The History of New Hampshire..., Volumen2

O. Crosby and J. Varncy., 1812

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Página 376 - States now confederated to do ample justice to a body of people sufficiently respectable by their numbers, and entitled by other claims to be admitted into that confederation, it becomes them also to attend to the interests of their constituents, and see, that, under the appearance of justice to one, they do not materially injure the rights of others. I am apt to think this is the prevailing opinion of Congress...
Página 52 - ... march of the frontiers. The pond where this exploit was performed is at the head of a branch of Salmonfall river, in the township of •Wakefield, and has ever since borne the name of Lovewell's Pond.
Página 221 - ... to the control of a president-general to be appointed by the crown, whose assent should be essential to the adoption of any measure of policy. This council, it was proposed, should have power to enact general laws, apportion the quotas of men and money to be raised by each colony, determine the building of forts, regulate the operations of armies, and concert all measures for their common protection and safety. It is worthy of remark that this plan of union was perfected on the fourth of Jnly...
Página 95 - In the whole province not less than one thousand persons, of whom above nine hundred were under twenty years of age, fell victims to this raging distemper.
Página 169 - This piece of triumphant vanity alarmed the city, and immediately an hundred men were dispatched in boats to retake the battery; but Vaughan with his small party on the naked beach, and in the face of a smart fire from the city and the boats, kept them from landing till the reinforcement arrived. " In every duty of fatigue and sanguine adventure he was always ready, and the New Hampshire troops, animated by his enthusiastic ardor, partook of all the labors and dangers of the siege.
Página 54 - Pigwacket, distant about a mile and a half from this pond. Having fallen on his track, they followed it till they came to the packs, which they removed ; and counting them, found the number of his men to be less than their own : they, therefore, placed themselves in ambush, to attack them on their return. The Indian who...
Página 319 - He placed three hundred to oppose their front and draw their attention. Then sending Colonels Hubbard and Stickney, with two hundred to attack the right wing, and one hundred more to reinforce Nichols in the rear of their left, the attack began in that quarter precisely at three of the clock in the afternoon.
Página 341 - ... in the negative. Conceiving that they were not admitted to equal privileges with their brethren...
Página 173 - Reinforcements of men, stores and provisions arrived, and it was determined in a Council of War to maintain the place and repair the breaches. A total demolition might have been more advantageous to the nation ; but in that case, individuals would not have enjoyed the profit of drawing bills on the navy and ordnance establishments.
Página 113 - England then and there held in pursuance of his Majesties aforesaid Commission; the Court took under consideration the Evidences pleas and allegations offered and made by each party, referring to the Controversy depending between them and upon Mature advisement on the whole a doubt arose in point of Law and the Court thereupon came to the following resolution Viz.

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