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shall achieve such illustrious actions will augment the pleasing amazement. Add to this the exalted stations we shall occupy, and the joyful approbation of our own bosoms; and tell me, is not our present situation, taking all things into account, one that might well be envied ? Defeat cannot deprive us of honor, nor death of glory; while success, if obtained,


, has in store for us all those rewards which ever graced the most fortunate of mankind.

Opportunities for great actions,” says the moralist, "occur but seldom, and surely he ill deserves honor who lets the opportunity pass when it presents itself. Glory has found us, and let us embrace her; the tide of our affairs is at the flood, and let us embark upon the waves of fortune: we are all attended, and Heaven seems propitious. A thousand years may pass,

and a more favorable moment may not again occur. “What, still thoughtful? Oh, I see, Miss

, — has whispered something into your ear Jwhich has operated unfavorably upon your mind. Well, I can excuse you, for a being of such perfect loveliness might well disturb a hermit's prayer, though I will not allow her to divert a patriot's purpose.”

“Then,” said I, " you will not pardon love in a conspirator ?"

“I can not only, pardon it,” he replied, "but sincerely wish that the tender passion may be always blended with the amor patriæ, for he that anticipates the commendation of a beloved mistress, can never act dishonorably. My friend,” he continued, rising and taking me by the hand, “ I too have one whose praise I wish to merit, and whese exaltation, next to my country, is the first wish of my heart. She is kind, she is lovely, and Heaven only knows how good !”

“ And yet," I interrupted, "you would fling away this jewel, without having the untutored Indian's apology, for you know its value.”

" I know its value," he rejoined, “and, because I know it, I wish to place it where its worth may be appreciated. The stagnant vale of inglorious ease is for those domestic enamored souls who are content to pass a life of inactive worthlessness, and who wish to enjoy affection without having merited love. Mine is a higher ambition : I must make myself worthy of the woman of my choice, and the glory which sheds its lustre on the husband shall refleet its splendor on the wife. Heaven forbid that an excusable passion should thwart the great design of my life, or cause me for an instant to neglect my country's good for the purpose of promoting my own personal advantage. What earthly possessions could equal the glory of having freed Ireland from foreign domination? and, though failure might partially obstruct its rays, we never can be deprived of the consciousness of having deserved it."

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The attack-Failure-Dispersion of the Patriots-Em

mett's attachment for Miss Curran-Attempts to visit her, and is captured-Major Sirr.

The magazine which Emmett had prepared for the outbreak was by no means despicable. It comprised the following warlike implements:

145 lbs. of cannon powder in bundles,
11 boxes of fine powder,

100 bottles filled with powder, enveloped with musket balls, and covered with canvass,

246 hand grenades, formed of ink bottles, filled with powder, and encircled with buckshot,

62000 rounds of musket ball cartridges, 3 bushels of musket balls,

A quantity of tow mixed with tar and gunpowder, and other combustible matter, for throwing against woodwork, which whenignited, would cause an instantaneous conflagration; sky rockets, and other signals, &c., and false beams filled with combustibles; and no less than 20,000 pikes.

This superabundance of ammunition is an evident proof of Emmett having promises of

large supplies of men, in which promises he was fatally disappointed; for instead of having a force of thousands at his command, he could only muster a few hundreds on the evening of the engagement.

“On the morning of the appointed day, (23d of June, 1803) for this momentous enterprise," continues the same writer from whom we have been quoting, “the Kildare men were seen directing their hurried steps towards the Capital. They had collected about the depot in Marshalsea-lane and Thomas-street, in unusual crowds, when about five o'clock they were persuaded by their officers to return home. This, with the defection of the Wicklow and Wexford laborers, would have deterred a less ardent spirit than that of Emmett's from proceeding. His, though damped, never quailed under the danger that this disappointment was likely to bring on him and his followers.

Towards dusk he directed the distribution of pikes amongst the waiting crowds in Thomas street, and proceeded to make the necessary arrangements for the contemplated attack.

On the night of the 22d, we assembled at the depot, and, though every thing wore a

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