Annual Report of the American Institute of the City of New York


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Página 18 - This species of establishment contributes doubly to the increase of improvement; by stimulating to enterprise and experiment, and by drawing to a common centre, the results everywhere of individual skill and observation; and spreading them thence over the whole Nation. Experience accordingly has shewn, that they are very cheap Instruments, of immense National benefits.
Página 17 - It will not be doubted, that, with reference either to individual or national welfare, agriculture is of primary importance. In proportion as nations advance in population and other circumstances of maturity, this truth becomes more apparent, and renders the cultivation of the soil more and more an object of public patronage. Institutions for promoting it grow up, supported by the public purse; and to what object can it be dedicated with greater propriety ? Among the means, which have been employed...
Página 703 - Corruption of morals in the mass of cultivators, is a phenomenon of which no age nor nation has furnished an example. It is the mark set on those, who not looking up to heaven, to their own soil and industry, as does the husbandman, for their subsistence, depend for it on the casualties and caprice of customers.
Página 539 - new every morning," and fresh every moment. We see as fine risings of the sun as ever Adam saw ; and its risings are as much a miracle now as they were in his day, and I think a good deal more, because it is now a part of the miracle, that for thousands and thousands of years he has come to his appointed time, without the variation of a millionth part of a second. Adam could not tell how this might be. I know the morning — I am acquainted with it, and I love it. I love it fresh and sweet as it...
Página 538 - Every body knows the morning, in its metaphorical sense, applied to so many objects, and on so many occasions. The health, strength, and beauty of early years, lead us to call that period the " morning of life." Of a lovely young woman, we say, she is "bright as the morning," and no one doubts why Lucifer is called
Página 538 - This is highly poetical and beautiful. The ' wings of the morning' are the beams of the rising sun. Rays of light are wings. It is thus said that the Sun of Righteousness shall arise, 'with healing in His wings ; ' a rising sun which shall scatter light, and health, and joy, throughout the universe.
Página 504 - Romans, countrymen, and lovers! hear me for my cause ; and be silent that you may hear : believe me for mine honour; and have respect to mine honour, that you may believe: censure me in your wisdom; and awake your senses that you may the better judge. If there be any in this assembly, any dear friend of Caesar's, to him I say, that Brutus' love to Caesar was no less than his.
Página 187 - Salted hides do not require more than two-thirds the time to soak, but generally rather longer to sweat. After the hides are prepared for tanning, the next process is what is commonly called " handling," which should be performed two or three times a day in a weak "ooze," until the grain is colored. New liquors, or a mixture of new and old, are preferable for Spanish or dry hides, — old liquor for slaughter.
Página 178 - Indians use it for making fishing nets. Fields of this flax might be managed by the husbandman in the same manner as meadows for hay. It would need to be mowed like grass ; for the roots are too large and run too deep into the earth, to be pulled as ours is, and an advantage, which this would have, is, that there would be a saving of ploughing and sowing.
Página 538 - But the morning itself, few people, inhabitants of cities, know any thing about. Among all our good people of Boston, not one in a thousand sees the sun rise once a year. They know nothing of the morning. Their idea of it is, that it is that part of the day which comes along after a cup of coffee and a beefsteak, or a piece of toast. With them, morning is not a new issuing of light; a new bursting forth of the sun ; a new waking up of all that has life, from a sort of temporary death, to behold again...

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