The History of France from the Earliest Times to 1848, Volumen2


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Página 280 - The city of Orleans responded to this appeal by raising on the bridge over the Loire a group in bronze representing Joan of Arc on her knees before Our Lady, between two angels. This monument, which was broken during the religious wars of the sixteenth century, and repaired shortly afterwards, was removed in the eighteenth century, and Joan of Arc then received a fresh insult : the poetry of a cynic was devoted to the task of diverting a licentious public at the expense of the saint whom, three centuries...
Página 87 - France came in sight of the English his blood began to boil, and he cried out to his marshals, " Order the Genoese forward, and begin the battle, in the name of God and St. Denis...
Página 247 - On her arrival at Poitiers, on the llth of March, 1429, she was placed in one of the most respectable families in the town, that of John Rabuteau, advocate-general in parliament.
Página 127 - Maillart, one of the four chosen captains of the municipal forces, was the most vigilant. Marcel, at his wit's end, made an offer to the king of Navarre to deliver Paris up to him on the night between the 31st of July and the 1st of August.
Página 264 - for I am at the will of God." Then she added, " I have accomplished that which my Lord commanded me, to raise the siege of Orleans and have the gentle king crowned. I would like it well if it should please him to send me back to my father and mother to keep their sheep and their cattle and do that which was my wont.
Página 246 - Gentle dauphin," she said to the king (for she did not think it right to call him " king " so long as he was not crowned), " my name is Joan the Maid. The King of heaven sendeth you word by me that you shall be anointed and crowned in the city of Rheims, and shall be lieutenant of the King of heaven, who is King of France.
Página 426 - Chevalier sans Peur et sans Reproche, ti pp. 212-216.] For Ludovic the Moor's chance to be bad it was not necessary that the men-at-arms of France should all be like Chevalier Bayard. Louis XII., so soon as he heard of the Milanese insurrection, sent into Italy Louis de la Tremoille, the best of his captains, and the Cardinal d'Amboise, his privy councillor and his friend, the former to command the royal troops, French and Swiss, and the latter "for to treat about the reconciliation of the rebel...
Página 214 - Boucicaut had armed five hundred new knights; the greater part passed the night on horse-back, under arms, on ground soaked with rain; and men and horses were already distressed in the morning, when the battle began. It were tedious to describe the faulty manoeuvres of the French army and their deplorable consequences on that day. Never was battle more stubborn or defeat more complete and bloody. Eight thousand men of family, amongst whom were a hundred and twenty lords bearing their own banners,...
Página 93 - ... chief burgesses of the town should come out bare-headed, bare-footed, and bare-legged, and in their shirts, with halters about their necks ; and, with the keys of the town and castle in their hands, thus yield themselves purely to his will, and the rest he would take to mercy.
Página 279 - When Joan perceived the flames rising, she urged her confessor, the Dominican brother, Martin Ladvenu, to go down, at the same time asking him to keep holding the cross up high in front of her that she might never cease to see it. The same monk, when questioned four and twenty years later, at the...

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