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This list was sent to the Hon. Henry Cabot Lodge, chairman of the Senate Committee of the Philippines, in response to a request received from him for a report on the resources of the Library upon the subject of colonization.

The Senate, by resolutions May 3 and 8, 1900, respectively, authorized the printing of 500 copies each for the Senate and the Library of Congress.

The scope of the list is indicated by the table of contents. The theory of colonization and the government of dependencies form the basis of the compilation. To this has been added significant literature upon the corollaries of colonization, viz, expansion, imperialism, Anglo-Saxon interests, the Far Eastern question.

Works upon the political history and geography of the dependencies of the European nations have been made a special feature of the compilation.

For a preliminary study of the subject of colonies, Payne's History of European Colonies affords a convenient manual. Egerton's Short History of British Colonial Policy traces the history of the growth of the British colonial empire from the beginnings of colonization down to 1885.

Ireland's Tropical Colonization is a study of the government of tropical colonies, the material requirements for their successful development, with a discussion of the value of these dependencies to the sovereign State. The work is the result of long study of the subject and is provided with a useful bibliography.

Seeley's Expansion of England is a scientific study of the problem of English history as illustrated in the growth of the Empire in the eighteenth century. Woodward's A Short History of the Expansion of the British Empire, 1500–1870, is a more detailed narration of the acquisition and settlement of the British colonies.

Professor Seeley, in his Growth of the British Policy, studies the history of the transformation of England from an insular nation into a “great power.

Cotton and Payne's "Colonies and dependencies,” in the English Citizen Series, is a compact account of the administration of the English colonies.

Lucas's Historical Geography of the British Colonies is a most valuable guide upon the political, social, and geographical features of the various British dependencies. It is of the first importance as a general treatise upon the colonies collectively, constituting a most reliable introduction to a study of colonial history.

Leroy-Beaulieu's De la Čolonisation Chez les Peuples Modernes is an elaborate survey of colonies and colonial systems of the world by a political economist of high repute.

Merivale's Lectures is a study of the economic features of colonization and colonies.

Sir G. C. Lewis's Essay on the Government of Dependencies is a discussion of the historical and political principles of colonization.

Heeron's Political System of Europe and its Colonies is one of the earlier scientific studies of colonization, with copious bibliographical references.

The chapter on colonies in Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations is a scientific study of the economic value of dependencies.
The handbooks or annals of various colonial governments are useful works of reference for statistical information.

The Diplomatic and Consular Reports issued at intervals by the foreign office of Great Britain embody information upon the history, the administration, and the commercial interests of British and foreign colonies. The Consular Reports of this country also contain similar material.

The current statistics of the colonies are set forth in Statistical Abstracts for the Several Colonial and other Possessions of the United Kingdom, published by the British Government. These Abstracts are incorporated in the Parliamentary sessional papers.

The Board of Trade Journal, published by the Government Board of Trade, London, and The Imperial Institute Journal are current sources of information upon the trade, resources, and administration of the English colonies.

The Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute is a repository of many valuable papers upon the colonial interests of Great Britain.

The Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly deals with the literature as well as the politics of the colonies.

The periodicals, Questions Diplomatiques et Coloniales, the Revue Maritime et Coloniale, and the Bulletin de la Société des Études Coloniales, are mainly devoted to French colonial interests.

The following German periodicals deal with colonial subjects, particularly with German colonies: Deutsches Kolonialblatt, Deutsche Kolonialzeitung, Organ der Deutschen Kolonialgesellschaft, Deutscher Kolonial-Kalendar, Jahresbericht der Deutschen Kolonialgesellschaft, and the Koloniales Jahrbuch.


Chief Division of Bibliography. HERBERT PUTNAM,

Librarian of Congress.






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editions of his works. Barré de Saint-Venant, Adhémar Jean Claude. Des colonies modernes sous la zone torride, et particulièrement de celle de Saint-Domingue.

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