An Old Philadelphian, Colonel William Bradford: The Patriot Printer of 1776. Sketches of His Life

Sherman & Company, printers, 1884 - 517 páginas

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Página 403 - ... found guilty ; nor can he be compelled to give evidence against himself; that no man be deprived of his liberty, except by the law of the land or the judgment of his peers.
Página 392 - Virginia, as a free and independent state, and that I will not at any time, do, or cause to be done, any matter or thing that will be prejudicial or injurious to the freedom and independence thereof...
Página 358 - An Exhortation to the Inhabitants of the Province of South Carolina, to bring their Deeds to the Light of Christ, in their own Consciences, by SH In which is inserted some Account of the Author's Experience in the Important Business of Religion.
Página 250 - At the same time, I cannot but regret that a matter of such magnitude, and so interesting to our general operations, should have reached me by report only, or through the channel of letters, not bearing that authenticity which the importance of it required, and which it would have received by a line under your signature, stating the simple fact.
Página 392 - Virginia as a Free and Independent State and that I will not at any time do or cause to be done any Matter or thing that will be prejudicial^ or Injurious to the Freedom and Independence thereof as declared by Congress. And Also that...
Página 93 - BUSHY-RUN. To which are annexed MILITARY PAPERS, CONTAINING Reflections on the War with the Savages; a Method of forming Frontier Settlements; some Account of the INDIAN Country; with a List of Nations, Fighting Men, Towns, Distances, and different Routs.
Página 366 - The Late Regulations respecting the British Colonies on the continent of America, considered in a Letter from a Gentleman in Philadelphia to his Friend in London, in which, with great spirit and force of argument, he exhibited the impolicy of the ministerial measures.
Página 403 - That the people have a right to hold themselves, their houses, papers and possessions free from search or seizure and therefore warrants without oaths or affirmations first made, affording a sufficient foundation for them, and whereby any officer or messenger may be commanded or required to search suspected places, or to seize any person or persons, his or their property, not particularly described, are contrary to that right and ought not to be granted.
Página 158 - ... intrude on thy time or patience, nor is it our practice to offer adulation to any. But as we are a people whose principles and conduct have been misrepresented and traduced, we take the liberty to assure thee, that we feel our hearts affectionately drawn towards thee, and those in authority over us, with prayers that thy presidency may, under the blessing of Heaven, be happy to thyself and to the people...
Página 82 - An authentic Historical Memoir of the Schuylkill Fishing Company of the State in Schuylkill. From its establishment on that romantic stream, near Philadelphia, in the year 1732, to the Present Time. By a member.

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