The Northeastern Reporter, Volumen9

West Publishing Company, 1887
Includes the decisions of the Supreme Courts of Massachusetts, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, and Court of Appeals of New York; May/July 1891-Mar./Apr. 1936, Appellate Court of Indiana; Dec. 1926/Feb. 1927-Mar./Apr. 1936, Courts of Appeals of Ohio.

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Página 68 - But where the second action between the same parties is upon a different claim or demand, the judgment in the prior action operates as an estoppel only as to those matters in issue or points controverted, upon the determination of which the finding or verdict was rendered.
Página 537 - In all controversies concerning property, and in all suits between two or more persons, except in cases in which it has heretofore been...
Página 638 - We are not considering whether there was sufficient evidence to justify the jury in finding that 'the directors had knowledge of the contract and its terms.
Página 190 - No party to any civil action, suit, or proceeding, or person directly interested in the event thereof, shall be allowed to testify therein of his own motion, or in his own behalf, by virtue of the foregoing section...
Página 478 - In the construction of a pleading for the purpose of determining its effect, its allegations shall be liberally construed, with a view to substantial justice between the parties.
Página 556 - ... distance within this State, the вате or a greater amount of toll or compensation than is at the same time charged, collected, or received for the transportation, in the same direction, of any passenger, or like quantity of freight of the same class, over a greater distance of the same railroad...
Página 63 - If such bonds can not be purchased at or below par, such treasurer shall invest such money in the bonds of the United States, of the State of New York, or of any town or village or city of...
Página 75 - The tax so levied must be computed and entered upon the assessment roll by the county auditor, and collected at the same time and in the same manner as state and county taxes, and when collected shall be paid Into the county treasury for the use of the district.
Página 393 - This contention is asserted by counsel on the strength of the cases which hold that, where a deed is placed in the hands of a third person, to be delivered to the grantee upon the performance of a certain condition by the grantee, a delivery in violation of the condition will not make the deed effective.
Página 589 - We may lay it down as a broad general principle that wherever one of two innocent persons must suffer by the acts of a third, he who has enabled such third person to occasion the loss must sustain it

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