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The Far Eastern question centering in the affairs of China, this list is largely taken up with references to works upon that country.

Works on the history of events leading up to the present situation have been noted, or those in any way touching upon the European advance in Asia.

The following notes are exclusively concerned with


History.—The most extensive single work in English is Boulger's History of China, first published in 1881–1884, and revised editions in 1898 and 1900, respectively. Its chief value lies in its detailed account of “European progress in China subsequent to the signing of the treaty of Nankin in 1842, including the Taeping rebellion in all its phases and Gordon's campaign.” The earlier part of his history is drawn mainly from the Jesuit epitomes of the Chinese annalists. The new edition of his Short History has an additional chapter, written by another hand, giving a summary account of the reign of Kwang Su, covering the capture of Pekin.

Douglas's History, forming a volume of the “Story of the nations series,” will give all that the general reader needs.

In Macgowan's "Á history of China from the earliest days to the present” recourse has been had to the original authorities. "It is not a compilation gathered from all sources, but a reproduction from the original of the Standard History of China."

Williams's “Middle Kingdom,” first published in 1848, constituted for a long time the principal source of information for English readers, and in its revised form is still regarded as a classic.

The Anglo-French expedition to China in 1860 parallels in some measure the memorable march of the allies to Pekin the past summer. Gordon's private diary of his campaign in China was edited by S. Mossman in 1885. See also Gordon's “Recollections of thirty-nine years in the army,” London, 1898. Also lives of Gordon by Boulger, Butler, Hake, and Mossman.

The Journals of Sir James Hope Grant, who commanded the allies in the march to Pekin, edited by Henry Knollys, appeared in London, 1895.

Other English accounts noted in this list are M'Ghee's "How we got to Pekin;" Loch's personal narrative; Sir Garnet Wolseley's “Narrative of the war in China in 1860.”. The first named was chaplain to the English forces, Loch was secretary at headquarters in Pekin, and Lord Wolseley served as deputy assistant quartermaster-general.

In Poole’s “Life of Sir Harry Parkes” will be found an account of the latter's participation in the events at Pekin in 1860-61. Parkes was for a time a prisoner at Pekin and subsequently accompanied Napier in his entrance to the city in October, 1860.

The Earl of Elgin's experiences upon his mission in 1860 at Pekin are related in his “Letters and Journals,” London, 1872. Oliphant's “Narrative of the Earl of Elgin's mission” deals with his embassy of 1859.

The French narratives noted in this list are: Chassiron, "Notes sur le Japan, la Chine," etc.; Keroulée, “Un voyage à Pé-kin;" Lavollée, “La Chine contemporaine,” Paris, 1860; “France et Chine,” Paris, 1900; Mutrécy, “Journal de la Campagne de Chine, 1859-60-61," Paris, 1861.

Spielmann, a German writer, has lately published “Die Taiping Revolution in China, 1860-1864.”

The later history is dealt with, among others, in Boulger's History; Colquhoun, “China in Transformation;" Eitel, “Europe in China;”? Krausse, China in Decay; The Story of the Chinese Crisis; Leroy-Beaulieu, "The awakening of the East;" Norman, Peoples and Politics of the Far East.

Political and economic conditions are discussed in works by Beresford, Brenier, Chirol, Coates, Colquhoun, Curzon, Gorst, Krausse, Leroy-Beaulieu, Marcillac, Parker, Parsons, Reinsch, Smyth, Watson, and Wildman. (See under these names in the body of this list.)

Railroads.—This subject is treated by the following writers: Lord Beresford, von Brandt, de Bray, Colquhoun, Fauvel, Glass, Krahmer, Marcillac, Mikhailoff, Perowne, Vladimir. See also important articles in Questions Diplomatiques, vol. 4 (1898); vol. 7 (1899); Engineering Magazine, vol. 16 (Dec., 1898); Forum, vol. 28 (Nov., 1899); Archiv für Eisenbahnwesen (Jan., Feb., 1900).

Russia in the Far East.-See the following: Adams, Bookwalter, Boulger, Carol, Cobbold, Colquhoun, Curzon, Krahmer, Krausse, Lebedev, Legras, Leroy-Beaulieu, Norman, Perowne, Reid, Rohrbach, Skrine, Vladimir.

United States in the Far East.-Adams, Boulger, Cailleux, Conant, Giddings, Parsons, Reinsch, Wildman, Dilke, and Wilson, Wu Ting Fang (in Smyth's The Crisis in China).

The social life of China can be studied in Douglas's “Society in China,” Little's "Intimate China,” Macgowan's “Pictures of China,” Moule's “New China and old,” Smith's" Chinese Characteristics” (which the Edinburgh Review calls “the most brilliant book ever written on the subject”). See also his Village life in China.

Travel.–Recent works are Bishop's “The Yangtze Valley and beyond,” Cumming's “Wanderings in China," Little’s “Through the Yang-tse gorges," Plauchut’s “China and the Chinese,” Scidmore's “China.'

Missions.-For this subject see works of Barrows, Beach, Edking, Gundry, Johnston, Michie, Smyth, Speer, Stott.

Periodicals.-The following periodicals are devoted to the affairs of the Far East: Customs Gazette, Shanghai; China Review; Chinese Recorder; Imperial and Asiatic quarterly review; Journal Asiatique, Journal of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society; Toung Pao, Leyden; Oesterreichische Monatsschrift für den Orient, Vienna; Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, Leipzig.

For accounts of the events of last summer recourse must be had in the main to current periodicals. The siege of the legations is described by Sir Robert Hart in the Fortnightly Review for November and the Cosmopolitan for December. The Century for December contains an article on the march of the allies by a member of the expedition. An important article is “The siege of the Pekin legation," by Dr. Morrison, originally published in the London Times and reprinted in the Living Age for the latter part of November and the first part of December. McClure's for November and the Outlook for the latter part of the same month contain diaries of the siege kept by women who were prisoners in Pekin.





* * *

Adams, Brooks. America's economic supremacy. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1900. 222 pp. 12o. Contents: The Spanish

war and the equilibrium of the world; The new struggle for life among nations; England's decadence in the West Indies;

Natural selection in literature; The decay of England; Russia's interest in China. Bard, E. Les Chinois chez eux. Paris: A. Colin, 1900. (1), 360 pp. 12o. “The author, a merchant in China, describes more especially

agriculture, finances, money, and other economic aspects.Barrows, John Henry. The Christian conquest of Asia. Studies and personal observations of Oriental religions. New York: Charles

Scribner's Sons, 1899. xvii, (1), 258 pp. 12o. (Morse lectures of 1898.) Chapter VII: Confucianism and the awakening

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Folded maps. 8°. Bishop, Isabella L. Bird. The Yangtse Valley and beyond. An account of journeys in China, chiefly in the province of Sze-Chwan and

among the Man-tze of the Somo territory. With map and 116 illustrations. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1900. 8°.

Reviewed in Spectator, January, 1900, under the title "Spheres of influence in China.”' Bookwalter, John W. Siberia and Central Asia. Springfield, Ohio, 1900. xxxi, 548 pp. Illustrations. 8°.

Illustrations. 8°. “With regard to Russian expansion, like Mr. Cobbold, Mr. Bookwalter dwells on the fact that she makes her way by subtlety rather than by force; and on the whole, after reading the book, we are confirmed in the impression that all immediate prospects are in favor of

peace.” Boulger, Demetrius C. Central Asian questions. Essays on Afghanistan, China, and Central Asia. With portrait and maps. London:

T. Fisher Unwin, 1885. xvi, 457 pp. 8°.
Central Asian questions. Essays on Afghanistan, China, and Central Asia. With portrait and maps. London: T. Fisher
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England and Russia in Central Asia. With two maps and appendices (one map being the latest Russian official map of Central

Asia). London: W. H. Allen & Co., 1879. 2 vols. 8°.
The history of China. New and revised edition, with portraits and maps. London: W. Thacker & Co., 1898. 2 vols. 8°.
Same. A new edition, revised and brought up to date. Containing chapters on the recent concessions to the European powers.

Illustrated with portraits and maps. London: W. Thacker & Co., 1900. 2 vols. 8°.
The life of Gordon.

With portrait. London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1896. 2 vols. Plates. 8°.
The life of Sir Stamford Raffles. With portraits, maps, and illustrations. London: H. Marshall & Son, 1899. xv, (1), 403 pp.

8o. Malacca, pp. 58–83; The Java expedition, pp. 81–124; The conquest of Java, pp. 125-154; The British administration of
Java, pp. 155-217; Sumatra, pp. 263–291; The founding of Singapore, pp. 292-340. “Among the men who have established
the political and commercial power of this country in the seas of India and China, no one would deny a foremost place to

Stamford Raffles."
A short history of China. An account for the general reader of an ancient empire and people. A new edition, with an

additional chapter continuing the history from 1890 to date. London: Gibbings & Co., 1900. (6), 436 pp. 8°. Pages 356–373
contain "How China is governed.” The “Reign of Kwangsu, 1890–1900” (pp. 374a-3741), said to be written “by a competent

authority." Brandt, M. von. Industrielle und Eisenbahn-Unternehmungen in China. Mit einer Kartenskizze. Berlin: Reimer, 1899. 121-140

pp. 8°. (Deutsche Kolonial-Gesellschaft. Verhandlungen, 1898–99. Heft 4.) Bray, Ferdinand de. La Chine et ses besoins au point de vue de l'utilisation des Belges, de leur capitaux et de leur industrie. Louvain:

Polleunis et Centerick, 1898. xvi, 60 pp. Map. 8o. Note:—The map shows a scheme for a railway system for China. Brenier, Henri. La mission Lyonnaise d'exploration commerciale en Chine. 1895–1897. Lyons, 1898. xxxvi, 386–470 pp. 8o. “Of

all the commercial missions to which the immediate prospect of the development of the resources of China by modern methods has recently given rise, the most fully equipped and that with the most extensive and elaborate programme is that organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Lyons, and the report published by the director of this mission, Mr. Henri Brenier, is of

corresponding interest and value.Bray, Ferdinand de. La Chine et ses besions au point de vue de l'utilisation des Belges, de leurs capitaux et de leur industrie.

Louvain: Polleunis & Centerick, 1898. xvi, 60 pp. Map 8°. Note: The map shows a scheme for a railway system for

China. Brenier, Henri. La mission lyonnaise d'exploration commerciale en Chine, 1895–1897. Avec cartes, plans, et gravures d'après les

documents rapportés par la mission. Lyons: A. Rey et Cie., 1898. xxxvi, 386, 473 pp. 4o. Contents: 1re partie. Récits de voyages. 2me partie. Rapports commerciaux. “Of all the commercial missions to which the immediate prospect of the development of the resources of China by modern methods has recently given rise, the most fully equipped and that with the most extensive and elaborate programme is that organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Lyons, and the report publishep

by the director of this mission, Mr. Henri Brenier, is of corresponding interest and value.” Bretschneider, E. History of European botanical discoveries in China. London: S. Low, Marston & Co., 1898. 2 vols. 4o. "Dr.

Bretschneider's present magnum opus is by no means a mere botanical work, as its name would seem to imply, but also a
magnificent political and geographical record of all that Europeans have ever done in China, from Marco Polo down to Mr.
G. M. H. Playfair, and there is hardly any subject connected with the Far East, but what accurate light is shed upon it by
the dates, data, itineraries, geographical details, commercial notes, and other information furnished by the industrious and
scrupulously painstaking author, than whom there is no one in the sinological field more worthy of absolute confidence.”
No. 9-56



Busley, C. Der Kampf um den ostasiatischen Handel. Mit einer Karte und 18 Tabellen. Berlin: 1897.

195-244 pp.

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277 pp. 8o. Carli, Mario. Il Ce-Kiang; studio geografico-economico. Roma, 1899. xx, 278 pp. 8°. "Bien qu'il soit une simple compilation, ce

volume par l'abondance des faits qu'il contient, apporte une contribution importante à la connaissance d'une province assez ignorée du Céleste empire. Après une introduction historique sur les rapports de la Chine avec l'Europe, l'auteur décrit la province de Tchékiang, qui aurait du, après la demande de cession à bail de la baie de San Moun, constituer la zone d'influence réservée à l'Italie en vue du partage de la Chine. L'auteur traite de l'orographie, de l'hydrographie, des voies de communications, des produits, etc.” It opens with an introduction (pp. 1-71) giving an account of Chinese relations with the

Western world, and latterly Japan, from the time of the first Portuguese expedition in 1516.” Carol, Jean. Colonisation russe: les deux routes du Caucase; notes d'une touriste. Paris: Hatchette et Cie., 1899. xl, 311 pp. Illus

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interests." Colquhoun, Archibald Ross. China in transformation. With frontispiece, maps, and diagrams. New York and London: Harper &

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“This contribution of Mr. Colquhoun to the discussion of the Eastern question is primarily designed for English readers; but
since, in the author's view, British interests in India are closely bound up with the interests of the whole Anglo-Saxon race,
the topics that he treats will not be without interest to American readers. At any rate, the book will be helpful in clearing

away the mistiness of the whole Eastern situation." Conant, Charles A. The United States in the Orient. The nature of the economic problem. New York: Houghton, Miffin & Co.,

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Recollections of thirty-nine years in the army. Gwalior and the battle of Maharajpore, 1843; the
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hauled and revised, and contains a considerable amount of added matter. It includes a record of the recent events in China
down to the reported fall of the legations, and will be found to contain all that is requisite to insure a complete understanding

of the present crisis in China.””
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four hundred pages permit, a complete account of the history of the Oriental Asiatic world in its relations with Western civili-
zation, with an examination of the existing factors in the Far Eastern question, and a statement of the evidence bearing upon
the subject. The appendices to the book are particularly useful for reference, as they include a chronology of the history of the

Far East, the text of the more important treaties and conventions, and furnish a bibliography of authorities on the Far East.
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comprend la correspondance diplomatique de M. de Lagréné, qui conclut en 1844 le premier traité entre la France et la Chine;
puis le récit de l'expédition franco-anglaise qui, en 1860, pénétra jusque dans Pékin. L'auteur est un des rare survivants de
la mission de M. de Lagréné, qui vista de 1844 à 1846 les principales contrées de l'Extrême-Orient. Il contient des docu-
ments très précieux à consulter au milieu des difficultés des heure présente; il éclaire spécialement d'une façon très sûre, le
fond des idées de la Chine, ses meurs, ses traditions, son état d'âme.



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