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Papers Relating to the
Foreign Relations

of the
United States


(In Two Volumes)

Volume I



United States
Government Printing Office

Washington : 1939




For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D. C.

Price $1.50 (cloth)




DECEMBER 3, 1924



Proposals for the adherence of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

to the Spitzbergen Treaty of February 9, 1920 ...

Remonstrance by Great Britain against a proposed increase in gun

elevation on American capital ships retained under the Washington

naval treaty

Cooperation of the United States with the League of Nations in

the drafting of a convention for the control of the traffic in arms .

Unfavorable views of the United States upon a draft treaty of mutual

assistance submitted by the League of Nations .

Acceptance by the United States of certificates of identity issued by

the League of Nations to Russian and Armenian refugees in lieu of


American participation in the International Conference for Control of

the Traffic in Habit-Forming Drugs ...

Refusal by the United States to join other creditor nations in forming

an international commission to liquidate relief loans made to certain

European states

Negotiations on behalf of the World War Foreign Debt Commission

for the settlement of debts owed the United States by foreign gov-


Agreement between the United States and Austria and Hungary for

the establishment of a claims commission, signed November 26,

1924 ....

Interest of the United States in the disposition of the proposed libera-

tion bonds of the Austro-Hungarian succession states .

Conventions for the prevention of liquor smuggling into the United

States . ..

Great Britain, January 23, 1924

Germany, May 19, 1924 .

Sweden, May 22, 1924 .

Norway, May 24, 1924 .

Denmark, May 29, 1924 .

Italy, June 3, 1924 .

Great Britain in respect of Canada, June 6, 1924

Panama, June 6, 1924 .

France, June 30, 1924 .

The Netherlands, August 21, 1924.

Representations by Salvador, Cuba, Rumania, Norway, and Italy

regarding proposed legislation to restrict immigration into the United

States . .


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Efforts to obtain unanimity among the powers regarding the proposal

to raise the diplomatic rank of their representatives in China . .

Reservations by the United States and other powers regarding dis-

posal to be made of the Chinese Eastern Railway under the Sino-

Soviet agreement . .

Proposal by the Chinese Government to convene a preliminary cus-

toms conference, and the rejection of the proposal by the powers .

Further postponement of the meeting of the Commission on Extra-

territoriality in China .

Consent by the United States to join other powers in negotiations to

restore the Shanghai Mixed Court to the Chinese

Failure of efforts to secure from the interested powers a general accept-

ance of the arms embargo resolution proposed at the Washington

Conference . .

Decision by the Consortium Council to continue unmodified the Con-

sortium Agreement of October 15, 1920, after its expiration on

October 15, 1925

Joint Resolution of Congress authorizing the President at his discre-

tion to remit to China further payments on the Boxer indemnity . .

Concurrence by the United States in the contention by certain powers

that the Boxer indemnity payments should be made in gold cur-


Continued support by the United States to the Federal Telegraph

Company in efforts to obtain execution of its contract with the

Chinese Government .

Explanations of policy by the Department of State respecting ques-

tions of treaty rights raised by Americans in China .

Protest by the United States against pardon and restoration to com-

mand of the Chinese general held responsible for the murder of an

American missionary


Boundary dispute with Panama. (See under General.)

Boundary dispute with Peru. (See under General.)


Passage of an amnesty bill by the Cuban Congress


Exchange of notes between the United States and Czechoslovakia pro-

longing the customs agreement of October 29, 1923 . .


The election of Horacio Vasquez to the Presidency and the evacuation

of the forces of the United States

Approval by the United States of the issue of $2,500,000 of two-year

notes by the Dominican Republic . ...

Convention between the United States and the Dominican Republic,

signed on December 27, 1924, to replace the convention of Febru-

ary 8, 1907. .

Exchange of notes between the United States and the Dominican

Republic according mutual unconditional most-favored-nation

treatment in customs matters

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