Vitrified Paving Brick: A Review of Present Practice in the Manufacture, Testing and Uses of Vitrified Paving Brick

T.A. Randall & Company, 1910 - 121 páginas

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Página 106 - In testimony whereof, the said parties of the first part have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.
Página 100 - ... his servants or agents, in the construction of said work, or by or in consequence of any negligence in guarding the same, or any improper materials used in its construction, or by or on account of any act or omission of the said contractor...
Página 119 - ... the pavement. This mixture, from the moment it touches the brick, shall be thoroughly swept into the joints. Two such boxes shall be provided in case the street is twenty feet or less in width; exceeding twenty feet in width, three boxes should be used. The work of filling should...
Página 116 - After this first passing of the roller the pace may be quickened and the rolling continued until each brick is firmly embedded in the sand cushion.
Página 119 - To avoid the possibility of the thickening at any point, there should be a man with a sprinkling can, the head perforated with small holes, sprinkling gently the surface ahead of the sweepers. Within one-half to three-quarters of an hour after this last coat is" applied and the grout between the joints has fully subsided and the initial set is taking place, the whole surface must be slightly sprinkled and all surplus mixture left on the tops of the brick swept into the joints, bringing them up flush...
Página 102 - Engineer; the time of beginning, rate of progress, and time of completion being essential conditions of this contract; and if the contractor shall fail to complete the work by the time above specified, the sum of per day, for each and every day thereafter, until such completion, shall be deducted from the moneys payable under this contract.
Página 89 - It shall leave by weight a residue of not more than 8 per cent on the No. 100, and not more than 25 per cent on the No. 200 sieve.
Página 119 - ... mixture, one-half inch of sand shall be spread over the whole surface, and in case the work is subjected to a hot summer sun, an occasional sprinkling, sufficient to dampen...
Página 118 - The mixture shall be removed from the box to the street surface with a scoop shovel, all the while being stirred in the box as the same is being thus emptied. The box for this purpose shall be...
Página 106 - ... pay to the proper parties all amounts due for material and labor used and employed in the performance thereof, then this obligation to be void, otherwise of full force and effect. and the same may be sued on at the instance of any material -man, laboring man or mechanic, in the name of the City of St.

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