Description of Elgin Garden, the Property of David Hosack, M.D.

Collins, 1811 - 4 páginas

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Página 35 - Taylor further reported, that the committee had gone through the bill, made amendments, and agreed to the same ; which he was directed to report to the Senate : And he read the report in his place, and delivered the same in at the table, where it was again read, and agreed to by the Senate.
Página 20 - Barker further reported, that the committee had gone through the said bill, added a clause, and agreed to the same, which he was directed to report to the house ; and he read the report in his place, and delivered the same in at the table, where it was again read and agreed to by the house. Ordered, That the bill be engrossed.* March 4th, 1809. The engrossed bill, entitled, " An act for promoting medical science in the state of New- York,
Página 20 - That debates were had thereon, and the question having been put whether the committee would agree to the said clause, it was carried in the affirmative. That the yeas and nays being called for by Mr.
Página 19 - British property," it is enacted, "William Paca, Uriah Forest, and Clement Hollyday, Esquires, or any two of them, shall be, and are hereby appointed commissioners for the purpose of preserving all British property seized and confiscated by the act of the present session to seize, confiscate and appropriate, all British property within this state; and that the said commissioners shall be, and are hereby declared to be in...
Página 6 - I now readily perceived that an abstract account of the principles of these sciences, as taught by books, coloured engravings, or even with the advantages of an herbarium, must necessarily be * Medical Discourse, 8vo.
Página 52 - No. 84. to the corporation, which was accepted, and ordered to be delivered to the comptroller. The committee also presented an engrossed deed from the mayor, aldermen and commonalty, to David Hosack, which was accepted, and directed to be executed accordingly.
Página 10 - The view from the most elevated part, is variegated and extensive, and the soil itself of that diversified nature, as to be particularly well adapted to the cultivation of a great variety of vegetable productions.
Página 43 - ... thereof; and that no alteration shall be made therein, unless by a vote to that effect of three-fourths of the resident members, and upon the request in writing of one-third of such resident members, and submitted at least one month before any vote shall be taken thereupon.
Página 41 - Office. And that at the Expiration of the said Indentures the Said Apprentice shall be made free of this City by the Master, if he hath well and truly served him. And the Clerk shall have for Enroling each Indenture of Apprenticeship the sum of three shillings...
Página 20 - House then again resolved itself into a committee of the whole, on the bill entitled "An act for the relief of the First Christian party of Oneida Indians;" and after some time spent thereon, Mr.

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