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The single best, straight forward, easy to understand resource to help see the LARGE picture on the History of Civilization since the 13th century, and more importantly, to understand WHAT "Civilization" is, that It is a strictly regulated Institutional franchise, and that it IS applied in International Courts (which include, and are adjudicated in, US Courts), which just so happens to be the perpetrator of the Occupation and Domination of "heathens" (the Indigenous Nations of the earth), and that War Crimes of Genocide have from the beginning been the goal of BOTH the Church (franchisor) and the State (franchisee).
I keep calling it "Antiquity" because of the fabrication of
'historically verifiable' Royal Lineages granted to Dynastic Aristocracy as the franchisee of a continual Papel "Indulgence" (a license to be permitted to DOMINATE the earth, and thus, by Papel Decree of pre-ordained Forgivness, to "Be Written into the Book of Life", via Papel authority, or 'Bull' (Charter/Treaty). Is the Permission to Sin and get away with it, even in the Next Life. All of this is verifiable, and it is discussed in detail in this book, lots of it online, free, via Google Books. Consider it a homework assignment.

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