The Jewish Holidays: G-d's Prophetic Calendar : Student Workbook

1st Books, 2004 - 108 páginas

Winston Dressler was born near Kingston, Jamaica. Winston must decide within the first six months, if he will live out this lifetime or go back to the other side. When he is thirteen, he talks his best friend into running away from home. A few weeks later, Winston murders his best friend's father.

Winston feels a constant pressure of wanting to be wealthy. He gets caught stealing from the local drug lord and is hired to work for him. A few years later, Winston goes into business for himself and gets into trouble selling drugs to his ex-employer's customers. When he is nearly murdered he relocates to the United States, with a hundred thousand dollars of the local drug lord's money.

Winston believes that the streets of America are paved with gold. He also believes that Black Americans are lazy, wanting nothing except a Cadillac and new clothes.

Mr. Alex, the drug lord, sends men to the States to collect his money and to kill Winston. Winston is found close to death by a Black American, whose brother is a doctor and saves his life. Winston recuperates in the doctor's home and a friendship blossoms between Winston and the Adams' family.

When he is well enough, he looks for his money, but it isn't there. To make matters worse, he can't remember what he did with it. He wonders if the Adams' family is being kind to him because they have his money.

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