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til the general government shall see fit to assume control over it. The tents of these missions are paid into the civil fund," and expended as directed by the laws of California ; but the leases are so conditioned as to cease whenever the agents of the United States shall be authorized to take possession of this property in the name of the general government. The authorities at Washington have been informed of this course ; and as no dissent has ever been expressed, it is presumed it meets their approbation.

I beg leave to remark, in conclusion, that while I shall always be most happy to receive the advice and suggestions of the commanding general of the division respecting my duties as civil governor of California, I must nevertheless be permitted to decide upon the measures of my own government; for as no military officer can be held accountable for my civil acts, so no such officer can exercise any control whatever over those acts. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

B. RILEY, Brevet Brig. Gen. U.S. Army, and Governor of California. Brevet Lieutenant Colonel J. Hooker,

Com'g. Department, Aso't. Adj. General Pacific Division.


Monterey, September 19, 1849. GENTLEMEN : I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of yours of the 17th, asking for in. formation respecting the mode of making out the accounts of the affairs of the convention. Such accounts should in all cases be certified by the president of the convention as just and true, and au. thorised by the congention ; then, on receiving my written approval, they will be paid by the civil treasurer, or his agents. Captain Kane will furnish you with flank form of accounts. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Brevet Brigadier General United States Army,

and Governor of California. Messrs. E. O. Crosby, J. P. Walker, E. Brown, T. 0. Larkin, J. Aram, Committee fe.,


Monterey, October 12, 1849. Major : I send you herewith a copy of the governor's proclamation of to-day, and of the constitution just formed by the convention. They will be printed together, in pamphlet form, for general circulation among the people. No effort should be spared to have them printed and circulated with the least possible delay.

I enclose you a copy of proposals for printing by the proprietors of ** Alta Californian;" but, if you can get it done with equal expedition and at less expense by any other press, you will do so. These proposals were made with the understanding that the constitution would be printed in the two languages in parallel columns; but it was afterwards determined to print them separately, viz : 8,000 copies in the English and 2,000 in the Spanish language. You may therefore be able to expedite the printing by contracting with separate presses for the printing, that is, with one for the English and the other for the Spanish. Mr. Tefft has been employed by Captain Kane to take this to San Francisco, and to assist you in superintending the printing. As soon as the work is completed, you will deliver to him the copies intended for the districts south of San Jose, including that district. In distributing the printed copies of the Constitution, you will be guided by the ratio of representation as fixed in the schedule ; but in dividing the Spanish and English copies, a larger proportion of the latter should be sent to the northern districts, and most of the former to the south. Extra copies should be retained, on the first distribution, at San Francisco, to be sent south by the steamer, and north by other conveyances, so as to provide for the contingency of the loss of any of those first sent out. Every care should be taken to make the distribution as general as possible, previous to the time of hold the first election.

The Spanish translation will leave here on the 14th by express. You can make your contract accordingly for the printing. I will write you again by the express. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brevet Captain, and Secretary of State. Major R, Allen, Cipil Treasurer, San Francisco, California.

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