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From the earliest recollection of the compiler of this work, he has sought for a complete and satisfactory biography of ROBERT EMMETT ; but up to the present time he has been unsuccessful. Feeling, in common with his countrymen, the need of such a book, he has been impelled to the task before him. It is not hoped that the deficiency will be supplied by the production of the following pages; yet the compiler entertains the belief that it will, in some degree, fill the desideratum, and be well received by Irishmen. He feels certain that they will gladly welcome it to the world of letters, for two reasons: First, from a strong love for the memory of the man. Secondly, that, while ponderous vol. umes of biography are afloat in the land, of men less distinguished, a life of EMMETT may be found that is in some degree worthy of the man.

The only recommendation which the compiler can offer with this volume, is that it is published from the strong impulses of an Irish heart; and with the sole design to commemorate a name dear to every native of the Green Isle.

The works consulted in the preparation of this work, were principally—“Life, Trial and Conversations of Robert Emmett, &c.” a little volume published originally in Lon. don, and re-printed in this country by R. Coddington, of New York; "Curran and his Contemporaries" by Charles Phillips, Esq.; and “ Phillips' Speeches." In addition to these, he has derived much valuable information from newgpapers and magazines, and from individuals who were con. temporaries of Mr. EMMETT's.

J. W. B. Charleston, S. C.

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