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PAGE. ABUSES, Reforming Postal..


Civil Government in Porto Rico, The Results of..
Academic Freedom, Commercialism and.


William H. Hunt.1170 Academic Incident, A Little.

807 City Government, The Business Method of Purifying.. 688 Accidents, Railway

. 1252 City Government, see A Successful Secret Primary Law. 688 Aguinaldo, The Character of.


City Government, see Bad Government in Our Cities. .1138 Alabama, Suffrage in Virginia and..


City Government, see The Civic Death of Philadelphia.. 1116 Allies Occupation in China, The End of the.


City Government, see The Growth of Cities.. ..1137 America by Rail, To Connect Asia and.

1346 City Government, see The Police—The Pivot of MuAmerica, Continental Jealousy of...

nicipal Reform

. 1251 America, Our Trade with Latin.. Frederic Enory. 1181 City Government, see The Rise of New Municipal America, The Greater...

Frederic Emory. 1320

687 American and English Railways-A Contrast.. ...1251 City Government, see Where the Responsibility Lies...1739 American Bridge in Burma, Building an....J. C. Turk. 1148 Coat of Arms, The Porto Rican. .Francis E. Leupp. 1175 American Control of the Silver Market. . 1009 College Training, The Value of.

. 1233 American Locomotives Abroad. I012 Colonial Policy, A New Chapter in.

.1119 American Steel Making, The Japanese Study of.

Colonial Problems, Solving

679 America's Greatest Population Center. 1137 Colonies, A Royal Visit to the British.

686 Andes, Opening the Riches of the... .C. Lockhart.1271 Colonies for Industrial Pensioners, Agricuitural.

1010 Annexation, Tne Talk of Cuban.. I 248 Commercialism and Academic Freedom.

920 Anti-Imperialists, The Future of the. 808 Commercialism to Divide the South.

910 Apprentice System, A Novel Revival of the. I 228 Communism Found Wanting...

1256 Arboretum, The Remarkable Work of the Arnold..

Common Sense and Good Law..

904 Sylvester Baxter. 1182 Conference, A Southern Educational.

800 Archipelago for Civilization, Preparing an.... 1144

Constitution, The True Measure of the.

907 Army of Pensioners, The Great.

916 Consuls and Our Trade, Our...... Frederic Emory. 751 Asia, A New Link with...

1 232

Countryman Has the Better of It, The.. Asia, Russia's Conquest of.... John Kimberly Mumford. 704

W. Frank McClure. 1307 Asia, The Russian World-Game in..

684 Corporations, Workmen as Shareholders in... . 1346 Assassination of President McKinley, The


Crime, Saving Boys from..... Lillie Hamilton French.1214 Automobiles, The Striking Development of. 896 Creeds, A Steady Liberalization of.....

917 Author and Publisher at Peace, The.. Mary B. Mullett.. 777 Creed of Good Conduct, The.:

918 Author as the Printer Sees Him, The..

Creed Revision, A Preliminary Step Toward PresbyJ. Horace McFarland. 779 terian

917 Avthority, In Behalf of Those in..

Cuba-The Coming of a New Nation..

.I119 1.thor and the Publisher, The Unknown..

Cuba, see A New Chapter in Colonial Policy: I119
An Unknown Writer.1217 Cuba, see A New Era in the Philippines and in Porto

Cuba, see Rhetorical Cuban - Indirectness.

909 BANK. Failures, Prosperity and.

Cubs, see Some Particular Tariff Troubles.

. 1249
Baths, Floating Hotels and Free.
11 37

806 Boats, Submarine Torpedo...

Cuba, see The Mustering Out of the Volunteers.

U143 Boers' Stubborn_or Steadfast Refusal, The.


Cuba, see The Police--The Pivot of Municipal Reform. 1251 Boer War, The Enormous Cost of the

Cuba, see The Spanish Loss by the War,

693 805 Books, A Short Guide to New....782, 888, 1005, 1224, 1342

Cuba, see The Visit of the Cuban Committee.


Cuban Annexation Books, The Month's Most Popular..

.... 1249 Cuban Problem, The Solution of the. 785, 893, 1007, 1124, 1227, 1343

Senator 0. H. Platt. 727 Boston, Supplying Water to..

900 Boys from Crime, Saving. Lillie Hamilton French.1214

Cuban Committee, The Visit of the...

803 Breeding New Wheats..

W. S. Harwood. 745 Bridge in Burma, Building an American....J. C. Turk. 1148 DAY'S Work of a Stock Broker, A. Arthur Goodrich. 1000 Bridge Building, Advance in.


Day's Work of a Traveling Man, A.. Bridge in the World, The Greatest Suspension. 895

Arthur Goodrich. 885 British Colonies, A Royal Visit to the.

Death of John Fiske, The.

. 1123 British Empire, The Prestige of the.

Death of Many Notables, The.

.I123 Bureau of Forestry, The New...

Deaths of the Month, Some..

809 919 Brooklyn Bridge Scare, The.

Decisions, The Supreme Court's Expansion.

903 Business Methods for Purifying City Government 688 Democracy as a Solvent of Great Fortunes.

691 Butter, Improvement in the Making of.

Democratic “Split” in South Carolina, The.. 900

910 Diaz and His Successors, President....J. D. Whelpley. 698

Diplomatic Service, Work Toward a Permanent. 1119 CANADA, Our Relations with. .J. D. Whelpley. 942 Drought, The


1134 Canal Treaty, The Status of the.

686 Carnegie's Far-Reaching Plan, Mr.

EARNING, Saving Is Harder Than.

795 Carnegie's "Pauperization" of Scotch Education, Mr... 913 Economic Reorganization of the World, The. 792 Cars, The Growing Use of Private.

Education, A Great New Movement in.

799 Cassett, Alexander Johnston.. Francis Nelson Barksdale. 973 Education, Mr. Carnegie's "Pauperization" of Scotch.. 913 Centre of Finance, The Shifting of the. 791 Education on the Ground...

807 Changes of Events, Not by a Programme. 792 Education, The Growth of Technical.

1255 Character. The Art of Saving. R. E. Phillips. 1 296 Education, The Spread of Manual-Mental.

I 254 Charity Workers, A School for

. 1235
Empire, A Plan Really to Open the..

804 Child Labor in Southern Cotton Mills. . Irene M. Ashby. 1290 Engineer, The Social..

921 1 China, What Has Been Done in. 803 English Railways-A Contrast, American and.

. I 251 China, The End of the Allies' Ocupation of.

English Railways, Parcel Service on..

895 China, see A Plan Really to Open the Empire. 804 - English, The Growth and Migration of the..

.II 20 China, sce Continental Jealousy of America. 915 Era of Philanthropy, A New..

I112 China, see Danger of the Japanese-Russian War.

Europe--Austria-Hungary, the Political Status of. China, see Future of the Anti-Imperialists..


Sydney Brooks. 764 China, see The Larger Chinese Problem. 19. Executive, A Business-like..

922 China, see The Russian World Game in Asia.

684 Exhibits, Short Stories of Interesting. . Arthur Goodrich.1054 China, see The Scandal of the Indemnity.

Around the Exposition Edges.

1096 China, see The Value of the Philippine Experience. 802

Evidence of Manufacturing Advances.

1055 China, see To, Connect America and Asia.

Faster Printing and Better Paper.

1073 Churchill and "The Crisis,” Winston.

Growing New Fruits and Plants.

1067 Christian Science and Two Questions.

Guns and Ammunition...

1095 Cities, Bad Government in Our. 1138 Machinery for Everything..

. 1074 Cities, The Growth of......

Matters of Size and Arrangement.

1054 Civic Death of Philadelphia, The.. 1116 New Minerals


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FAIR, Latin America at the..

(See' l'an-American Exposition).1046 Fair, The Play Side of the..

Mary Bronson Hartt (Sce Pan-American Expo.

1097 Farmers at Home, Teaching.

... John Craig. 810 Farming, A Revolution in.

Prof. L. II. Bailey. 945 Farms and Orchards, Making.

. 1236 Fifty Years of the Y. M. C. Å.

898 Finance, The Shifting of the Centre of.

791 Fire, Increased Losses by..

1139 Fishes, Photographing Tropical. A. Radclytte Dugmore. 929 Fiske, The Death of John...

.11 23 Forestry, The New Bureau of.

919 Fortunes, Democracy as a Solvent of Great.

691 Franchise, The, Massachusetts l'iew of Public.

1117 French Republic Is Strong, Why the.... Sydney Brooks. 949 Fruits and Flowers, A Maker of New..

Liberty H. Bailey. 1209 Funston, Brigadier-General

696 GAMBLING Epidemic. A..

797 German Ship Builders, The.

786 Good Roads Train, The.

Earl Mayo. 956 Good Road A Good luvestment, A.

Earl Mayo. 1285 Government of Our Cities. (See City Government).1138 Greater America, The...

.Frederic Emory. 1320 Great Lakes to Europe, Straight from the.. Ground, Education on the.

807 Growth and Migration of the English, The.

1120 Growth of Cities, The.

I 137 Growth of Technical Education, The.

1255 Guide to New Books, A Short....782, 888, 1005, 1224, 1342



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PAGE. Labor, The Steel Workers and the Mechanics' Strikes

II21 Labor, see Sweeping Injunctions

I134 Labor, see lipward Movement in larm Laborers.

690 Labor, see Workmen as Shareholders in Corporations...1346 Land Grabbers of the Northwest.

1128 Land to be Opened, More Public.

894 Latin America, Our Trade with.. Frederic Emory.u101 Law, A Successful Secret of Primary

688 Law, Common Sense and Good.

904 Law. The Torrens Land...

1131 Learning, .1 Magnificent Home of. Victor Henderson. 877 Literature, The Best l'lan to Save Magazine..

M. B. Corse. I 222 Life, The Lengthening of Human.

......1252 Library and the l'ublic School, The Public.

George Iles. 775 Light for the Tenements, More..

1136 Livraries and Nature's Clubs in Parks,

1340 Line of Veterans, The Lessening Line ot.

916 Link with Asia, A Vew...

1232 Literature? Does Democracy Cheapen. .

1122 Literature, The Best Plan to Save Magazine. .

M. B. Corse. i 222 “Lloyds"- Why England Holds the Shipping of the World

1 230 Locomotives Abroad, American. Losses by Fire, Increased...

1139 MUNICIPAL Reform, The Police the Pivot of..

(See City Government). 1 252 Municipal Issues, The Rise of New..

(See City Government). 687 Municipal Ownership..

John Martin (See City Government). 833 Museum for Social Reform, ...

...1234 Muscum, The Philadelphia Commerciul..

Richard A. Foley. 1258 Mustering Out of the Volunteers, The..

806 N-ITTRE Clubs in Parks, Libraries and

....1340 Negro as lle Rcally Is, The..

W. E. Burghardt Du Bois. 848 Vegro, The Salvation of the.... Booker T. Washington. 96 i Niagara, The Wonderful Story of the Chaining of...

Orrin E. Dunlap. 1052 Northwest. The Wonderful..

il. A. Stanley. 813 Xovelist, The True Reward of tie.

Frank Norris. 1337 OGDEX l'arty, The..

801 Open Markets and Open Minds.

.. 918 Orchards, Making Farms and...

.1236 Opening the Riclics of the Indes.

.C. Lockhart. 1271 Our Consuls and Our Trade.

Frederic Emory. 751 P1.NAMERICAN Exposition as a work of Art, The ...

Cha les II. Cathn. 1049 Pan-American Exposition. The.

Ilalter H. Page. 1015 Illumination as a Fine Art.

1045 Latin America at the fair.

1046 Predominance of the Spectacular.

1024 The Architecture

1026 Tlie Color Scheme

1030 The First Impression.

1015 The Ground Plan.

1019 The Mechanical Work of the Future.

1048 The People at Play..

1047 The Stories Told in Sculpture.

1038 Parks, Libraries and Nature Clubs in.

1340 Philanthropy. A New Era in.

1112 Philadelphia, The Civic Death of.

1116 Philippines and in Porto Rico, A New Era in tie. 1141 Philippine Experience. The Value of Our.

802 Philippines, A Clear Way to Peace in the..

680 Philippines, The Tasks of Peace in the..

802 Philippines, see An Explanation of the Insular Cases.

903 Philippines, see The Character of Aguinaldo.

679 Philippines, see The Mustering Out of the Volunteers. 806 Plays from Novels, The Making of...

694 Polar Expeditions. This Summer's.

809 Politicians. Still an Asylum for Defeated.

690 Political Status of Europe - Austria-Hungary, The..

Sy iney Brooks. 764 Population Centre, America's Greatest.

1137 Population, Other Movements of

1131 Population. The Increa e of British and the Decrease of the French

806 Police, The Character of American. Franklin Matthews. 1314 • Porto Rican Coat of Arms. The..... Francis E. Leupp. 1175 Porto Rico, The Result of Civil Government in..

William H. Hunt. 1170 Porto Rico, see The Mustering Out of the Volun'eers... 806 Postal Abuses. Reforming

I 139 Postal facilities, The Need of.

1140 Postal Progress. Evidences of..

894 Practical Examples of Self-Help.


IDEAL School House, An Dr. William H. Burnham. 866 111.Advised Steel Strike, The..

. . I 245 Illumination as a Fine Art.. (Pan-American Exposition). 1045 Incidents Reviewed, Two Interesting.

090 Incident, A Little Academic.

807 Indemnity, The Scandal of the.

(Sce China). 804 Independence, Actual Rural.. Walter E. Andrews. 719 Industrial Changes Since 1893, Great..

Carroll D. Wright. 1107 Industry, A Nerve Centre of Vast..

Dwight E. Woodbridge. 758 Industry, A Leader of Modern.... Arthur Goodrich. 1 201 Industry in Fine Rug-Making, A Village.

. 1009 Injunctions, Sweeping

(See Labor)11 34 Insular Cases, An Explanation of the. . (See Tariff). 903 Institution, A Washington Memorial.

911 Institution for Medical Research, An.

912 Inventions, A Week of New Irrigation, A Western Demand for.

689 Irrigation, A Lesson in..

1134 Issue of the Strike. The..

1133 Issues, The Rise of New Municipal.



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JACKSONVILLE, The Burning of

808 Jealousy of America, Continental.

915 Jerome and Civic Honesty

Arthur God ich 1333 Journey in the World. The Most Interesting... 689 KEENE, James R. Manipulator..

Edwin Le Tevre. 997 Kin Across the Sea, Our (lo-e.

915 Kipling's “Kim," Mr...

1341 Kitchen, To Banish the ..


LABORERS: An l'award Movement of Farm.

Labor Unions, The Inherent Weakness of. Labor, see A May Labor Strike. Labor, sce An Example of Labor-Saving Machine. Labor, see A Mill Town in Strike Tines. Laber, see An Unreasonable Strike.. Labor, see A Strike in a Labor Utopia.. Labor, see Child Labor in Southern Cotton Mills. Labor, see How Strikes Strengthen Corporations. Labor, see The Ill. Advised Steel Serike. Labor, see The Real Issue of the Strike.. Labor, see The Results of Nearly 15,000 Strikes

690 1246 014 800 1326 .1133

914 1 200) 1246 1245 TI33 1247

PAGE. Preachers, The Education of..

The Rev. S. D. McConnell. 837 Press, The Decline of the Religious.

693 President's Expansion of Thought, The.

798 President, A Southern Candidate for..

911 Private Cars, The Growing Use of.

1012 Problem, The Larger Chinese..

919 Problem. The Solution of the Cuban.. Hon. 0. H. Platt. 729 Property and Bank Failures. Property, Sharing..

R. E. Phillips. 761 Prosperity, The Penalty of. Prosperity and Bank Failures.

.I114 Public Land to be Opened, More. Publishers, The Unknown Writer and the..

An Cnknown Writer. 1217



RACES. The Coming Yacht

1141 Races, The Increasing Co-operation of the.

800 kace "Problem," No A-*cial Solution of the. . 1251 Railway Accidents

1251 Railways-A Contrasi, siuerican and English.

. 1251 1 Reforming Postal Abuses.

. 1139 Relations with Canada, Our..

..J. D. Whelpley. 942 keligious Sects, The Relative Strength oi.

919 Remarkable Work of the Arnold Arboretum..

Sylvester Baxter. 1182 Results of Civil Government in Porto Rico, The..

William E. Hunt. 1170 Responsibility Lies, Where the.. (See City Government). 139 Riches, A Short Study of..

692 Road--A Good Investment, A Good. Earl Mayo. 1 285 Road Train, The Good.

Earl Mayo. 956 Roosevelt, President.

.. 1240 Rural Independence, Actual. Walter E. Andrews. 719 Russia as a Great Power..

Sydney Brooks. 1277 Russia Bc Liberalized? Can.

684 Russian World-Game in Asia, The

684 Russian Revolutionists Again. The.

682 Russia, see To Connect Asia and America by Rail. 1346 Russia's Conquest of Asia.... Jo Kimberly Mumford. 704

PAGE. TAPPEN, Frederic D... William Justus Boies. 1 167 Tariff Retorm, The Ghost of..

1248 Tariff Troubles, Some Particular.

1249 Tariff Skirmishes, Retaliatory.

.I117 Tarifi Split, The Threatened Republican.

.1118 Tariff, see An Explanation of the Insular Cases.

903 Teaching and Better Research, For Better

913 Telegraph. A Successful Printing... Maximillian Foster. 1195 Telephone, liispatching Trains by.

1136 Telephones, The Growth of.

1135 Teiepnony, The Prevention of Shipwreck by Wireless. . 1347 Tenements Pay, Making Good.

920 Tenements, More Light for the.

..1136 Texas Oil for Steel Production.

1011 Third Term Superstition, The.

II 20 Torpedo Boats, Submarine..

1143 Traction, A Revolution 'in Eletrica!

920 Trade, Our Consuls and Our...

F .leric Emory. 751 Trade with Latin America, Our.. Srtjeric Emory.1101 Trade Schools, The Massachusetts.

897 Train, The Good Roads.

Earl Mayo. 956 Trains, Bigger Steamers and Faster.

899 Traveling Man, A Day's Work of a. . Arthur Goodrich. 885 Treasury, The Secretary of the.

735 Treaty, The Status of the Canal.

686 Trees and Civilization.

Gifford Pinchot. 986 True Measure of the Constitution, The.

907 Trusts, A Few Examples of New

.I114 Trusts, Financing

E. J. Edwards. 1 180 Trust, The International.

1113 *Trust" for Social Betterment, A. Dr. W. H. Tolman. 924 UVIONS: The Inherent Weakness of.

.1246 United States Through European Eyes, The.. 804 Unprecedented Rise in Values.

792 Unreasonable Strike, An.....

(See Labor).1133




SAHARA, The Blooming of a......

William E. Smythe. 1 261 Salvation of the Negro, The.. Booker T. Washington. 961 Saving Boys from Crime. . . . . . Lillie Hamilton French. 1214 Saving Is Harder Than Earning.

795 Scandal of the Indemnity, The

(See China). 804 School for Charity Workers, A.

. 1235 School House, The Ideal... William H. Burnham. 866 "Scholars at Five Cents a Head".

911 Secession of Senator McLaurin, The. Secretary of the Treasury, The.

735 Self-Help, Practical Example of.

800 Service, "A Most Honorable Public.

801 Sharing Prosperity..

R. E. Phillips. 761 Ship Building. An Unprecedented.

788 Ship Growing Bigger, The Big.

. 1143 Ship, The Biggest.

Chalmers Roberts. 1177 Social Engineer, The.: Social Sanity That Begins in June, The.

808 Soldiers Become School Masters.

.I 254 Solving Colonial Problems.

679 South, Barbarism and Heroism in the.

..1250 South, Breaking Up the Solid..

Senator John L. McLaurin. 985 South, Commercialism to Divide the

910 South to Yield at Last? Is the Solid.

797 Spanish Loss of Trade in the War, The.

693 Speeches of the Month, Some Noteworthy.

1115 Standard Oil, By.Products of...

. 1228 Statesmanship, A Place of Constructive.

680 Steam.ships, New Nerves for the..

Henry Harrison Lewis. 771 Steamship for Passengers, The First Turbine.

....1142 Steel Workers' and Machinists' Strikes, The Stillman-Barker, James...

John B. Lander.1312 Stock Broker, A Day's Work of a....Arthur Goodrich. 1000 Stories of Men Who Work, Short.

A Woman Who Found Herself in a Sea Chest....1344
How President Blanco Nipped a Revolution in the

1 345 Strike, An Unreasonable.

(See Labor). 1133 Strike in a Labor Utopia, A.

914 Strike, The Real Issue of the

.1133 Strike, The Steel Workers' and the Machinists' Strike, The Ill-Advised Steel.

. 1 245 Strikes, The May Labor..

914 Strikes, The Results of Nearly 15,000.

1 247 Strike Time. A Mill Town in.

M. G. Ciunniff. 1326 Submarine Torpedo Boats..

..1143 Superstition. The Third Term. Supplying Water to Boston.


VALUES, The Unprecedented Rise of.

792 Veterans, The Lessening Line of..

916 Visit to the British Colonies, A Royal.

686 Volunteers, The Mustering Out of the.. (See Cuba). 806 WALL Street, The Machinery of... .S. A. Nelson. 977 War, Spanish Loss of Trade by the.

693 War, The Danger of a Japanese-Russian. War, The Enormous Loss of the Boer,

804 Water Falls and the Work of the World..

Theodore Waters. 739 Weak Minded, Honors and Aid for the.

1255 Wealth, The Growth of...

Charles A. Conant. 872 Washington Memorial Institution, The.

911 Wheats, Breading New..

.W. S. Harwood. 744 Wireless Telephony, The Prevention of Shipwreck by..1347 World, The Economic Reorganization of the.

792 Work of the Future, The Mechanical.

1048 Workmen as Shareholders in Corporations.

1346 Writer and the Publisher, The Unknown..

An Unknown Writer. 1217 INDEX TO PORTRAITS. Acuna, Franciscode Paulo.

1173 Barbosa, Dr. Jose C....

1174 Burbank, Luther

I 211 Diaz, General Porfirio.

683 Du Bois, W. E. Burghardt.

794 Evans, Henry Clay

1130 Funston, Brigadier-General Frederick.

678 Gage, The Hon. Lyman H

737 Keene, James R.

996 Hill, James J.

725 Hay. John

1242 Jerome, Judge William Travers

1332 Laurier, Sir Wilfrid.

908 Limantour. Jose Yves.

702 Maxim, Sir Hiram.

845 McKinley, William

.1238 Moran, Robert

796 McMillin, Emerson

1 200 Navarro. Herminio Diaz.

1173 Odell, Hon. Benjamin B. (Jr.)

902 Pinchot. Gifford

906 Piatt, Hon. O H Η. Reyes, General Bernardo.

701 Root, Elihu Roosevelt. Theodore

1241 Rossy, Manual F.

1174 Sargent, Charles S., LL.D.

1129 Stillman, James

1312 Taft, Governor General W. H..

11 26 Tappen, Frederick D..

1132 Wheeler, Benjamin Ide.


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