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Devoted to


Practical Christianity.



No. 1.


Stenographic jottings of a Bible Lesson at Unity Headquarters, from Luke 14:15.

These lessons are for the bringing forth of the powers of the individual, therefore every lesson refers to the individual. The starting point is that there is one universal Principle invisible — God. That Principle is Light, Love, Intelligence, Substance, the essence of all that appears. The visible of that Principle is man and our whole work as individuals, as men and women, is to make manifest that invisible everywhere present Principle. If this be true, and if Jesus Christ was a manifestation of that Principle, and he kept the law, then it must follow that these lessons which he gave us are for our individual instruction in bringing forth, or incorporating into ourselves, this one Principle — God.

The lesson last Sunday was on seeing, perceiving. Everything is first visible in the realm of thought. This is an ideal realm, and as we study these lessons from this plane of perception we understand that it is not simply the seeing through the eye, but seeing the Truth, the perception of the Truth:

Here is a symbol of a great supper. What does supper mean?

When we eat we appropriate forms of matter, and matter is a symbol of substance.

Is matter the real substance? No. The more we look at and study matter, the more we find that it is simply the manifestation of something. Material science says that each atom of matter has force and intelligence and a certain individuality, hence it is a form of mind.

We read in this scripture lesson of a great supper

prepared; this must mean that there is a great Universal Substance in Being. All that we eat and drink, all this niateriality which we see around us, has a spiritual side, a spiritual face. First, the ideal; then, if we are dwelling with God, we will find out what this mental face is. We must then learn how to incorporate it into our consciousness that this material man may be built up properly; that these bodies shall have not only material bread but the bread of Life, because man does not live by bread alone but “by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” He must have this spiritual perception, the understanding of spiritual things. He is a spiritual being.

In dealing with the different elements, the different attributes of Being, one is a lesson in Life, one a lesson in Love, and we have today a lesson in Substance. This is to show us that there is in God a great Universal Substance, which is provided in great abundance for man. A great supper was prepared and everybody was invited to come in. First were invited those people who represented the best of the community; the invitation was sent out to those who had attained, we will say, a certain status of respectability and responsibility in the community, but they were so busy about other things, and had so many other interests in the externals of life, that they did not recognize this great universal Idea of Substance; their minds were running in other directions, and they excůsed themselves. One had bought a yoke of oxen: Another had married a wife, and did not have time to attend this great supper. These are the excuses given by people not interested in this great supper, this great Universal Substance of Life, of God, of Truth. One man is interested in houses and lands and all such external things, and does not think of spiritual things. Another man is interested in cattle, stock raising, he has bought some oxen and thinks he is too busy to consider spiritual things. Another man is interested in his family, has married This eye,

a wife, is interested in things external, devotes all his attention to his family.

But this is a mere external application of the lesson. There is a deeper one. Jesus Christ was a great metaphysician. We must take hold of the same Principle that he took hold of. We must get at our spiritual needs. There is an inner meaning to this. We must understand the mind and its principles, and see our relation to this invisible. This lesson refers to certain planes of consciousness. Here is a great provision of an invisible, everywhere present substance. My body, for instance, is termed a part of that substance. Other things enter into these forms. I have intelligence. There is intelligence in everything, and the form of things depends upon this omnipresent intelligence. It is an important thing to know about this Universal Substance. this ear, are mere forms and shapes woven from Universal Substance. Taste, feeling, hearing and seeing are all elements of this invisible substance. This becomes plain when we take the right spiritual idea. We have only to know that the real substance we see all about us is spiritual.

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, and want to come into the regeneration, and stand where he stands, you must see everything as spiritual. Where does it originate? In mind. The mind is intelligence. Everything in mind is based upon ideas. Back of all this so-called matter there must be an idea of matter. If the idea is material it takes form, then it is an idea of substance in limitation, the limitation of matter. But is that all of substance? No; substance is an idea in the mind. Then to get a clear idea of what matter is, I must unlimit my idea of matter, I must see it as Universal Substance. Everything

Ι that we see is an incorporation of Universal Substance, and we incorporate it according to our idea. If your inner eye were opened you would see that this Universal Substance is like a photographer's sensitive plate.

In this real matter, or Universal Substance, is contained everything that man needs in the way of supply. All the gold and all the silver is made out of this Universal Substance. The divine law is that the Universal Substance shall respond to your thought. For instance, you are a consumptive, and your idea is that you are wasting away. Now, if you hold that kind of thought of course it will work in that way. Change your idea and you will find that you will change the form.

Here is a great supper of substance to which there is no limit. We are told that when this supper was prepared special provisions were made. The fact is that those who deeply study the advent of Jesus Christ, his relations to the Universal, have discovered that his coming into our race with his high ideals and the demonstration and the overcoming in connection therewith, did really form a new presentation of the Universal Substance to us. In other words, he poured out his ideas so strongly that we caught and held them. We have more intelligent thoughts, we are better men and women since Jesus Christ came into the world; we have a better idea of our possibilities; we have a higher form of life, and now we can have more substance. This great supper Jesus said was especially prepared and all were invited in. You will find that this idea of plenty runs all through the lessons given by Jesus Christ.

There is no reality in the apparent limitation of matter; the only reality of matter is spirituality itself, and if you step right into God's great Spirit you will find that the fullness of all things is in this Omnipresent Substance.

It does not make any difference if landlords do claim this earth, they will pass away. My own will come to me. Jesus said you might have plenty of this substance in this life, plenty of lands and houses and all things else; but you must first get into right relation (righteousness) with God and His true idea of substance.

Now, the first man who would not come to this great

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