3D Printing Blueprints

Packt Publishing, Limited, 2013 - 310 páginas
Annotation A new industrial age is here. Machines designed to build useful and interesting objects have moved from the factory to the home. Whether you have a 3D printer or not, learning how to design your first 3D models is the best way to become part of the 3D printing movement. 3D Printing Blueprints will teach you, step by step, the tools and techniques of using Blender, a free 3D modelling program, to build 3D models for printing with simple and fun hands-on projects. 3D Printing Blueprints uses engaging and fun projects that teach Blender modeling for 3D printing through hands-on lessons. First youll learn basic modeling and make a small simple object. Then each new project brings with it new tools and techniques as well as teaching the rules of 3D printing design. Eventually youll be building objects designed to repair or replace everyday objects. Finally youll be able to even tackle other peoples models and fix them to be 3D printable. Through the course of doing the blueprints you will custom build one-of-a-kind objects that you can call your own. Starting from a custom vase formed from a picture, lessons will progress to a multi-part modular robot toy. Then simple machines will be designed with custom gears and functions. Eventually youll learn how to download models from the Internet and make custom objects. Finally youll be able to build models with near real life specifications and make a print that can be used for small object repair. 3D Printing Blueprints will teach you everything you need to know about building custom 3D models to print successfully on modern home 3D printers.

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Joe Larson is one part artist, one part mathematician, one part teacher, and one part technologist.It all started in his youth on a Commodore 64 doing BASIC programming and low resolution digital art.As technology progressed, so did Joe's dabbling eventually taking him to 3D modeling while in high school and college, momentarily pursuing a degree in Computer Animation.He abandoned the track for the much more sensible goal of becoming a Math teacher,which he accomplished when he taught 7th grade Math in Colorado.He now works as an application programmer. When Joe first heard about 3D printing,it took root in his mind and he went back to dust off his 3D modeling skills.In 2012,he won a Makerbot Replicator 3D printer in the Tinkercad/Makerbot Chess challenge with a chess set that assembles into a robot. Since then his designs on Thingiverse, have been featured on Thingiverse, Gizmodo,Shapeways,Makezine,and others. He currently maintains the blog joesmakerbot.blogspot.com, documenting his adventures in 3D printing.

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