The People's Library, Volumen2

M. M'Michael, 1842

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Página 49 - To have thy asking, yet wait many years; To fret thy soul with crosses and with cares ; To eat thy heart through comfortless despairs; To fawn, to crouch, to wait, to ride, to run, To spend, to give, to want, to be undone.
Página 49 - What hell it is in suing long to bide ; To lose good days that might be better spent ; To waste long nights in pensive discontent; To speed to-day, to be put back to-morrow ; To feed on hope ; to pine with fear and sorrow ; To have thy Prince's grace, yet want her peers...
Página 68 - Sol through white curtains shot a timorous ray, And oped those eyes that must eclipse the day. Now lap-dogs give themselves the rousing shake, And sleepless lovers, just at twelve, awake : Thrice rung the bell, the slipper knock'd the ground, And the press'd watch return'da silver sound.
Página 117 - I'd have you remember that when poverty comes in at the door, love flies out at the window.
Página 221 - Like all great travellers," said Essper, " I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen." " Have you any objection to go to the East again ?" asked Vivian. "It would require but little persuasion to lead me there.
Página 16 - I am no cold-blooded philosopher that would despise that, for which, in my opinion, men, real men, should alone exist. Power! Oh! what sleepless nights, what days of hot anxiety! what exertions of mind and body! what travel! what hatred! what fierce encounters! what dangers of all possible kinds, would I not endure with a joyous spirit to gain it!
Página 223 - They looked round on every side, and Hope gave way before the scene of desolation. Immense branches were shivered from the largest trees ; small ones were entirely stripped of their leaves ; the long grass was bowed to the earth ; the waters were whirled in eddies out of the little rivulets ; birds...
Página 11 - THE BAR — pooh ! law and bad jokes till we are forty ; and then, with the most brilliant success, the prospect of gout and a coronet. Besides, to succeed as an advocate, I must be a great lawyer, and to be a great lawyer I must give up my chance of being a great man.
Página 117 - Few save the poor feel for the poor ; The rich know not how hard It is to be of needful food And needful rest debarred.
Página 12 - At this moment, how many a powerful noble wants only wit to be a Minister ; and what wants Vivian Grey to attain the same end ? That noble's influence.

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