Physical Geography in Its Relation to the Prevailing Winds and Currents

Potter, 1873 - 400 páginas

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Página 91 - Violent whirlwinds carried up men, horses, cattle, and whatever else came within their influence, into the air ; tore up the largest trees by the roots, and covered the whole sea with floating timber...
Página 91 - April, a mass two feet thick, and several miles in extent, through which ships with difficulty forced their way. The darkness occasioned in the daytime by the ashes in Java was so profound that nothing equal to it was ever witnessed in the darkest night.
Página 33 - The period included between the years 1827 and 1830 is called the " gran seco," or the great drought. During this time so little rain fell, that the vegetation, even to the thistles, failed; the brooks were dried up, and the whole country assumed the appearance of a dusty high road. This was especially the case in the northern part of the province of Buenos Ayres and the southern part of St.
Página 90 - In April, 1815, one of the most frightful eruptions recorded in history occurred in the province of Tomboro, in the island of Sumbawa, about 200 miles from the eastern extremity of Java.
Página 76 - We looked anxiously towards the tent : it was yet a hundred yards off, or more. Meanwhile the gusts grew hotter and more violent, and it was only by repeated efforts that we could urge our beasts forward. The horizon rapidly darkened to a deep violet hue, and seemed to draw in like a curtain on every side ; while at the same time a stifling blast, as though from some enormous oven opening right on our path, blew steadily under. the gloom ; our camels too began, in spite of all we could do, to turn...
Página 75 - It was about noon, and such a noon as a summer solstice can offer in the unclouded Arabian sky, over a scorched desert, when abrupt and burning gusts of wind began to blow by fits from the south, while the oppressiveness of the air increased every moment, till my companion and myself mutually asked each other what this could mean and what was to be the result.
Página 340 - ... the following general rule : — Look to the wind's eye, — set its bearing by the compass, — take the 8th point to the RIGHT thereof, — and that will be the bearing of the centre of the storm in north latitude.
Página 38 - ... to repeat the process. In the dry season, from August to December, when the trade-wind is strong and the currents slack, a schooner could reach the mouth of the Rio Negro, a thousand miles from Para, in about forty days ; but in the wet season, from January to July, when the east wind no longer blows and the...
Página 76 - Then the tent walls began again to flap in the returning gusts, and announced that the worst of the simoom had gone by. We got up, half dead with exhaustion, and unmuffled our faces. My comrades appeared more like corpses than living men, and so, I suppose, did I. However, I could not forbear, in spite of warnings, to step out and look at the camels ; they were still lying flat as though they had been shot. The air was yet darkish, but before long it brightened up to its usual dazzling clearness....
Página 255 - It is quite manifest that the thing most needed to produce the glaciers is an improved condenser ; we cannot afford to lose an iota of solar action ; we need, if anything, more vapour, but we need a condenser so powerful that this vapour, instead of falling in liquid sBowers to the earth, shall be so far reduced in temperature as to descend in snow.

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