an American battleship in Fonseca Bay with a view to endeavoring to bring about peaceful relations between the three countries and a strict observance of their international obligations on the part of all the governments concerned.19


815.00/2400 : Telegram
The Secretary of State to the Vice Consul at Puerto Cortez


WASHINGTON, August 10, 1922—4 p.m. Your August 8, 4 p.m.

Department understands U.S.S. Galveston will arrive in two or three days.


815.00/2407 : Telegram

The Minister in Salvador (Schuyler) to the Secretary of State


SAN SALVADOR, August 10, 1922—4 p.m.

[Received August 11–10:45 a.m.] 74. The situation has been so confused for the last few days I have refrained from reporting it. In reply to the strong note I addressed to the Salvadorean Government in accordance with the Department's cable instructions of August 1, 3 p.m., I received a long and evasive note expressing pain and surprise at the tone, assurances that everything possible has been at all times done to preserve neutrality on the Honduranean frontier but that nevertheless the Government would now do more.

1. The conference was held on board the S. S. Tacoma; see vol. I, pp. 417 ff.

Troops are being concentrated along frontier near Ocotepeque to stop reported invasion from Guatemala. Trucks and automobiles were seized last Sunday but returned to owners on Monday. Telephone and telegraphic communication between capital and provinces has been stopped for several days but I can always get people. Today the Government seems less panic-stricken and more confident than for a week ... Above repeated to the Legation at Guatemala and Honduras.


815.00/2424 : Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Guatemala (Geissler)

WASHINGTON, August 16, 1922—3 p.m. 38. The Department is informed that it is now fully confirmed that the Guatemalan Government is shipping large quantities of arms via Puerto Barrios and Puerto Cortez to the Honduran Government. It also appears that Guatemala is encouraging revolutionary movements against Salvador. You will immediately inform President Orellana that this Government looks with great disapproval upon the action of the Guatemalan Government in this matter; that it will learn with profound regret of any action tending to bring about disorder in Central America and that it expects the Guatemalan and other Central American Governments loyally to fulfill their international obligations and to take immediately such measures as may be necessary for the preservation of peace in Central America. You will impress upon President Orellana the importance of his not interfering or intervening in any way in the affairs of the neighboring countries. Keep the Department fully informed as regards the situation.


813.00 Tacoma : Telegram

The Minister in Guatemala (Geissler) to the Secretary of State

GUATEMALA, August 18, 1922–6 p.m.

[Received August 21–10 a.m.] 66. I called on President Orellana yesterday and informed him as instructed. He states that Guatemalan Government has not intervened and will not intervene in domestic affairs of neighboring countries and that thousands of Salvadoran emigrados are restrained by Guatemala. He stated that he believes he had right to sell a quantity of arms to the Honduran Government some three weeks ago. I urged that he carefully avoid everything which might be construed as interference. He stated emphatically that is his earnest desire. I mentioned recent occupation of Alsacia by Guateinala soldiers. Orellana stated that is in territory claimed by Guatemala and that soldiers went to forestall an invasion and have since been withdrawn. Orellana appears absolutely sincere in desire to keep out of Honduras, Nicaragua, Salvadoran controversy relying upon my assurances that the United States would look with disfavor on any infringement of rights of Guatemala. Orellana has no desire to join the conference of the three Central American Presidents 20 but I hope earnestly that the Department and the Ministers to those countries will continue the practice of keeping this Legation fully informed so that I may keep President Orellana reassured as to the interests of Guatemala. Above repeated to Legations at Tegucigalpa, Salvador Managua.


818.00/2469a : Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Nicaragua (Ramer)

WASHINGTON, August 30, 1922—3 p.m. 36. Legation Tegucigalpa reports another incursion into Honduran territory by Funes. Bring this to attention of President Chamorro and impress upon him the importance of executing faithfully the provisions of the Agreement just signed.21 State that a great deal of publicity and favorable comment have been given throughout the United States to the Agreement of the three Presi. dents to take vigorous steps to suppress the activities of political refugees. Consequently, it would be most unfortunate if at so early a date after the conclusion of the Agreement the Government of Nicaragua should appear to fail to carry out the terms of its undertaking, and, therefore, the Department is convinced that the Government of Nicaragua will act in a prompt and vigorous manner to have Funes arrested and tried should he return to Nicaraguan territory, and in such manner give notice to all the world that Nicaragua, on its part, is determined faithfully to abide by the Agreement just signed.

Department desires your comment on Fonseca Bay conference, especially as to attitude of the various participants and prospects for successful results.


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The conference held on board the S. S. Tacoma; see vol. I, pp. 417 ff.
Agreement of Aug. 20, 1922, vol. I, p. 422.

815.00/2476 : Telegram The Minister in Honduras (Morales) to the Acting Secretary of


TEGUCIGALPA, September 16, 1922–11 a.m.

[Received September 18–9:20 a.m.] 76. Revolutionary movement headed by Francisco Martínez Funes completely overthrown. Government forces killing 56 and capturing 78 men. Government in full control of the situation.

The President requests that the Tacoma remain at Truxillo for several days.




(See volume I, pp. 417 ff.)


(See volume I, pp. 443 ff.)




264.11/3: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Hungary (Brentano)

WASHINGTON, May 19, 1922–3 p.m. 24. The Department desires you to address a note to the Foreign Office as follows:

“ The benefits of Article 224 of the Treaty of Trianon relating to the revival of bilateral treaties or conventions made with the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy_by nations described in that Treaty as the Allied and Associated Powers are among those secured to the United States by the Treaty with Hungary signed on August 29, 1921,to establish securely friendly relations between the two nations. According to paragraph (5) of Article II of that Treaty the period of time, namely six months, within which the United States is privileged to revive any bilateral treaty or convention concluded with the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, began to run from the date of the coming into force of that Treaty, that is, on December 17, 1921, the date on which ratifications of the Treaty were exchanged.

The Government of the United States desires to revive the Extradition Convention concluded on July 3, 1856,” and the Copyright Convention concluded on January 30, 1912, by the United States with the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. By direction of my Government, I have the honor to give in its behalf to the Government of Hungary the official notification contemplated by Article 224 of the Treaty of Trianon to revive this Extradition Convention and this Copyright Convention. According to the terms of that Article, the revival will take place on this date."

You will please have this note delivered to the Foreign Office on the date which the note bears in order that there may be no doubt as to the date on which these two Agreements are revived, and you will telegraph the Department the date of the note in which you make notification, which you will observe must be given before June 17, 1922.


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