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In teaching the running games, it has been found helpful to organize play leaders' classes in the schools, selecting two or three of the older boys and girls who show initiative and ability. To these play leaders, the teacher may give the rules of the weekly running game and they in turn may teach the other children on the playground at recess periods and before and after school.

It is a good plan to have a concerted school program in the selection of the games to be taught in the four lower grades, that is, to have all the teachers teaching the same group of games at the same time, thus making it possible for the children to follow up their instruction by playing the games on the playground and at home.

For the grammar grades, the drills should be taught in sequence.

Acknowledgment is gratefully made to the Board of Education of the State of Michigan for permission to use the action stories which have been copied from the Michigan State Manual of Physical Education; to the Board of Education of the State of California for many of the calesthenic drills from their State Manual of Physical Education; and to Miss Edna Chamberlin, playground director of Middletown, Ohio, for assistance in working out the drills and commands.


The games and action stories following are arranged in groups of three, a singing game, an action story and a running game, for the purpose of giving each week a new developmental exercise of each type.




LINE OF DIRECTION.—The circle moves to the left or “as the hands go

around the clock." Against LINE OF DIRECTION.—The circle moves to the right or opposite

to line of direction. Bow.- Boys stand with heels together, toes slightly apart. The right hand

is placed, palm in, on the waistline in front. The left hand is placed,

palm out, on the waistline in back. Bend deeply at the waist. CURTSEY.—The girls hold their skirts out with both hands. Place right

toe about a foot's length back of the left heel, sink body slowly, bending right knee, keeping left knee straight. Rise to erect posi

tion slowly and place heels together. CLOSE.—Bring feet together. BLEKING.—With a spring, place the left foot forward with the heel touching

the ground and the toe raised. Pause in this position, then with a spring change the position of the feet, placing the right heel forward. Pause in this position, then make three quick changes of the feet with no pauses between. Pause and repeat the entire step beginning with right foot forward.

Count one-and-two-and-one-two-three-andPolka.—Step forward on left foot (one) step forward on right foot (two)

step forward on left foot (three) and hop on left foot (hop). Repeat step beginning with the right foot.

Count one-two-three-hop. SLIDE.—Step sideward on left foot-close with right footstep sideward

on left foot again, close with right foot. Repeat. STEP-HOP.-Step forward on left foot-hop on left foot. Step forward on right foot-hop on right foot-repeat.

Count one-and-two-andSkip.—The same as the step hop but usually much faster. GRAND RIGHT AND LEFT.-Standing in single circle, partners face each other

and join right hands, pass forward, right shoulder to right shoulder, and join left hands with the next in line, pass left shoulder to left shoulder and join right hands with the next in line. Continue in this way until return to original places.

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