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brilliant feat of General Funston in AFTER a long controversy, well-balanced

THE events of the month that stand

THE CHARACTER OF AGUINALDO out with striking interest were the

opinion in the United States has come capturing Aguinaldo, and Aguinaldo's good back to the first judgment made of Aguinaldo sense, after he had found out the real situ- by our officers in the Philippines—that he is ation, in promptly taking the oath of allegiance an ambitious and rather ignorant man with to the United States. The military problem good qualities of leadership among an unin the Philippine Islands is now practically trained people. His aim was a dictatorship, solved.

and he had no well-developed conception of a In fact better conditions prevail in all the government other than a rude government by old Spanish islands than have before prevailed force. He is a high product of Tagalog for an indefinite time. There is less vio- civilization, tempered by Spanish influence. lence in the Philippines than at any period A wise leader in his position would not have within the memory of living men; there is no attacked the United States Army; but his violence in Cuba, and on the first of April ambition was greater than his knowledge or this year, for the first time within a century his wisdom. The high qualities of a man perhaps, there was not a case of yellow fever who would liberate his country for the love of in Havana. In Porto Rico, in Cuba and in freedom were hardly his. His ambition was the Philippines, the fruits of orderliness and of a far more personal and primitive kinda stable government are already apparent, in to rule it himself for the gratification of his the whole civil, educational and industrial own power. machinery for building up the people and de There is no essentially base quality in this veloping the land. The policy of the Admin estimate of him ; for independence and free istration (which was indeed rather a necessary government, in the sense in which we know plan of action than a deliberate policy), has them, were inconceivable not only to a Tagalog been vindicated; and our more or less awk- leader, but to the Spaniards from whom he ward attack on these problems, which were learned his lessons in government. It was new to us, have been quite as successful as indeed an admirable quality to prefer to be we could have dared to hope. Much remains dictator over his own people rather than to to be done, but so far events have justified surrender his supposed power to a governour action.

ment that he did not understand, and that he 13 17:31

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