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Joseph is made known to his brethren. GENESIS, XLV. Joseph sendeth for his father.

19 My lord asked his servants, saying, | B. C. 1705. 1 6 For these two yearga hath the famine Have ye a father, or a brother?

- been in the land; and yet there are five 20 And we said unto my lord, We have a chap. 47.18. years, in the which there shall neither be a father, an old man, and a child of his Ex. 34. 21. earingo nor harvest. old age, a little one and his brother is to put for And God sent me before you. B to predead, and he alone is left of his mother, you a rem- serve you a posterity in the earth, and to and his father loveth him.


save your lives by a greatd deliverance. 21 And thou saidst unto thy servants, cchap. 37. 3.) 8 So now it was not you that sent me Bring him down unto me,e that I may dich, u. 14. hither, buts God: and he hath made me set mine eyes upon him.

Ps. 18. 50." | a fathers to Pharaoh, and lord of all his 22 And we said unto my lord, The lad | 44. 4. house, and a ruler throughout all the cannot leave his father : for if he should I ech.42.15.20. land of Egypt. leave his father, his father would die.

19 Haste ve, and go up to my father. 23 And thou saidst unto thy servants, John 19.11. and say unto him, Thus saith thy son Except your youngest brother come y chap.41.43. Joseph, God hath made me lord of all down with you, ye shall see my face Ju. 17. 10. Egypt: come down unto me, tarry not: no more.

Job 29. 16. 10 And thou shalt dwell in the land of 24 And it came to pass, when we came h chap.46.29. Goshen, and thou shalt be near unto up unto thy servant my father, we told 47.1..6. me, thou, and thy children, and thy chilhim the words of my lord.

Ex. 8. 22. dren's children, and thy flocks, and thy 25 And our father said, Go again,' and 9. 26. herds, and all that thou hast: buy us a little food.

i chap. 43. 2. 11 And there will I nourish thee, for 26 And we said, We cannot go down:k k Lu. 11. 7. yet there are five years of famine, lest if our youngest brother be with us, then | Ichap.42.23.) thou, and thy household, and all that will we go down : for we may not see Lu. 24. 39. I thou hast, come to poverty. the man's face, except our youngest m chap.30.23. 12 And, behold, your eyes see, and brother be with us.

* 35.18. the eyes of my brother Benjamin, that it 27 And thy servant my father said 46.19. is my mouth that speaketh unto you. unto us, Ye know that my wife bare me

| n chap.37.33. 13° And ye shall tell my father of all two sons:

42.36. my glory in Egypt, and of all that ye 28 And the one went out from me, and | Ac. 7. 14. have seen ; and ye shall haste, and bring I said, Surely he is" torn in pieces; and | Pchap. 33. 4. downo my father hither. I saw him not since:

46.29. 14 And he fell upon his brother Ben29 And if ye take this also from me, and 91 Sa. 18. 1. jamin's neck,P and wept; and Benjamin mischief befall him, ye shall bring down 25. 29. wept upon his neck. my gray hairs with sorrow to the grave. yras good / 15 Moreover, he kissed all his bre

30 Now, therefore, when I come to thy in the eyes thren, and wept upon them: and after servant my father, and the lad be not

of Phụ

that, his brethren talked with him. with us; seeing, that his life is? bound


16 And the fame thereof was heard in up in the lad's life;

r chap. 43. 9. Pharaoh's house, saying, Joseph's bre31 It shall come to pass, when he seeth | Ex. 32. 32. thren are come: and it y pleased Phathat the lad is not with us, that he will Ro.5.7..10. raoh well, and his servants. die : and thy servants shall bring down


17 And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, the gray hairs of thy seryant our father


*: Say unto thy brethren, This do ye : lade

47. 6. with sorrow to the grave.

Nu. 18. 29. your beasts, and go, get you unto the 32 For thy servant became surety" for De. 32. 14. the lad unto my father, saying, If I 2.2 Ch. 34. 28. 1. 18 And take your father, and your bring him not unto thee, then I shall

households, and come unto me: and I bear the blame to my father for ever.

& find my

will give you the good of the land of 33 Now, therefore, I pray thee, let thy

Ex. 18. 8.

Egypt, and ye shall eate the fat of the servant aßide instead of the lad, a bond


Job 31. 29. man to my lord; and let the lad go up | Ps. 116.3.1

| 19 Now thou art commanded, this do

19 Now thou art commandea, with his brethren.

119.143.) ye; take you wagons out of the land 34 For how shall I go up to my fa

Slet not

of Egypt for your little ones, and for your ther, and the_lad be not with me? lest

your eye

wives, and bring your father, and come.

wives, and bring yo peradventure I see the evils that shall

spare, fc.

| 20 Also $ regard not your stuff: for the come on my father.

n mouth.

good of all the land of Egypt is your's. * Nu. 3. 16.

21 And the children of Israel did so: CHAPTER XLV.

y chap 43.34. and Joseph gave them wagons, accordTHEN Joseph could not refrain him- qave forthing to the n commandment. of Pharaoh, self before all them that stood by him ;

his voice in

and gave them provision for the way. and he cried, Cause every man to go weeping.

22 To all of them he gave each man out from me. And there stood no man - Nu. 14. 1. changes of raiment; but to Benjamin he with him, while Joseph made himself

gave three hundred pieces of silver, and

* carrying. known unto his brethren.

fivey changes of raiment.

dor, terri. 2 And he wept aloud :: and the Egyp


23 And to his father he sent after this tians and the house of Pharaoh heard.

manner; ten asses « laden with the good

a Job 4. 5. 3 And Joseph said unto his brethren, I

23. 15.

things of Egypt, and ten she asses laden am Joseph: doth my father yet live? | Mat. 14. 26. with corn and bread and meat for his faAnd his brethren could not answer him; 6 chap.37.28. ther by the way. for they were troubleda at his presence. C2 C..2.7. | 24 So he sent his brethren away, and

4 And Joseph said unto his brethren, Iu neither let they departed: and he said unto them, Come near to me, I pray you. And they there be See that ye fall not out by the way. came near. And he said, I am Joseph anger in T25 And they went up out of Egypt, your brother, whom ye sold into Egypt. your eyes. and came into the land of Canaan unto

5 Now therefore be note grieved, u nord chap.50.20. Jacob their father, angry with yourselves, that ye sold me Ps.105.16,17. 26 And told him, saying, Joseph is hither; for God did send med before you,

yet alive, and he is governor over all the to preserve life.

land of Egypt. And v Jacob's heart

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Israel goeth into Egypt.

Joseph meets his father. fainted, for he believed a them not. | B. C. 1705. / 22 These are the sons of Rachel, which _27 And they told him all the words of - - were born to Jacob: all the souls were Joseph, which he had said unto them : a Job 9. 16. fourteen. and when he saw the wagons which 29. 24. 23 And the sons of Dan; B Hushim. Joseph had sent to carry him, the spirit 3.,426; til 24 And the sons of Naphtali; Jahzeel, of Jacob their father revived : .

Nú. 26. 42. Lahan

haham, 25 These are the sons of Bilhah, which Joseph my son is yet alive : I will go

42. | Laban gavec unto Rachel_his daughter; and see him before I die.

6 Ps. 85. 6.

and she bare these unto Jacob: all the

cchap.29.29. souls were seven. CHAPTER XLVI.

y thigh.

26 All the souls that came with Jacob

d chap.21.33 AND Israel took his journey with all “ci

wap.28. 10into Egypt, which came out of his y loins, that he had, and came tod Beer-sheba, Lech.31.42.53. besides Jacob's sons' wives, all the souls and offered sacrifices unto the Gode off chap. 15. 1. were threescore and six. his father Isaac. .

*Job 33. 15.), 27 And the sons of Joseph, which were 2 And God spake unto Israelt in the 21 Sa.3.4,10. born him in Egypt, were two souls: all the visions of the night, and said, Jacob, "De. 10, 22souls of the house of Jacob, which came Jacob.9 And he said, Here am I.

Ac. 7. 14. I into Egypt, were threescore and ten.

i chap. 12. 2. 3 And he said, I am God, the God of thy

| | De. 26. 5.

28 And he sent Judah before him unto father : fear not to go down into Egypt; fork chap. 31.21., Joseph, to direct his face

11. Joseph, to direct his facek unto Goshen; I will therei make of thee a great nation. Tchan. 47. i.) and they came into the land of Goshen.

4 I will go down with thee into Egypt; mchap.15.16.) 29 And Joseph made ready his chariot, and I will also surely bring thee up m . 50. 13, 25. and went up to meet Israel his father, again: and Joseph shall put his hand" Ex. 3.8. to Goshen; and presented himself unto upon thine eyes.

nchap. 50. 1. him: and he fell on his neck,' and wept 5 And Jacob rose up from Beer-sheba: Ac. 7. 15. on his neck a good while. and the sons of Israel carried Jacob their

on their chap. 45.14. 30 And Israel said unto Joseph, Now

p Lu. 2.29,30.| father, and their little ones, and their


| let me dier since I have seen thy face, wives, in the wagons which Pharaoh

because thou art yet alive.

they are had sent, to carry him..

31 And Joseph said unto his brethren, and

men of 6 And they took their cattle, and their

unto his father's house, I will go up, and

cattle. goods, which they had gotten in the land

shew Pharaoh, and say unto him, My bre

jo Nu. 20. 15. of Canaan, and came into Egypt," Jacob,

De. 26. 5.

thren, and my father's house, which were and all his seed with him.

Jos. 24. 4.

| in the land of Canaan, are come unto me; 7 His sons, and his sons' sons with him, his! Ps. 105. 23. 32 And the men are shepherds, for daughters, and his sons' daughters, and all Is. 52. 4. their & trade hath been to feed cattle, and his seed brought he with him into Egypt. Ex. 1. 1. they have brought their flocks, and their

8 And these are the names of the children 6. 14. herds, and all that they have. of Israels which came into Egypt: Jacob tchap. 47. 3.1_33 And it shall come to pass, when and his sons : Reuben, Jacob's firstborn.

u chap.30.35. Pharaoh shall call you, and shall say, 9 And the sons of Reuben; Hanoch,

37.12. Whatt is your occupation ? and Phallu, and Hezron, and Carmi..

e or, Nemuel. 34 That ye shall say, Thy servants' trade 10 And the sons of Simeon; Jemuel, and Šor, Jarib. hath been about cattler from our youth Jamin, and Ohad, and 5 Jachin, and n Zohar, nor, Zerah. even until now, both we, and also our and Shaul, the son of a Canaanitish woman. o or, Ger fathers: that ye may dwell in the land

_11 And the sons of Leri; Gershon, shom. of Goshen; for every shepherd is an Kohath, and Merari.

v chap.43.32. abomination unto the Egyptians. 12 And the sons of Judah. Er and Onan and Ex. 8. 26. Shelah, and Pharez, and Zarah: but Er and wch.38.3,7,10.

CHAPTER XLVII. Onan died w in the land of Canaan. And the *chap.46.31. THEN Joseph came and told. Phasons of Pharez were Hezron and Hamul. y chap. 46.28. raoh, and said, My father, and my bre__13 And the sons of Issachar ; Tola, and Kor, Puah, thren, and their flocks, and their herds, Phuvah, and Job, and Shimron.

& Jashub. and all that they have, are come out of 14 And the sons of Zebulun; Sered, z Ac. 7. 13. | the land of Canaan; and, behold, they and Elon, and Jahleel.

a Jon. 1.8. are in they land of Goshen. 15 These be the sons of Leah, which she 6 Am.7. 14. 12 And he took some of his brethren, bare unto Jacob in Padan-aram, with his Zephon.

even five men, and presented them unto daughter Dinah : all the souls of his sons "Nu. 26. 15. | Pharaoh.. and his daughters were thirty and three.

3 And Pharaoh said unto his brethren, 16 And the sons of Gad; Ziphion, Mor, Ozni. What is your occupation pa And they said and Haggi, Shuni, and u Ezbon, Eri, and vor, Arod. unto Pharaoh, Thy servants are shepArodi,v and Areli.

c chap. 15.13.herds, both we, and also our fathers. 17 And the sons of Asher; Jimnah, and De 26. 5.) 4 They said moreover unto Pharaoh, For Ishuah, and Isui, and Beriah, and Serah Ps. 105. 23. to sojournc in the land are we come : for their sister : and the sons of Beriah ; || Is. 52. 4. thy servants have no pasture for their Heber, and Malchiel.

d chap.29.24. flocks ; for the famine is sore in the land of 18 These are the sons of Zilpah, whom La- echap.41.50. Canaan : now therefore, we pray thee, let ban gaved to Leah his daughter : and these Tor, prince. thy servants dwell in the land of Goshen. she bare unto Jacob, even sixteen souls. Lai Ch. 27.29.) 5 And Pharaoh spake unto Joseph,

19 The sons of Rachel, Jacob's wife ; l Pr. 22. 29.) saying, Thy father and thy brethren are Joseph, and Benjamin.

p Ahiram, come unto thee: _20° And unto Joseph, in the land of 'Nu. 26.'38. I. 6 The land of Egypt is before thee : Egypt, were borne Manasseh and Ephraim, Shuudhan in the best of the land make thy father which Asenath the daughter of Poti-phe- Nu. 26. 39. and brethren to dwell; in the land of rah priest of On, bare unto him.

Shuppim, Goshen let them dwell: and if thou 21 And the sons of Benjamin were Be- 1 ch. 7. 12. knowest any men of activity among lah, and Becher, and Ashbel, Gera, and Hupham, them, then make them rulers over my Naaman, p Ehi, and Rosh, o Muppim, Nu. 26. 39. cattle. and Hüppim, and Ard.

o And Joseph brought in Jacob his

Joseph's dealing in the famine. GENESIS, XLVIII. Jacob blesseth Joseph's sons. father, and set him before Pharaoh : and | B.C. 1705. your food, and for them of your houseJacob blessed a Pharaoh.

holds, and for food for your little ones. 8 And Pharaoh said unto Jacob, How a 1 Sa. 15. 30. 25 And they said, Thou hast saved our old Bart thou?

| 1 Ch. 29. 20. lives; let us find grace in the sight of my 9 And J

1 Pe. 2. 1

17. lord, and we will be Pharaoh's servants. days of the years of my pilgrimage are

26 And Joseph made it a law over the an hundred and thirty years: few and B many are land of Egypt unto this day, that Phaevil have the days of the years of my life the days of raoh should have the fifth part, except been, and have not attained unto the the years of the land of the Ypriests only, which bedays of the years of the life of my fathers

thy life

came not Pharaoh's. in the days of their pilgrimage.

27 And Israel dwelt in the land of 10 And Jacob blessed Pharaoh, and l Ezr. 7. 24. |

Egypt, in the country of Goshen; and went out from before Pharaoh.

cch. 25. 7, 8.1 they had possessions therein, and grew, 11 And Joseph placed his father and ** 35. 28.) and multipliedd exceedingly. his brethren, and gave them a possession

28 And Jacob lived in the land of Egypt in the land of Egypt, in the best of the land, in the land of Rameses, ase Pha

yor, princes.

seventeen years : so the whole age of Ja

cob was an hundred forty and seven years. raoh had commanded. .

d Ex. 1.7, 12. 29 And the times drew nigh that Israel 12 And Joseph nourished his father, I De. 10. 22. must die: and he called his son Joseph, and his brethren, and all his father's Ne. 9. 23. and said unto him, If now I have found household, with bread, according to

grace in thy sight, put, . I pray thee, thy their families.

8 days of the hand under my thigh, and deal kindly 13 Anda there was no bread in all the years of and truly with me; bury me not, I pray land: for the famine was very sore, so his life.

thee, in Egypt: that the land of Egypt, and all the land of

30 Buti I will lie with my fathers; and Canaan, fainted by reason of the famine. ererse 6. lthou shalt carry me out of Egypt, and

14 And Joseph gathered up all the Ex. 1. 11. bury me in their buryingplace. And he money that was found in the land of

De. 31. 14.

said, I will do as thou hast said. Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, for

1 Ki. 2. 1.

31 And he said, Swear unto me. And the corn which they bought: and Joseph

Job 7.1.

he sware unto him. And Israelk bowed brought the money into Pharaoh's house. 14. 14. | himself upon the bed's head. 15 And when money failed in the land

CHAPTER XLVIII. of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, all

AND it came to pass, after these things,

$ according the Egyptians came unto Joseph, and

to the little

that one told Joseph, Behold, thy father said, Give us bread: for why should we

ones; or,

is sick: and he took with him his two die in thy presence? for the money faileth. as a little sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. 16 And Joseph said, Give your cattle; child is nou- 2 And one told Jacob, and said, Be

rished. hold, thy son Joseph cometh unto thee: money fail.

and Israel strengthened himself, and 17 And they brought their cattle unto chap. 24. 2. sat upon the bed. Joseph: and Joseph gave them bread in ch.41.30,31. 3 And Jacob said unto Joseph, God exchange for horses, and for the flocks,

Almighty appeared! unto me at Luz in and for the cattle of the herds, and for ich.50.5..13. the land of Canaan, and blessed me, the asses; and he n fed them with bread

4 And said unto me, Behold, I will for all their cattle for that year.

Ik ki. 1.47 make thee fruitful, and multiply thee, 18 When that year was ended, they! He. 11. 21. and I will make of thee a multitude of came unto him the second year, and said

people; and will give this land to thy seed unto him, We will not hide it from my

I ch.28.13..19

after thee form an everlasting possession. lord, how that our money is spent; my

35.6, &c. 5 And now thy two sons, Ephraim and lord also hath our herds of cattle: there

Manasseh, which” were born unto thee is not ought left in the sight of my lord, n led. in the land of Egypt before I came unto but our bodies and our lands:

thee into Egypt, are mine: as Reuben Vherefore shall we die before thine mchap. 17.8. and Simeon, they shall be mine.

De. 32. 8. eyes, both we and our land ? buy uso and

6 And thy issue, which thou begettest

Am. 9. 14, our land for bread, and we and our land

after them, shall be thine, and P shall be

15. will be servants unto Pharaoh, and give

called after the name of their brethren us seed, that we may live and not die. / nch.41.50..52) in their inheritance. that the land be not desolate.

o Job 2. 4. |_7And as for me, when I came from 20 And Joseph bought all the land of La. 1.1. Padan, Rachela died by me in the land Egypt for Pharaoh; for the Egyptians

of Canaan, in the way, when yet there sold every man his field, because the P Jos. 14. 4. was but a little way to come unto Ephrathi: famine prevailed over them: so the land

and a ch.35.16..19 and 1, buried her there in

and I buried her there in the way of became Pharaoh's.

Ephrath; the same is Beth-lehem. , 21 And as for the people, he removed

18 And Israel beheld Joseph's sons, and them to cities from one end of the borders

0 or, princes.

said, Who are these? of Egypt even to the other end thereof. , 22 Only the land of the priests bought

19 And Joseph said unto his father, They r chap. 33.5.

are my sons, whom God hath given" me ne not: for the priests had a portion as • chạp, 27.4.

Α: signed them of Pharaoh, and did eat their He. 11. 21. pray thee, unto me, and I will bless them. portion which Pharaoh gave them; where

10 Now the eyes of Israel were k dim fore they sold not their lands.

K heavy. for age, so that he could not see. And 23 Then Joseph said unto the people,

he brought them near unto him; and he Behold, I have bought you this day, and tch.37.33,35. kissed them, and embraced them. . your land, for Pharaoh: lo, here is seed 45.26. 1 11 And Israel said unto Joseph, It had for you, and ye shall sow the land.

not, thought to see thy face; and, lo, . 24 And it shall come to pass, in the

| God“ hath shewed me also thy seed. increase, that ye shall give the fifth part • Ex. 20. 12. 12 And Joseph brought them out from unto Pharaoh; and four parts shall be

between his knees, and he bowed him. your own, for seed of the field, and for ! --- - self with his face to the earth.


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The Second Book of MOSES, called EXODUS.


| B.C. 1706. 1

· CHAPTER II. Now these are the names of the chil

AND there went a mana of the house of dren of Israel, which came into b Egypt; a chap. 6. 20. Levi, and took to wife a daughter of Levi. every man and his household came with Ge. 46. 8. 2 And the woman conceived, and bare a Jacob.

cA0. 7. 20.

son; and when she saw him that he was a 2 Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah, He. 11. 23. | goodly child, she hidc him three months. 3 Issachar, Zebulun, and Benjamin, B thigh. 3 And when she could not longer hide 4 Dan, and Naphtali, Gad, and Asher. d De. 10. 22. him, she took for him an ark of bulrushes. 5 And all the souls that came out of the e Ge. 50.26. J and daubed it with slime and with pitch. loins Bof Jacob_were seventyd souls : Ge. 46. 3. and put the child therein; and she laid for Joseph_was in Egypt already...

De. 26.5. it in the flags by the river's brink. 6 And Joseph died, and all his bre Ps. 105. 24. 4 And his sister stood afar off, to wit thren, and all that generation.

g Ec. 2. 19. what would be done to him. 7 And the children of Israel were fruit

Ac. 7. 18.

1.5 And the daughter of Pharaoh came ful, and increased abundantly, and mul

mul. In Ps. 106. 46. I down to wash herself at the river; and her

i Ps. 83. 3, 4.! tiplied, and waxed exceeding mighty; Prů* maidens walked along by the river's side; and the land was filled with them.

***21. 30. and when she saw the ark among the 8 Now there arose up a new king over | Ac. 23. 12. | flags, she sent her maid to fetch it. Egypt, which knew, not Joseph.,

1 Co. 3. 19... 6 And when she had opened it, she saw 9 And he said unto his people, Behold, Ja. 3. 15. the child: and, behold, the babe wept. the people of the children of Israel are k chap. 3. 7. And she had compassion hon him, and said, more and mightier than we:

Ge. 15. 13. This is one of the Hebrews' children. 10 Come on, let us deal wiselyi with De. 26. 6. Then said his sister to Pharaoh's them; lest they multiply, and it come to

multints and it come to Ps. 81. 6. daughter, Shall I go and call to thee a pass, that, when there falleth out any 1 Ge. 47. 11. nurse of the Hebrew women, that she war, they join also unto our enemies, m Ps. 27. 10. may nurse the child for thee?' and fight against us, and so get them up

8 And Pharaoh's daughter said to her, out of the land.

gand as they Go. And the maid went and called the 11 Therefore they did set over them


child's mother. taskmasters, to afflict them with their

them, 80

1 9 And Pharaoh's daughter said unto

they mulburdens. And_they built for Pharaoh


| her, Take this child away, and nurse it for treasure cities. Pithom and! Raamses.

me, m and I will give thee thy wages. And 12 y But the more they afflicted them, that is, | the woman took the child, and nursed it. the more they multiplied and grew. And drawn out. 10 And the child grew, and she brought they were grieved because of the chil. n chap. 2. 23. him unto Pharaoh's daughter, and he bedren of Israel.

* 6.9. came her son. And she called his name 13 And the Egyptians made the chil. Nu. 20. 15. | Moses : 8 and she said, Because I drew dren of Israel to serve with rigour:

Ru. 1. 20. him out of the water. 14 And they made their lives » bitter

Ac.7.19,34. ll And it came to pass in those days, with hard bondage, in mortar, and in Ps. 81. 6. when Moses was grown, that he went out brick,' and in all manner of service in Na. 3. 14. unto his brethren, and looked on their the field: all their service, wherein they chap. 1. 11. burdens :P and he spied an Egyptian

Ac.7.23, 24. made them serve, was with rigour.!

: smiting an Hebrew, one of his brethren. 15 And the king of Egypt spake to the Re.11.24..2612 And he looked this way and that way, Hebrew midwives; of which the name of 9 Le. 25. 43. and, when he saw that there was no man, he the one was Shiphrah, and the name of! Is. 58. 6. Isler

slew the Egyptian, and hid him in the sand.

Je, 50. 33. the other Puah;

| 13 And when he went out the second 16 And he said, When ye do the office l ' Ne. 5. 15.

day, behold, two men of the Hebrews

Pr. 16. 6. of a midwife to the Hebrew women, and

Da. 3. 18.

strove together: and he said to him see them upon the stools, if it be a son,

6. 13,

that did the wrong, Wherefore smitest then ye shall kill him : but if it be a

Ac. 5. 29. thou thy fellow? daughter, then she shall live.

14 And he said, Who made thee a 17 But the midwives feared" God, and S a man, a | prince and a judge over us? intendest did not as the king of Egypt commanded prince. | Thou to kill me, as thou killedst the Egypthem, but saved the men children alive.

8 Jos. 2. 4.

tian? And Moses feared, and said, Surely 18 And the king of Egypt called for the 2 Sa. 17. 19.) this thing is known. midwives, and said unto them, Why have

15 Now when Pharaoh heard this thing, ye done this thing, and have saved the nor, prince. he sought to slay Moses. But Moses fled men children alive?

It Ge. 24. 11. | from the face of Pharaoh, and dwelt in the 19 And the midwives said untos Pha- 29. 10. land of Midian: and he sat down by a well. raoh, Because the Hebrew women are 1 Sa. 9. 11. 16 Now the priest of Midian had seven not as the Egyptian women; for they are u Pr. 11. 18. daughters : and they came and drew lively, and are delivered ere the mid

Ec. 8. 12.

| water, and filled the troughs to water wives come in unto them.

Is. 3. 10.

their father's flock. 20 Therefore God dealt well “ with the

He. 6. 10. 17 And the shepherds came and drove midwives: and the people multiplied,

A called also

them away: but Moses stood up and and waxed very mighty.

Jethro, or,

| helped them, and watered their flock. 21 And it came to pass, because the Jether, 18 And when they came to Reuel their midwives feared God, that he made Nu. 10. 29. father, he said, How is it that ye are come them houses.

v1 Sa. 2. 35. 22 And Pharaoh charged all his people, 2 Sa. 7. 11. 19 And they said, An Egyptian delisaying, Every son that is born ye shall i Ki. 2. 24. vered us out of the hand of the shepcast into the river, and every daughter Ps. 127. 1. herds, and also drew water enough for ye shall save alive.

-lus, and watered the flock.

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