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-( Davs.), ) Yol point thy: velosiefe, and still unpild Ném forms, iare objects to the quris sughil.

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Thou art not, January, cheerless, dull,

Unprofitable, cold !—but rightly view'd,
Thou'rt quicken'd with a genial warmth, and full

Of moral fruits, in all directions strew'd,
For those who trudging through thy frost and snow,
Wish to pick pleasant wisdom as they go.

Horace Smith.

This month received its name from Janus, the first heathen king of the Romans, who was deified after his death. He was thought to preside over all new undertakings; therefore on this day a beginning was made of every intended work; the consuls elect took possession of their office, and, with the flamines, offered sacrifices and prayers for the prosperity of the empire: all animosities were suspended, and friends gave and received Strenæ, or new year's gifts. Janus was represented with two faces, either to denote his prudence, or, more probably, to indicate that he viewed at once the past and approaching years.

1. CIRCUMCISION.-NEW YEAR'S DAY. This day commemorates the festival of the Circumcision of our Saviour on the eighth day of his birth. It


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