A Biographical, Historical and Chronological Dictionary:: Containing Accurate Accounts of the Lives, Characters, and Actions, of the Most Eminent Persons of All Ages and All Countries; : Including the Revolutions of States, and the Succession of Sovereign Princes

Richard Phillips, 1807 - 972 páginas

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Página 68 - In 1773j a motion, supported by the minister, was made in the house of commons, " that, in the acquisition of his wealth, lord Clive had abused the powers with which, he was intrusted.
Página 57 - ... he should be forced away, but Charles with his retinue formed an encampment, and resisted the attack of the janizaries, till superiority of numbers obliged him to take shelter in his house, which he defended with great spirit, and did not yield till fire was set to the premises. He then sallied out sword in hand, but being entangled by his long spurs he fell, and was taken prisoner. He was treated with...
Página 100 - He became a member of the Long Parliament, wherein he at first opposed the court, but afterwards joined the royal party, and exerted himself in the service of Charles ID 1676. DIGGES, THOMAS, an astronomer and mathematician ; author of " Alas sive Scalre Mathematical," u Perfect Descriptions of the Celestial Orbs,
Página 153 - Hampden, that he had a head to contrive, a tongue to persuade, and a hand to execute, any mischief.
Página 76 - Cassar in 323, and elected emperor in 337. The soldiers, to secure the throne to the three sons of Constantine, massacred the uncles and cousins of those princes, with the exception of Julian the Apostate, and his brother Gallus.

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