Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, Volumen27


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Página ii - This trust was accepted by the Government of the United States, and an Act of Congress was passed August 10, 1846, constituting the President and the other principal executive officers of the general government, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the Mayor of Washington, and such other persons as they might elect honorary members, an establishment under the name of the " SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION FOR THE INCREASE AND DIFFUSION OF KNOWLEDGE AMONG MEN.
Página 36 - Tables and Results of the Precipitation, in Rain and Snow, in the United States, and at some stations in adjacent parts of North America, and in Central and South America.
Página ii - After much deliberation, the Regents resolved to divide the annual income, thirty thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars, into two equal parts, one part to be devoted to the increase and diffusion of knowledge by means of original research and publications, the other half of the income to be applied in accordance with the requirements of the act of Congress to the gradual formation of a Library, a Museum, and a Gallery of Art.
Página 59 - Notice of Smithson's researches. Extracts from Smithson's scientific writings. Catalogue of the library of Smithson. Notice of the city of Washington, in Harriott's travels. Notice of the city of Washington, in Weld's travels.
Página 39 - Problems of Rotary Motion presented by the Gyroscope, The Precession of the Equinoxes, and The Pendulum.
Página 9 - Publications of Learned Societies and Periodicals in the Library of the Smithsonian Institution.
Página 3 - Synopsis of the Marine Invertebrata of Grand Manan : or the region about the mouth of the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick.
Página 53 - A. — On the distribution of the fishes of the Alleghany region of South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee, with descriptions of new or little known species.
Página 3 - Catalogue of North American Reptiles in the Museum of the Smithsonian Institution.
Página 75 - List of the fishes of the Pacific coast of the United States, with a table showing the distribution of the species.

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