Episodes of Fiction, Or, Choice Stories from the Great Novelists, with Biographical Introductions: Numerous Original Illustrations by Eminent Artists Engraved on Wood by R. Paterson

Virtue & Yorston, 1869 - 304 páginas

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Página 110 - said my uncle Toby firmly. ' ' A-well-o'-day, do what we can for him," said Trim, maintaining his point, "the poor soul will die." " He shall not die, by G— ," cried my uncle Toby. The Accusing Spirit, which flew up to heaven's chancery with the oath, blushed as he gave it in, and the Recording Angel, as he wrote it down, dropped a tear upon the word, and blotted it out for ever.
Página 105 - I was answered, an' please your honour, that he had no servant with him; that he had come to the inn with hired horses, which, upon finding himself unable to proceed (to join, I suppose, the regiment), he had dismissed the morning after he came. — If I get better, my dear, said he, as he gave his purse to his son to pay the man, — we can hire horses from hence.
Página 109 - ... and falling down upon his knee, took the ring in his hand, and kissed it too ; then kissed his father, and sat down upon the bed and wept.
Página 104 - I fear so, replied my uncle Toby; but I am not at rest in my mind, Trim, since the account the landlord has given me. I wish I had not known so much of this affair, — added my uncle Toby, — or that I had known more of it: How shall we manage it?
Página 106 - I heard the poor gentleman say his prayers last night,' said the landlady, ' very devoutly, and with my own ears, or I could not have believed it.' ' Are sure of it ? ' replied the curate. ' A soldier, an' please your reverence,' said I, ' prays as often (of his own accord) as a parson ; and when he is fighting for his king, and for his own life, and for his honour, too, he has the most reason to pray to God, of any one in the whole world.' " " 'Twas well said of thee, Trim," said my Uncle Toby....
Página 105 - I was hearing this account, continued the Corporal, when the youth came into the kitchen, to order the thin toast the landlord spoke of: — but I will do it for my father myself, said the youth.
Página 111 - The blood and spirits of Le Fevre, which were waxing cold and slow within him, and were retreating to their last citadel, the heart rallied back...
Página 6 - The Shortest Way with the Dissenters ; or, Proposals for the Establishment of the Church, which appeared on the first of December, 1702.
Página 105 - Poor youth ! said my uncle Toby — he has been bred up from an infant in the army, and the name of a soldier, Trim, sounded in his ears, like the name of a friend. I wish I had him here. — I never, in the longest march...
Página 104 - It was not till my uncle Toby had knocked the ashes out of his third pipe that corporal Trim returned from the inn, and gave him the following account :

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